Friday, 31 October 2014

DSD CU Sales + Grab Bags

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DSD SALES @ SugarHillco


WOOP ... My whole store is now 60% off through Nov 6th

and what would DSD be without Brand New GRAB BAGS right?

kb-GrabBag1 DSD Grab Bag : 1

Contains: 5 full sized New Products:
1 x Texture pack
3 x Element packs
1 x ABR Brush set (+ png files)

kb-GrabBag2 DSD Grab Bag : 2

1x Layered Pattern pack
3 x Element packs
1 x ASL Layerstyle set (+ Pat & JPG files)

Want alll of it??? Why not grab the DSD Whopper Grab Bag with all of the above products + 2 More! That makes 12 Products for only $10!

kb-GrabBag3 DSD Whopper Grab Bag

Grab these 12 brand new products for the crazy price of only $10!
This DSD special is for a limited time only!
1x Layered Patterns
1x Texture pack
1x PNG Textures
1x ABR Brush set (+ png elements)
7 x Element packs
1 ASL Layerstyle set + Pat & JPG files
All 300 ppi

* Full Preview reveals in store *

********************   BLOG HOPS   ********************

Have you grabbed this FREE COLLABORATION KIT by all the fantastic and talented designers @ Pixels&Co yet?


>>>>> Pixels & Company Blog Hop HERE <<<<<

Just a Reminder that my whole store @ Pixels&Co is 35% off


and the more you spend the more discount you get - WOOP

Spend $25 get 40% off

Spend $40 get 45% off

Spend $50 get 50% off

And of course the trains are running full steam this weekend...... Don't forget to Grab my portion of the Digiscrap Parade Blog Hop


>>>>>  DigiScrap Parade Post HERE  <<<<<

And stay Tuned tomorrow for another Train ride ... hint hint ( a CU one- lol)

Hope you all have a fantastic DSD Weekend. Hugs and Loves.

Toot Toot....Blog Hop # 2 (DSP Freebie)

TOOT TOOT it's time for the AMAZING mega Digiscrap Parade Blog Hop


A little lost? Then just click on the banner above to be taken to the Master list. 

You should have come from >>>> Mel Hains Designs
We don't celebrate Halloween down here so I went in a different direction ;-P 
You can pick up my 'stop' right here on my blog: 


You can download it RIGHT HERE
Make your way to >>>>>>>> Akizo Designs
  or just click on the images below 


Enjoy the blog hop ... hugs and Loves.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

DSD Sales + Blog Hop #1 + tutorial

OH EM GEE... I can't believe it's this time of the year already and this one snuck up on me big time! I've had to deal with some real life issues this month (a death in the family) and even though I haven't managed to get anything new up in my store at @ Pixels&Co for DSD this time.. you won't loose out as my whole store is on SALE right now @ 35% off..... But the more you buy the more discount you get!  WOOOP.. now that's celebrating in style. ;-P


Not only are we having a HUGE SALE but there are tons of great games and competitions going on starting TODAY - Check the forums out for more more details.


Win your own chosen DREAM CART (Yes please!! lol)


And how about having your whole order amount refunded to you?? One winner will be chosen DAILY through the 2nd Nov.

********** BLOG HOP **********

Now how about a FREE COLLABORATION KIT by all the fantastic and talented designers @ Pixels&Co?


No kidding right?? How freaking AWESOME is this kit.. I loved the colours and you can grab it for FREE ... but before we get to that part ( hee hee) how about a little tutorial that I hope you find helpful in creating your layouts.


Justified text and Leading in Photoshop + PSE

Creating a neat evenly spaced text box on your page or creations is really easy to do. It is commonly used in books, newspapers and magazines where the text is spaced so the left and right sides of the text block both have a straight neat edge. Photoshop spaces the gaps between the 'words' of type to create even left and right edges... so AWESOME!

I have used CS5 for this tutorial and it can easily be followed along by PSE users too:


* Firstly select your Horizontal Type tool on the left as shown above. (font, size and color can be chosen now too.....but if you are not happy with the result later this can be changed again in the steps below)

* Right Click on the spot you want to journal and HOLD DOWN and drag with your mouse to form a 'text box' the size you need/want. Photoshop uses this box to create boundaries for your type and to create the breaks in your sentences.


* Click in the box and just type away and tell your story filling up your text box ... no need to use enter key to create a new line as this is automatically done for you within the boundary box you created.

* I'm not happy with the 'spacing or leading' between my lines of text and would like to now change that to be more compact for a better visual effect. By default the Leading is always set to Auto, which is what I now want to change.

  *********Changing the LEADING/SPACING **********

Leading is what controls the amount of space between your lines of type ...

in Photoshop >>>


* Highlight your text by holding down the right mouse key and dragging over the journaling/type you have created.

* in Photoshop you will find the little "Character and Paragraph" icon right on your 'typeface' options bar shown as above:

* Click on it and this panel will pop up ......4C

* Choose the Character panel as shown above...

* Click on the LEADING INPUT BOX and either enter a value manually or toggle the drop down menu for preset amounts. I've chosen a leading of 14pt which gives me the results I am looking for ;-)

* You can also now change your FONT , the size and colour from this panel - just make sure you have your type 'selected' at all times while using it or the changes won't happen.

in Photoshop Elements >>>


* the same principle applies as in Photoshop above and your leading can be changed by clicking on the little arrow of the LEADING drop down box as shown

* use the dropdown presets or add your own value to change the leading between your lines of type.

********* JUSTIFYING YOUR TEXT **********


* Click anywhere in your 'Text box' and using CNTRL + SHIFT + J for PC or  CMD + SHIFT + J for Mac ......... Voila maestro! We have just justified your text neatly and cleanly.

* The above option works in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

There are more options to Creating Justified type in Photoshop that can give you more results:


* Using the same"Character and Paragraph" icon right on your 'typeface' options bar shown above:


* Make sure you have your text HIGHLIGHTED/SELECTED

* Click on the PARAGRAPH TAB as show below.


* You’ll find a row of seven icons across the top of the Paragraph panel palette. The last 4 highlighted above are your 'Justified type options'.  These let you choose how you would like your 'last sentence' to look in your box.

* 1 > last sentence is aligned right

* 2 > last sentence is centered

* 3 > last sentence is aligned left.

* 4 > Justify all will extend and space your last sentence to fit the given boundary space you created.

I hope you found it helpful and easy enough to follow along . Just some examples of layouts I've done using the above steps: >>

25-years Using: Some Kind of Wonderful : The Kit

kb-JustMe Using : Acceptance : The Collection

And now on to the FUN stuff.............. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


If you want to grab the above collab North of Ordinary completely FREE, here's what you need to do...................

Just follow along the full blog hop (listed below) and put together the letters/numbers given by each designer in order to create a 'word' that will be your coupon code needed to grab the kit FREE in store! *Previews linked*


My letter is R

  1. P&Co
  2. Scooty’s Designs
  3. Amanda Yi Designs
  4. Mari Koegelenberg
  5. Dawn by Design
  6. Digital Scrapbook Ingredients
  7. creashens
  8. Sabrina’s Creations
  9. Scotty Girl Design
  10. KimB’s Designs <<< That's Me
  11. Celeste Knight
  12. Jen Allyson
  13. Mommyish
  14. Sugarplum Paperie
  15. Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs
  16. Robyn Meierotto
  17. Laura Passage
  18. Anita Designs
  19. Deena Rutter
  20. Karla Dudley
  21. Gennifer Bursett

Your next stop is >>> Celeste Knight.

Have fun and I'll see you again Friday with some MORE exciting DSD weekend specials, hops and freebies.

Friday, 10 October 2014

Featured Designer SALE, NEW goodies + Freebies

Woooaaah, a lot to yak and show today so grab that beverage of choice.. lol. It's been a rather crazy two weeks for me (these days when is it not?- lol). I had my In-laws visiting for a few days and even got to have dinner with my 'black sheep' brother-in-law who I haven't seen in over 15 years! Crazy right? But he seriously just doesn't keep in contact with the family at ALL and getting hold of him is like pulling your own teeth out with a pair of pliers. LOL... Dad was so thrilled to have his two sons together for dinner and we all enjoyed the evening. I forgot to take my camera to get some 'rare' Broedelet' men photo's and am kicking myself right now. Here's hoping that with my BIL being back in South Africa for a while that we can get together sooner than another 15 years. BWAHAH ;-P

It's time for my Semi Annual SALE @ Pixels&Co


Which means my whole store is 25% off right now

>>>>>>> BUT <<<<<<<


I also have some kits in my STORE right this moment ON SALE @ only $2!!!

*Valid through Thursday 16th October 2014 ONLY*

*********** BRAND NEW and 30% off this weekend ***********

This soft yet bold kit was requested by my dear CT member Jenni.

stronger_kit6 Stronger : The Kit

*Also available in element and paper separates*

stronger_jc6 Stronger : The Journal Cards

stronger_alpha6 Stronger : The Alpha

stronger_words6 Stronger : The Word Art

or grab it all @ 40% OFF in this full Collection:

kb-Stronger_Collection6 Stronger : The Collection

I also have a set of coordinating TEMPLATES today which were requested by another CT member Renee ;-)

kb-Stronger_templates6 Stronger : The Templates

*mix and match to form various double page spreads*

Some AMAZING inspiration from my CT today:

Stronger By Jenni (x1)

kbstronger By Jenn

ruthy By Ruthy

Alina By Alina

And using Stronger : The Templates below:

Stronger_zpsba21fa95 By Renee

bed_eBy Bekah_E

sugarspice-700_zps1eedf987 By Alina

other credits :  Sugar and Spice : Kit by Sugarplum Paperie 

Jenni2 By Jenni (x2)

KimB By Me

******************* Freebie Alert 1 ******************

Want to win $30 to spend in my store + grab a coordinating FREEBIE???


I'm hosting a Featured Designer Word Art CHALLENGE in the P&co forum this week... pop in, grab the above FREEBIE.....and play along with me.

>>>>>> READ all the INFO right HERE <<<<<<<

You can also WIN another $10 coupon by just commenting on my *sharing my design space * post right here on the P&Co BLOG:

You still with me??? ........... don't run away yet.. I have another freebie just for you coming up ;-P

************ 25% @ SugarHillco ***********

The store is open and everything is up and running again.. WOOP!! >> As some of you already know, SugarHillco has been down for some maintenance but unfortunately we had a few gremlins in the system too.

PLEASE read this SHOP UPDATE blog post to find out more.

kb-TM_Worded2 Tie Me : Worded 2

And today's BLOG freebie coordinates with  Stronger : The Templates that are in store right now:


You can GRAB IT HERE >>>

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Say What?? + Premier Guest Designer + freebie

Gosh I can't believe it was our 25th Wedding anniversary yesterday.. and I really put a spanner in the works for any plans Wayne had made for dinner- lol. I went and put my back out ( and a good job at that too!) on Monday morning just by bending over to pick up a toilet roll that my dear pup Pepsi was chewing to shreds. BWAHAHA- yeah serves me right for doing Acrobatics and having my coccyx crushed when younger)..  I now look like one of those comic book characters that are bent over double and can't straighten up. BWAHAHA.. like Wayne politely said last night.. you look like you have a carrot up your @ss.... sheee's thanks ;-P lol

Today is the 1st....... which means it's time for the OCT COMPANY STASH @ Pixels&Co...... 30% off for the next 5 days!

(These coordinate with all the other designers products too- so you can pick and choose what you want- so AWESOME!)

kb-SayWhat_papers6 Say What? : The Papers

kb-SayWhat_elements6 Say What? : The Elements

And of course some fun Creative inspiration for you today:

This-That-amp-the-Other By Jenni

Ruthy By Ruthy (who's son has a banana to his ear talking to his dad- tooo cute!)

kbsaywhat By Jen

kb-SayWhat-web By Me

Quite funny that all our layouts are showing off 'men or boys'... seems they love to talk just as much as us woman do- lol

*Add On Freebie at bottom of post*

************ @ SugarHillco ***********

We have a brand NEW "Sugar" Designer joining us today...WOOP,

Give a big welcome to Shannon of  Scotty Girl Design


Her whole store is 50% off............. don't miss it.

*****************  Digital Scrapper ***************

I was thrilled to be asked to be this months October Guest Designer for Digital Scrapper ... and the kit I created below is part of the Premier Membership subscription downloads (including matching QP's, clusters and templates!).

You will also be able to purchase it directly from the Digital Scrapbook store.

Sign up for their weekly NEWSLETTER too so you don't miss any extra 'gifts and tips'!


Premier membership features:

A deluxe scrapbooking kit from one of the top names in digital design

A set of 10 QuickPages and 10 Templates

Four in-depth training videos for both Photoshop and Elements

LEARN MORE <<< here.


This months theme was 'Great Outdoors' and I had a blast creating this.


************* Freebie Alert **************

I added a few little 'Extra's' just for you that coordinate with my Say What? papers and Elements:


You can grab them right HERE:

I'm off to go straighten out a crooked back for while....... BWAHAHA. Hope you all have a fantastic week further.