Friday, 23 January 2015

New CU Grab Bag + CU freebie

I've had a much happier week this week... Sherlock is recovering really well. But goodness gracious me, he doesn't do anything small when it comes to vet bills.  He's only had to go twice (besides his usual yearly shots).. and each time it's cost us an arm and a leg. Wayne laughs and says he takes after me.. all or nothing. lol He has to go for his final blood test today to check his red blood cell count.. but he is already jumping and running around like normal the last two days. YAY.. happy parents for sure ;-P

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Hugs and loves

Friday, 16 January 2015

Room to Grow + New CU

Oh this has been a rather hellish week for me and I'm hoping that all the years 'crap' is now used up!. LOL.

Poor Sherlock (our rescue doggie) has been in 'hospital' since Wednesday morning with Tick Fever.( Thanks to our holiday in the wild). We were hoping he would be home today but his red blood cell count is still too low. Oy, Wayne is so stressed out and wants his 'kid' home. Thank goodness Sherlocks parasite count is now zero and his temp is back to normal... so he IS on the mend. They check his blood count again at 4pm and I'm hoping and praying it will have risen a bit as they will let him home if it has. It will be a LONG weekend with a grumpy ol' man for me if it doesn't. ;-P

My laptop and camera were also 'grabbed/stolen' off my desk by contractors working the electric fencing for our estate. My office has big sliding doors leading to the garden and I have them open wide no matter the weather. I only noticed they were missing yesterday morning as Wed (when they working the wall outside) was a mess with poor Sherlock being ill etc and I wasn't paying attention to the 'gap' left on my desk. Shee's... At least the contractors have now been removed from the property as other things have been found missing from all the other houses in our estate too. BUGGERS.

But anyhoooooo... lol, as they say 'life happens' and it's just the depth that varies right? BWHAHA. I at least had downloaded all my photo's off my camera and have a full backup for my Laptop I did in Dec. Hello insurance company ;-P

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I hope you have a stunning weekend.

Hugs and Loves

Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year + New CU + Freebie

I'm Back!! And I hope that you all had a really fantastic Christmas and New Year celebrations with your family and loved ones. I know I did, even if it got a little chaotic and crazy during parts of the holiday.. which honestly, I love anyway ;-P

I think the best thing about our holiday area is that is does not have strong internet or wireless signals. Even phone signals come and go. So it forces everyone to down LT's and phones and to enjoy each others company and what Nature has to offer. It takes a day or two to become 'unteched' (lol) and of course now that I'm back it's taking a day or 3 to get back into routine and rhythm. I'm so ready to get stuck into 2015 and what it has to offer.

Some holiday photo's taken during our holiday this year... gosh I have sooo many to sort out but at least you can see just 'why' we love this area so much ( and of course it's where Wayne and I met when we were just 16! Nathan and his friends have grown up here too.. so it's always a celebration each year meeting up with your 'Bushmans family')


Doggie Walkies..starting at the Beach side. lol. Mike comes out for a few days as we don't see him much now that we are up here and it's always fun as I have known him since I was 16 too.

7 Can we swim dads??? come on I'm pulling hard here!

8 YAY.. waves, water and swim time!


More walkies round the River mouth and up the river banks..


NOOOO don't want to go home yet... please can we play some more??


Wooopie, last minute beach run ( Dad's hoping to tire them out! lol).. think he tires himself out more ;-P

Old years night (New Years Eve) Nathan always has a ton of friends staying in our yard in tents and we decided this year would be easiest to do a 'spit braai' to feed them all. One of Nate's friends went hunting two days before and came back with a 'Waterhog' ...which is a wild pig.


Truss up time... Kyle and Nathan working out how best to wire the 'hog' for spit oven


Dad to the rescue.. let me show you how to do this boys.. just got to get some leverage here..;-P


Clean and wash the pig Dad.. the pig!!!


Garlic and bacon/fat time... poke and push... it's not rocket science Nathan.. don't concentrate so


YEAH... always wanted to do this.. ass jabbing time!! Nathan had me in stitches while trying to inject the oil/lemon and herb infusion into the meat. He seemed to find great joy using that huge syringe! lol


Salt and Pepper rub ( and yes Nathan did most of this with direction from Wayne who of course had a little help from me.. good family cooking day!)


Time to start cooking! Into the spit rotisserie that landed up being a bit small for the size of the Waterhog.. so the boys turned into an old fashioned manual/coals one.. each taking turns during the day to turn it and keep the heat going.

6b  5 Hrs later and everyone just wanted to 'taste'... it looked fantastic!


Boys to the rescue.. they carved it while everyone hung around for 'tasters' before it went to the table. Those bits always taste the best right?

What was left over (and there wasn't much!) was eaten with gusto by all 12 young adults at 5 in the morning after they got home from the beach New Years Morning. I think we might be doing it again next year- lol

12 Ahhh me and my boys on a fishing trip up river ( photo thanks to Kristy)


Happiness is... family, beer, water, sand and sun..

*more to follow*

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I hope you have a stunning weekend.. hugs and loves

Friday, 12 December 2014

NEW : Kit, CU and a freebie

EEEEK, it's nearly time for my family Summer Vacation and I have done NOTHING as far as Christmas shopping and sorting yet. This year seems to have just flown past.. days have blurred into weeks and weeks into months. I mean come on.. it's the 12th Dec already.. and I'm saying 'how the hell did that happen'.. BWAHAHA. 
 Nothing like leaving everything to the last minute Kim.. shee's. At least I did get all of the 'printable' gift stuff done for the family ( they request calendars etc every year- lol). One thing off the to do list at least.. 
The rest, well I'll just have to elbow my way through the crowds this year. And dear Lordy I hate crowds..LOL. But shopping near our holiday cottage is way more relaxing than in town for sure.
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Have a really fantastic weekend and I'll chat to you before I leave ;-P
Hugs and Loves