Wednesday, 24 August 2011


HAHAHA- yup it IS RAINING here. I was going to do a little pimp yesterday for my dear friend and mentor Bunny, but decided it needed it’s own post.

You all know my roots in Digi started at DSO (Digital Scrap Obsession) and it was my “home” since 24 April 2007 until it closed for all us faithful DSO designers due to changing times and situations.. *sob*.

It holds a very special place in my heart and so does my friend Bunny. She taught me everything I know about the business and mentored me through all the processes of designing and “being online” (I was a total “online” virgin and totally GREEN) - with a lot of pulled hair and a few greys I’m sure! LOL. I still use Bunny’s favourite “line” for me- I’m technically disadvantaged and DO NOT PUSH any buttons! BWWWWWWWWAHAHAHA. Yup, poor Bunny had to fix many a “pushed wrong” button, but I learnt a LOT with her patience and laughter!

African Sunsets preview

*FLASHBACK* – my first BLOG POST freebie ( YIKES)! lol

Bunny soon became a really close friend and she still is! We still share our family stories and heartbreaks and successes via mail ( and if I can get my Skype to work at home… we would be yakking again for hours! (SOON Bunny promise!-BWHAHAHA)

It’s a really sad month as DSO will be closing it’s door permanently as of the end of August.

And Bunny is holding a huge SALE and BUY MY STORE promotion.



The first sale is a 50% off STOREWIDE Sale!

The second is, for the first time ever – a BUY MY STORE sale!

From now until the end of August you can purchase the ENTIRE INVENTORY in the DSO STORE for $45. This includes Commercial and Personal Use items. It also includes a S4H/S4O license for all of the templates and personal use items. That is over 300 products, with S4H terms, for only $45.

If you would like to take advantage of this one time offer, send an email to SUPPORT @ DIGISCRAPOBSESSION.COM with BUY MY STORE in the subject. We will send you an invoice via paypal. Once paid you will receive access to the inventory and have from purchase date until August 31st to download.

You can read this post and more HERE.

Love you Bunny and wish you all success in any new ventures you are about to start. We will MISS you for SURE!!

I made this little template a while ago for a kit I had made and thought I would pop it in here today as a freebie for you.  It’s CU OK as well.


One bird cage with three different options. In layered PSD and separated PNG.

You can grab it HERE.

Hugs and Loves

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Having a BALL

Omg, I swear I intended to blog at least every second day while I’m at home but intentions flew out the window ( with my voice!-lol) Hoping my old PC here still remembers how to publish and everything still works- lol

I’ve been having more than a ball since I’ve been at home and have hardly been “home” so to speak. HAHAHA. It’s been visiting, eating out, drinking out, braai’s, party, suppers at family, shopping and running taxi for kids. – WHEEEEEEEEEE, I’m in my element! lol Only problem is there isn’t enough hours in the day and night at the moment to see and do everything I still want to. Hey a girl still needs to get some beauty sleep at my age- BWHAHAHA.

The reason I came home for a bit was because my very special sister Brenda was turning 40 and Nathan’s girlfriend Kristy was joining her old school class at their Matric farewell Dance and I was asked to help with make up and hair- YAY!. Wayne and I drove down ( all 12 hours of ass numbing stop and go’s!) and he flew back to “Harties” for work on Monday, leaving me with the car. ( one that I have to fight for to use as Nathan has a little habit of grabbing the keys in the morning- BWHHAHA)

The Dance was Saturday night and Kristy’s mom was also here for a bit from the States and joined us for most of the weekend too.



dance2 The kids all dressed up and ready to hit the “Party” in style! lol.


And GOT to LOVE this one! I have another Laugh out Loud person in the family! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! hahaha

Wayne played chauffeur for the night as Nathan didn’t want to drink and drive after the “after party”- GO BOY! hahaha- which just meant getting up at 3.30am to fetch them.

My dear Sister Brenda’s Birthday lunch was held on Sunday even though her official Birthday was on the Monday.

brenda2AHH (big heart) my very special sister Brenda ;-)

brenda1Her favourite chocolate cake!!


Making a wish with my mom looking on to give a hand if needed.

I took Brenda on a Birthday Shopping spree on Monday ( her Birthday) and we had a fantastic time. She chose a “diamond” watch ( she LOVES sparkly jewellery) and some new clothes and of course lunch and Milkshakes! WHEEEEEEE!

Tuesday was PAINT day- yeah, to top it off I’m repainting the whole of the interior of “Nathan’s house” as he now calls it! BWHAHAH.

So much to tell and not enough space!

I have to do some CT enabling too!

YIKES. I had LUNCH again with all the friends on Friday which of course landed up being supper and longer- with me singing U2 songs with the “entertainer” at the bar- OY, still don’t have a voice! lol

So uhummmmmmmmmm- Sorry Ruthy, it’s late.

But it’s STILL 30% off with MScraps Summer Sale!


Ocean Love
by Ruth Melody Designs

And my page that I did with it.


Little Caden on her first Beach Visit.

And while visiting HOME, guess what it does…… *yup Mr Murphy* he’s still around! lol

IT SNOWED at my sister Gaye’s place! And I was there just two weeks before HOPING for a little glimpse of that white stuff- honestly! I’ve NEVER seen, smelt or felt snow and I MISSED IT by being at the coast! hahaha.

So Gaye (GS Creations) send’s me a ton of photo’s via my phone that night ALL excited (COW! hahah) and later sends me some photo’s.

Look at little Madam and her snowman- ahhhhhh I so wanted to be in that photo! lol


I of course call Nathan to come and look at them and the first thing he says when he see’s this one is…………..


Hah, you can see that’s Gaye’s snowman, she’s way tooo arty to just stick to the round ball one!



How COOL is that bear!!

Phew- Okies, I’m off to supper at the in-laws tonight, had supper at my dad last night and have sushi with Ant and seeing my sister Kerry tomorrow.

Will chat again and show you ton’s more photo’s from the “other side” as I’m leaving to drive back again first thing Friday morning. ( not looking forward to the 12 hour road trip again! lol)

Hugs and loves

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

National woman’s Day

South Africa celebrates “woman” today in our National Woman’s Day holiday. And this woman is slowly starting to fume out her ears! BWHAHAHA.

After a ton of phone calls etc to my internet provider yesterday(Wayne sending mail from work and on the phone too- lol), about not having any connection/line since Friday – they tell me to try a different port in my router as they don’t see me connected to it and think I blew mine due to a power serge/failure on Friday – mmmmmmmmm, ok ………and WHAT do you know, I change the ports and WHAM —I have a connection! WHEEEEEEEEEE……(short lived!- haha)

and then it disappeared again for 3 hours this afternoon! WTF? lol I think there is something else a little “wacky” here besides me. You think? haha.

But I’m hanging in till I get HOME on Thursday….. Gosh can’t wait! I’ll have to use my old PC again but will have a stable LAND line for two weeks- WOOT!

Don’t forget my STORE is on SALE at the moment ( until the 11th Aug)


And I have a brand new CU GRAB BAG out  ( limited time only)


6 BRAND NEW CU ok products + 1 bonus Colour inspirations download( all revealed in store)

All QUALITY CHECKED for your peace of mind too.

Check it out HERE.

And some inspiration with some of my kits still on SALE at the moment ;-)

Using Spirit Wild Child

Chel By Chel

spirit-cp8-jpg600 By Hutchie

Using Fresh Fun Kit


Cyndi By Cyndi (Double pager)

fonnetta By Fonnetta

And because it’s WOMAN’S Day today I made up a little “Just 4 Woman” freebie ( goodness- one good thing about not having internet connections- BWHAHAH)


Something soft for all those special woman in our lives ;-)

You can grab it here.

Hugs and Loves

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Scrap Matters BLOG TRAIN

OMG- I have had to connect through my Cell phone to do this post and I am praying it goes as “Waynie” says it will. LOL. My internet connection has been non existent since yesterday afternoon and I started panicking just slightly this afternoon when I knew I had to get this up somehow- hahaha. Thanks Waynie. xxxxx.

I’m not sure if this is the correct time for my side either but it’s close enough- so please….. If I’m a little early have patience for the rest of the girls to post their “blog train” goodies up for you.

There is a lot going on this weekend, games, challenges, prizes, freebies and even a scavenger hunt!!

Be sure to check out our BIRTHDAY FORUM here.

The Scrap Matters design team created this stunning Free With Purchase kit. Spend $20 and this kit is FREE. 


There are 47 designers and CT who have created some amazing freebies to add to this amazing Collab on this blog train…………………………..BUT

There's a BONUS! A Scavenger Hunt!!

While riding the Scrap Matters 4th Birthday Blog Train, take a moment to check your downloads for a BONUS photo puzzle piece. There are 10 pieces total and when you find all 10, you can complete the puzzle, upload it to your favourite photo hosting site.

Take your puzzle pieces and piece them together, then upload your image to your favourite photo host.  Once you are done with your image, simply post A LINK TO IT IN SCAVENGER HUNT THREAD.  Please remember just to post a link, not the actual image.

You MUST have your puzzle image in by 12 AM EST Monday Aug. 8th (That’s SUNDAY night at Midnight) There are TONS of AMAZING prizes and gifts to be won!

If you want to start at the beginning of the BLOG TRAIN LIST-

then START HERE. At the Scrap Matters Blog.

You would have come from


And  Here is my Layout I created with the FWP Collab kit…



And the QP Freebie that you can grab HERE.

You can CHOO CHOO over to  Jenn’s blog now………..

*crossing fingers and toes right now*- BWHAHAHAHA.

Have a great train ride everyone.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Freebie Friday Celebrations

WOOHOOOOOOO!! It’s Friday and it’s time to put on those Birthday hats and blow out some candles with Scrap Matters today.

*grab some coffee or whatever you enjoy as I have lots to show you today*-lol


Happy 4th Birthday Scrap Matters!

So pop on over and check out all the games, scheduled chats and fun as well as checking out the Birthday Sale! WOOT!

And of course I my STORE is on SALE too.


And I have a brand new CU GRAB BAG out today ( limited time only)


6 BRAND NEW CU ok products + 1 bonus Colour inspirations download( all revealed in store)

All QUALITY CHECKED for your peace of mind too.

Check it out HERE.

I’ve also added in some of my CT and of course my favourite kits ( eventually- lol). Being sick had it’s advantages this week- I got to recheck and redo some previews- hahaha.

kb-farmersmarket Farmers Market

And a few LO’s with it to inspire:-)

smilejpg600 By Hutchie

Audrey-1-mon-old By Candace

And one of my all time favourites -

kb-merryaround_bundle Merry A Round- FULL Bundle

kb-merryaround_kit Merry A Round kit

And my girls even made NEW LO’s with this kit this week and I have to show you some of the older ones too as they are really some of my fav’s.

kb-merryaround_09 By Jenni

pjk-me10 By Paula

KimSMBirthday By Renee

kb-merryaround_08 By Candace

kb-merryaround_07 And one by me ;-P

All my latest and favourite older kits are ALL ON SALE this week so make sure you don’t miss it ;-)


………….. my dearest Sister Gaye (GS Creations) has her “official” store opening today- and like mine hers is one SALE too!

OMG- seriously.. if you are looking for high QUALITY, unique CU tools – then look no further than HERE!

She also has these BRAND NEW TODAY!

gs_rainydays_cupaper_patterns Rainy Day Patterns

FOLDER Rainy Day Doodles

gs_floralblooms_cu_doodles Floral Blooms Doodles

gs_patterns_no6_floral_burst Floral Burst Patterns

And if you pop on over to Gaye’s Blog you can pick up this FANTASTIC CU FREEBIE too- WOOHOO!

gs_rainydays_cudoodles_frameandtagfreebie Pick it up HERE.

Still with me??? lol,

I also have a CU freebie Sampler freebie for you today too.kb-AugCUSampler

Two Natural paper textures, 1 bow and some itty bitty elements ;-)

You can pick it up HERE.

Please let me know if you have a problem with it as used Media fire this time and had some internet issues today- lol.

Be sure to check out my newsletter for an “extra exclusive” Discount Coupon and template freebie too.

Hugs and Loves

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mid week crazy

OMG- I’ve been as sick as a dog this week with this flu! I haven’t had flu for a long while actually – just the usual sinus and ear stuff that ALWAYS bugs me. I really shouldn’t have bragged so hard huh? lol. I look like Rudolph who likes his wine today- big red cheeks and a red nose from blowing. LOVELY!! not! BWHAHA

To top it off this week my dear darling Hubby had his Bday on Tuesday the 2nd and we couldn’t even go out to eat! HE even COOKED! Makes me feel even worse and terribly guilty, but I promised to make it up to him this weekend- hahaha. Luckely enough I had already bought all his presents and cards last week so he could at least have THAT. Man being sick sucks EGGS! Seriously! lol

I did get to scrap this week which was a bit like “therapy” and always makes you feel  better- lol

Design by Tina has a new kit and word art out today.. Both 20% off

Design by Tina_Around The World_prev Around the World

Design by Tina_Around The World_Words_prev

Around the World Words

And my page I did with it-


My little Sister Kerry with her hubby Shaun and of course my darling nephew Zachary. They went to visit Shaun’s folks in Scotland over Christmas time. Zachy LOVED his train trip.

That’s it for today but make sure you pop in tomorrow for some exciting news and goodies too.

Hugs and Loves

Monday, 1 August 2011

Cooties galore

Bring on Spring!! I am sooo ready for it! lol.

Gosh I think the next time I decide to go visit my dear sister Gaye out there in the high hills will be spring/summer! BWHAHAHAHA. OMG, I thought it was cold here but Dullstroom takes the cake for sure! At 5.30pm when we arrived it was just 3C and my jeans had gone stiff on my legs just getting out the car. It burned your chest just to breathe with the air being so thin as well as cold!

Wayne even made poor Ben stand outside in the –C temps of the evening to braai (BBQ)! Yup, my hard case hubby just had to have his “Gaye braai” no matter what the weather. Gaye and I sat inside sipping sherry and giving Miss Caden some love and attention as she had a bad case of Gastro. Shame man, I felt so sorry for her the whole weekend, as she was not well. We did spend some good time with her yesterday when she was feeling better but she is still not 100% today and is at home with mom.

I also came home with a cold that I had been bragging to everyone I had managed to avoid this winter even though “Nathan, Kristy, Deon and Wayne” have all had it over the last few weeks - Serves me right huh? lol. Don’t tempt Mr Murphy or he will bite you in the ass! Well ok, maybe just mine! BWHAHAH.

OOOOOOH and there is a lot happening at the end of the week and some EXCITING news I can let slip today- hee hee.

It’s the Scrap Matters August Mix a Kit time and I have my portions ready to show you ;-) I loved this colour swatch and remember ALL the portions are 20% off this week only.

kb-maketime_elements_w Make time to.. (Elements)

kb-maketime_prints_w Make time to.. (Prints)

kb-maketime_plains_w Make time to.. (Plains and dots)

kb-maketime_alpha Make time to.. (Alpha)

kb-maketime_wordart Make time to.. (Word art)

And some STUNNING inspiration for you-

Take-Time-to-Dream By Jenni

Jennifer By Jennifer

Grandson By Candace

bed_ma10 By Bekah_E

2m67kao By Kristine

Kairyn2 Double pager by Kairyn ( page 1)

Kairyn1 Page 2 by Kairyn

time-bb-mf-jpg600 By Hutchie

Dream By Jenni (X2)

ANDDDDDDDD--------------WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can tell now! lol

My dear Sister GSCreations is joining me at Scrap Matters as a Guest ( well officially on Friday 5th August) but she has joined in with us for the Scrap Matters August Mix a Kit. So that allows me to let it “slip” before her opening- WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Here are my wonderfully creative sister’s portions- ALL 20% off for this week!


elements Its Raining Fun Elements

prints Its Raining Fun Pattern Papers

plains Its Raining Fun Plain Papers

My sis has a ton of inspiration for you on her blog but I HAD to show you this- OMG, I swear Loucee makes me go green at her wonderful Hybrid creations!

lcc_it10-loucee Card By Loucee

How freaking stunning is that!?

And I got to play with them too! WOOT!


Little miss Caden ;-)

Gaye let me make it into a QP for you….kb_GSC_rainingfun_QP You can grab it HERE on Gaye’s blog ;-)

Have a great day everyone!

Hugs and Loves