Friday, 2 September 2016

Colour My Heart + New CU + Freebie

Boy has this month flown past! I’m not sure if everyone knows yet but my dear son Nathan and his fiance Kristy have just been offered an amazing opportunity to work together as a team running a fishing lodge in Angola. It’s called the Flamingo Lodge and to be honest it’s in the middle of nowhere but is a fishermans paradise. So up Nathan’s alley as that is what his first love is! Gosh mixed emotions for mom though right? lol

I’m sooo happy that they will get the experience and be doing something that they both love..but dang it’s sooo far away..sob. Anyway.. the point of the story is that yesterday they had to fly to Cape Town to go get their Angola visa’s at the embassy ( you know that whole interview process thing).. well lets just say that if my son owns 1 pair of trousers it’s a LOT! BWAHAHAHA.. he is a shorts man – both winter and summer here. So they get told once they are there that dear Nathan is not allowed in unless he has ‘trousers’ on….. OMG, can so picture this in my head that I am still giggling.

Kristy’s cousin Sky taxied them to the embassy and lets just say he is 2 sizes smaller than Nathan.. so what does Nate do.. makes Sky take off his jeans and squeezes himself into them to get into the embassy…… BWAHAHAHAHA. Yup, they got their visa’s but man he must have looked like had a part in Saturday Night Fever ;-P

Back to business after that Friday giggle ;-P

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I had the fantastic honour of getting to work with the wonderful and marvelously talented Susie Roberts on this Vintage, pastel and oh so pretty collection!

kb-SR_ColourMyHeart_kit6Colour My Heart : The Kit

Contains: 31 Papers : 71 Unique Elements : 3 Word Art : 15 Word Strips

All are available separately too:

kb-SR_ColourMyHeart_el6 kb-SR_ColourMyHeart_pp6

Colour My Heart : The Elements          Colour My Heart : The Papers

kb-SR_ColourMyHeart_jc6Colour My Heart : Journal Cards

Contains: 20 Journal Cards (+ .25 bleed set)

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Colour My Heart : The Collection

And you all know I LOVE PRETTY.. and gosh did our CT seriously make pretty on this collection.. here is some amazing inspiration for you.

Deborah WagnerBy Deborah

Kathy BlackBy Kathy Black

Rae BrownBy Rae

Jenni RousseauBy Jenni

JulieBy Julie(MotherBear)

Renee BurgerBy Renee

ConnyBy Conny

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It’s a BRAND NEW Month which means there is a FANTASTIC new COLLECTION from the Project Grateful Team: called CRISP.

Only $10 for a limited time

This Project Grateful SEPTEMBER Edition - is that perfect collection for all those Autumn memories of chilly fun days with family and cuddling up to our loved ones.

pg_crispBU_previewProject Grateful | Crisp

And some amazing CT inspiration:

ConnyBy Conny

SachaBy Sacha

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A set of fun Autumn Retro themed Paper patterns:

Pats n Prints : 51

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A fun photo mask for you to play with:


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Hugs and Loves

Friday, 26 August 2016

LAST CHANCE $1 sale + New CU + Freebie

EEEK, I have goldfish syndrome right now – (well that’s my given name for it). Such bad sinus that your eyes feel like they bulging out your head….it’s a pretty look – Really. …errr NOT! HAHAHAHAHA.  I get hayfever in winter up here - go figure, when most get it in spring and I’ve never had hayfever in my life before until I moved up inland. The doc calls it a ‘coastal’ issue. All us coastal people who have come inland end up having ‘smog a titis’ – LOL. Well one day soon I will be back to the clean breathable coastal air!


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kb-MemoryKeeper-Papers_6Memory Keeper : The Papers

kb-MemoryKeeper_Elem6Memory Keeper : The Elements

kb-MemoryKeeper_Worded-6Memory Keeper : Word Bits & Alpha


And some fantastic inspiration for you:

ConnyBy Conny

Snap : Click : RecordBy Barbara

DeborahBy Deborah

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 kb-StandingTall_Papers6Standing Tall : The Papers

kb-StandingTall_Elements6Standing Tall : The Elements


Standing Tall : The Word Bits

And some more AMAZING CT inspiration:

AmieBy Amie

StefBy Stef

JulieBy Julie

ShivaniBy Shivani

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And a little CT inspiration:

Jenni-PGBy Jenni

GaelleBy Gaella


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Hugs and Loves

Friday, 12 August 2016

$1 PENNY SAVERS.. not to be missed


WOOHOO! Who doesn’t love a good SALE right???.. You don’t want to miss this one!

For the FULL Month of AUGUST you can grab brand NEW Releases @ TDP for only $1 each!  YES… only $1 each. Don’t forget to check the ‘From the Archives’ section too as you will find more $1 items for sale.

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kb-BrightSpark_6Bright Spark : The Papers

kb-BrightSpark_el-6Bright Spark : The Elements

And some AMAZING creative inspiration to get you inspired.

ConnyBy Connie

StefBy Stef

corrinBy Corrin

JulieBy Julie

And some HYBRID work that always leaves me in AWE!

brightsparkwithoverlayBy Tanya

And catch a FULL HYBRID HOW TOO/ show and tell on TDP BLOG

ahg_080516_2v2By Arielle

And so many more in TDP sure to have a look!

kb-JustFamily_WA_6Just Family 1 : Word Art

back-to-my-roots_6Back To My Roots : Template

Some more amazing creativity for you:

29mq4ooBy Corrin (The names on this Tree just make me smile! lol)

Walk900_zpsmrhctohbBy Stef

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kb-heArtsy2_papers9heARTSY 2 : Papers

Charm-WA6Charming : Word Art

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I hope you all have a really fabulous weekend.

Hugs and loves