Monday, 30 November 2009

Topsy Turvy

ARRGH- that's how my brain is today- deur mekaar~ lol, I'm battling to stay focused today. I start on one thing and land up on another without really knowing how I got there in the first place- BWAHAHAHAHA. Maybe it's just old age or being blonde! ;-)

Have you all had a good weekend? Did you get some good Black Friday weekend specials?? I got a few that I have been eyeing for a while and couldn't resist the sale prices- so I closed my eyes and bought some goodies for my stash- Lol.

OH gosh-  as a woman you all know about UTI's right? Bladder infections?  Well I started one on Thursday- you know that uncomfortable feeling when going to the loo (full feeling but drips! lol)- so on Friday I decided to try and get rid of it NATURALLY as it wasn't bad yet. Went out and bought a ton of unsweetened Cranberry Juice and sort of flooded and drowned myself with the stuff on Friday- only to wake up on Sat morning with the RUNS! BWWWWWWAHAHA- NO LIES! So it was off to the pharmacy this time and asked for something to help with the UTI. OMG!! He gave me these tabs that you take 3x a day ( says it will take 2-3 days to take it away naturally) and just not to get a fright it will turn my urine bright yellow-orange. HUH??- he should have said I would LIGHT up the house if the lights were out-!!! It's LUMO people! BAD LUMO ORANGE YELLOW! OY, what I will do not to take an anti-biotic! lol. But it's clearing and hoping I won't need to visit the GP ;-)

If you missed my new kit Merry and Bright at only $2.50 over this weekends festivities  - DON'T WORRY, I'm leaving it up for today too!

YOu can see it all HERE  and still grab it at $2.50


The Ethnic Version  (These two elves are included in a separated zip file in the kit downloads ;-)kb-merryandbright_01_LRG

And some MORE stunning eye candy from my wonderful CT team.

our-el11 By Vicki

bed_me10 By Bekah_E


This amazing QP is from Hutchie and you can pick it up HERE.All_i_want4Christmas_isU

By Ruth, who also made GSO with this one at DST!

Congrats Girlfriend.

And Ruthy is also the Featured Scrapper at DST this week! WOOT WOOT- I'm so proud of my girls!

She also made you this awesome freebie-folder

You can pick it up HERE.

Can you believe that tomorrow is the FIRST OF DECEMBER already!! OUCH- what happened to this year! lol. Be sure to pop in tomorrow for a great blog train freebie and some NEW challenges too! WOOT WOOT!

Hope you have a great Monday . Hugs and Loves

Friday, 27 November 2009

Black Friday SALES and new goodies

I hope all my American Friends had a fantastic Thanks Giving yesterday and at least had a spoonful of all those gorgeous YUMMY's for me too- lol.

Nathan is NOW FINISHED!! WOOOHOOOO! He's out fishing today and left at 4am already- (which means no car again for mom- hahaha). But we are all so relieved to have the exams over with and now it's just that LONG wait for the results. Thanks for all your messages and I have read each and every one to a *smiling boy* ;-)

LOTS to share and show today- so I'll get straight to it.

As you know it's BLACK FRIDAY in USA ( and it's something I have learnt each year is a day for great shopping and bargains! lol)- so here are some that I am having today and this weekend.KimB-blackFriday

GRAB 50% off my WHOLE STORE TODAY ONLY ( grab what you missed on my Birthday- lol) but the amounts scale down over the weekend- so don't miss this one TODAY!

and if you don't want to miss another SALE, GRAB BAG or just find out what's new, get some special EXCLUSIVE coupons and freebies  - then sign up for my NEWSLETTER - the link is on the top right of my blog. I promise not to SPAM you! *and at the moment I'm still learning how to get it all set up-BWWWWWAHAHAH.



Grab 6 Christmas themed CU products for ONLY $3.50

Valued at  $32
1 x Doodle pack
1 x Paper Pattern pack (psd + png)
1 x Textured Overlays
1 x Metalic strings
1 x Bows and strings
1 x Templates


And I was doodling again and started playing with them- lol, and it' turned into a KIT that I had such fun making. It's a little funky, a little retro and is great for both genders. Full of original hand drawn elements and realistic elements which make this a really versatile kit to use -

Merry and Bright.

ONLY $2.50 for the weekend too!


Which also has an ETHNIC set of elves - (thanks to my good friend Deb for reminding me that we are all not pink- lol)

kb-merryandbright_01_LRGThe Ethnic Version  (These two elves are included in a separated zip file in the kit downloads ;-)


and some close up detailskb-merryandbright_03_LRGkb-merryandbright_05_LRGkb-merryandbright_04_LRG

Make sure you grab it at only $2.50 for this weekend- it goes back to normal pricing on Monday ;-)

And some GREAT EYE CANDY for you and some wonderful FRIDAY FREEBIES TOO! WOOT WOOT!

Snow By Jenni  ( JUST WOW!)


WaitingforChristmasa By Renee! This girl is a scrapping fundi I tell you! lol

wv7ewmBy Kristine


LO I did with Little Caden ( who isn't so little anymore is she- lol) using my new kit ;-)


By Hutchie, who has this as a QP FREEBIE for you too. ( just give her a chance to get it up ok-lol)


Loucee and I have been busy making our Christmas cards and she has this fantastic one as a FREEBIE for you too! WOOT

Pick it up HERE.Kissa

Renee has done this LO with goodies in my bag and my Christmas First kit- and has made you that AWESOME WREATH as a freebie! It's stunning!



WOOT - got to love SALE and CELEBRATION FRIDAYS!! lolbed_kb_blkfrigrbg_prv

Bekah-E has this AWESOME paper and cluster and worn paper freebie made with my bag too!


Jenni has the new CC freebie up too and it also used goodies out the GRAB BAG-

A stunning fresh bright LO from my dear friend Silvia using CAndy Christmas Which is 50% off today ;-)lo marigot bay copy (600 x 600)Jayden9a

Renee used it too for this CUTE LO of her Grand Daughter Jayden ;-)

Okies- I think I've kept you long enough- lol


I've been making CARDS and kept these two for you to use- EASY PEASY- they are FULL sized- so just open them and hit PRINT, CUT and fold and they are ready to use ;-)

You can grab them HERE. 

Don't forget to check out the NEW CAT at DSO and DSV as there are a ton of BRAND NEW goodies from all our fantastic designers.

HAVE FUN SHOPPING today and let me know of anything GOOD you have found- I'd LOVE to see too!

Hugs and Loves

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

ONE more to go!

WOOOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOO1 Tomorrow is Nathans LAST High school exam! I'm so thrilled they are now coming to an end because a month of stress is PLENTY for me and for him too ;-)

He's optimistic about his marks - which is good, but we will now have the LONG wait to hear what his results are. I remember standing outside our local newspaper house with Wayne (and half the city's Matrics-lol)  waiting for the early edition  newspaper to come off the printer. THE NERVES and tension where high and you could almost cut it with a knife- but as the papers started being passed out- BWWAHAHAHA- there were tears, hoots and woots and lots of Champaign being sprayed around! I CRIED! hahahaha- ( yeah I still do it! ) The FEAR of maybe failing and NOT making University was a nightmare for me- But I made it and so did Wayne.

We rushed home with a bunch of our friends to my Mom and Dad who were WAITING UP at 3am for us!( in their PJ's) lol. ( no cell phones in those days!) and of course they just took one look at us as we came through the door rather loudly- ,and took the Champaign out the fridge.

It's one of those nights I will NEVER forget. I can still picture my moms face. Strange how those things stay with us no matter HOW old we get. I'm hoping Nathan has a similar experience and I have told him he is welcome to come here with all his friends if he would like to celebrate after getting his results ;-) ( hee hee, maybe it's just me that want's to be apart of that again-lol)

A few little reminders before the end of the month and the CRAZY Black Friday celebrations ( hint hint- lol)kb-NOVCBAG

November Designers' Collab Bag

SEVEN products for only $7.00 (only $1 per product!)

Don't miss this or they go up at FULL price each on the 1st DEC 09


folderarmina_ribbons4 folderFOLDERLTH_CLDSV_0911_Grungyfiers_02foldersh-xmasfeltstyle100% close ups available IN STORE HERE.

And I want to send out an OFFICIAL welcome to my dear friend Vicki who is now part of my NUTHOUSE CT TEAM! (straight jacket required!!-LOL).

And Vicki has been scrapping up a STORM with my Christmas First kit- folder

she's even made us a QP freebie too! WOOT!

txbubbles-KimB-Christmas First-QP TN

You can pick it up HERE.

Be sure to stay tuned into my blog tomorrow and of course the rest of the week for some EXCITING goodies and news- hee hee. Off to grab some lunch ( I've been on diet this week and so far sooooo good- hahaha, no cheating! WOOOT!)

Hugs and loves

Monday, 23 November 2009

Car day and some CT enabling

hahahahaha- these are getting to be like gold in the house at the moment. I have my car today so running around doing all the *have to's and I haven't done's for the last two weeks! Nathan didn't have a chance this morning as I *booked*it for the day yesterday already. OY- time to get him his own wheels soon, I offered him the bicycle in the garage but he wasn't toooo keen- HAHAHAHAHA.

I got to do some CT scrapping too! WOOHOO! I love having a chance to scrap on the weekends these days.

Design by Tina also has these new products in her store:

Oh Boy - 40% off!

And my LO I did with it-kb-Boyswillbeboys

My friend Michael who will be a *boy* no matter what age he is! lol

Tina's fabulous Create a Calendar packs! 40% 0ff!!
OverlaysMonthsMasks The Bundle- get all 3 and save!!

And this BRAND NEW by Chaos Lounge too! its Called Paws-itivly Purr-fect and a HUGE kit full of fun elements!

The PapersThe Elements- 35% offThe Bundle- 41% off

And my LO I did with it-kb-CL-Roxy

My little fur princess Roxy ;-) And yeah she can twist me around her little paw- lol


And I have some more stunning eye candy for you with First Christmas.

bestpresent-Lauralea By Lauralea

Can_t-Wait-For-Christmas By Vicki


Cmas1964-600  2x By Kristine ( loving her Vintage photo collections on these!)

Miles-First-Christmas-Candace By Candace

nessa (600 x 600)By Silvia

STUNNING LO's- thanks girls!!

Off to go get some food for the house now- and I've put myself on diet too this week - I need to squeeze into a swimming costume that is a size toooo small this year- BWWWWWWWAHAHAHA.

Hope you have a stunning Monday. Hugs and loves