Friday, 17 April 2015

Simple Pleasures + New CU + Freebies

EEEEK, gosh it seems forever that I've blogged or had something new up. Real life seems to have hit full tilt crazy again.. well, when doesn't it in this house right?? lol. With painters and renovations going on, wonderful South African 'load shedding' (NOT!!), family staying over and now a wedding for the 2nd May I'm helping with (as well as being 'Mistress of Ceremonies') I need a few more hrs in the days at the moment.. anyone got some to spare?? BWAHAHA

I had a fabulous time at Bushmans River over Easter with the family and have a ton of new 'beachy' pics to scrap. So these were the inspiration for my new kit/Collection today. I can't have enough beach/sea theme kits in my stash as most of my photo's are taken at the river or beach. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed creating it..

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simplePleasures-Kit9  Simple Pleasures : The Kit

simplePleasures-JC  Simple Pleasures : Journal Cards

simplePleasures-alpha9  Simple Pleasures : The Alpha

simplePleasures-WA-9  Simple Pleasures : The Word Art

Or Want it all... then don't miss the COLLECTION.

simplePleasures-Collection9  Simple Pleasures : The Collection

My CT have seriously outdone themselves again.. just check out this amazing inspiration.

Alina  By Alina

Ellen  By Ellen

Jenni  By Jenni

Biancka  By Biancka

Another Day in Paradise  By Motherbear(Julie)

Ruthy  By Ruthy

Juli  By Juli

Alley  A Hybrid card and envelope by Alley

Alice  By Alice

Connie  By Connie

Cornelia  By Cornelia

Cynthia  By Cynthia

KimB  by Me

I have a little coordinating FREEBIE for you today:


You can grab them right HERE:

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kb-TM_MnM2  Tie Me : Mix n Match 2

kb-VFramers14  Vintage Framers 14

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I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Hugs and Loves


Friday, 20 March 2015

That Ol' Bunny + Meet my Team + Freebie

EEEEK, hang on to that 'beverage' ... this is going to be a full long
OH EM GEEE... Holding a CT call must be one of the hardest things I have had to do in a VERY long time. I told my hubby "Nope, never ever again!" lol. It was a big emotional roller coaster for me. I'm such a softy who hates disappointing and I seriously found it sooo hard to say 'No' to anyone.  To everyone who applied.. THANK YOU.. for not only sharing a bit about yourselves but your amazing creative work too. To top it off.. my wanted # of only 5 girls sort of flew out the window..... BWAHAHAHA.. Like seriously?? That would be like throwing away a Christmas gift without unwrapping it.

It gives me GREAT pleasure and lots of EXCITEMENT to finally announce my 'Brand New' Creative Team 2015!!

I am soo excited to have such an amazing set of creative people join my already super fabulous team (Gosh Renee has been with me since 2007 and Jenni since 2008!)... (and forgive me for putting my 'mug' on that team display- I had a composition 'twitch' and had to fill up the hole! lol)
Gosh Easter is early this year ( well so it feels to me- lol) and I have wanted to create this 'Vintage' styled Easter kit for a while.. WOOHOO!.. It's now up in store and I hope you love it as much as I do.
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And today I have inspiration that will blow your socks off!
By Bekah_E
 By EllenT 
By WendyW
By Ruthy
 By Jenni
 By Biancka 
 By Renee 
love the Easter Bunny
By MotherBear
By Alina
 By Stefanie
Amber M
 By Amber Morrisson
By AliceM
Tanya  Hybrid Goodness from Tanya
And one by Me
I woke up to my CT forum full of this goodness yesterday and today and I couldn't be MORE excited to share all these with you!
I have a little FREEBIE Add-on for you today:
Set of Flairs to coordinate with my That Ol' Bunny : Full Collection .
Have a super fantastic weekend further ( I have painters in the house that are driving me to look for that wine bottle! lol). Hugs and Loves.

Friday, 6 March 2015

NEW $1 Special Edition + Cookies n Cake CU

Ahhh I had such a fabulous weekend away with hubby. We had the most amazing Japanese/Chinese fusion meal on the Friday night ( sort of felt like a second honeymoon dinner- lol) that we will remember it for a long time. The Casino wasn't very kind to me this time, but hubby was on a winning streak. Th poor man had to keep handing over cash to his 'sad faced wife' so he could carry on playing- BWAHAHAH. (Usually it's the other way around and we did laugh at how I was NOT used to taking from him at all). And he did make me cry with laughter by trying to sneak a 'man fart' out in public and it not being so 'quiet'... never seen the man blush so hard or him trying to act like it wasn't him. BWAHAHAH.. will go down in the 'retell everyone story book'. lol. We even slept late each morning and it was a really really good relax for both of us.

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As you know, during the first weekend of each month we launch the monthly Special Edition at The Digital Press. All using the same swatch so you can choose your own sets. And at only $1 a pack over the weekend.. WOW.

Here is my take on this months swatch..


A Little Quirky : The Papers


A Little Quirky : The Elements


A Little Quirky : Wordy Bits

And not only did the 'theme' suite toooo many of my photo's in my, but my CT have rocked this again!


By Jenni


By Alina


By Sabrina


By Ruthy


By Bekah


By Amy


By Renee


By Sabrina


By Me ( and the photo's that inspired the kit- lol)

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Layer Styles : Cookies N Cake

Don't miss my March GRAB BAG... it will be gone next week!


March '15 : GRAB BAG

kb-TP_SVintage11 kb-BeadyBits_Africa1

kb-TM_tartan4 kb-TP_Newsy2

kb-VFlutters4 kb-Bloomers_DaisyBits

Full sized REVEAL in Store.

I have a little CU freebie today that you can right HERE or in my NEWSLETTER today:


4 Fun inky splatter brushes : (ABR + PNG)


I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Hugs and Loves