Friday, 27 May 2011

Fresh Friday

HAHAHA- well honestly it’s soooo “FRESH” here this morning I can’t feel my fingers! OMG, this seaside girl is sooo not used to this cold high up here in the mountains! lol.
It’s also snowing in a lot of places here in South Africa at the moment too- HUH??? What is going on with the weather! We have snow now and again but mmmmm- it’s all over at the moment and the wind can cut straight through you here! Hey- we are called SUNNY South Africa for a reason- BWHAHAHA, so this is totally not up my ally. ;-)
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- I was sent another request for a kit by my dear friend and long time CT member ( and of course work-aholic ADVERTISER and promoter) Doodle. ( LeAndrea). She sent me a photo with some fabric swatches and colours she loved and asked me what I could come up with- and I must admit I had such fun with this one! I even took out my glue and made my own flowers for this kit! Got glue on everything but it was sooooo worth the fun-lol.
Well here it is……………………………………………… 20% OFF this weekend only ;-)
Fresh Fun Kit
15 JPG print papers 12x12
9 plain papers 12x12
36 elements
1 Full acrylic square Alpha.
kb-freshfun_web2 The papers
kb-freshfun_web7 CLOSE UP DETAILS
And I have some matching EXTRA’s to go with this one too!
Fresh Fun Word Art
10 co-ordinating word art in PNG @ 300ppi
Fresh Fun photoshop Styles(CU OK)
4x ASL files for photo shop.
6x clear ACrylics
6x Glitter
6x Metals
6x Dotty Acrylics
All seamless and 300ppi.
Commercial use ok.
And some matching templates too! – YIPPPPPPPPPPPPEEE
Fresh Fun Templates
4 12x12 Templates in PSD, PNG and Tiff
And I have put them ALL TOGETHER at a fantastic “bundle” price which is also an EXTRA 20% off this weekend!
Fresh Fun Bundle
SAVE 48% off this weekend only!
And of course I have some AMAZING eye candy as inspiration for you too-
funfilled-qoh-sinc-jpg600 By Hutchie
Laugh-out-Loud By Jenni
1zmcnc1 By Kristine
heidi By Heidi
KimBytx By KimBytx
melanie By Melanie
By Jenn
And I scrapped and used the templates too- just flipped and moved to form this “double pager” for Cadens album! YAY!
kb-FunfilledDay_double Shown together ;-)
kb-FunfilledDay_1 Page 1
kb-FunfilledDay_2 Page 2
AHHH she is growing WAY toooo fast! lol
I have a “matching freebie Alpha” for you today-
You can download it
*sorry this link has expired*
I’m off to grab some COFFFFEEEEE to warm up these icicles that are my fingers now! hahahaha. Hope you all have a “Fresh and fun” weekend ;-)
Hugs and Loves

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

EEEK Wednesday already

Youch, this week is flying by! I swear today was Tuesday - BWHAHAHA.

Well my Daddy left on Monday to spend some time with my dear sister Gaye ( GS creations) So Monday was pack suitcases, and teach Dad how to use my laptop correctly. lol. ( i had always had it on for him and always shut it down- uhum, Daddy had to go through all those steps too)

Yeah, I gave it to him as he was having sooo much fun playing games and it was really cute to see. Hope he doesn’t drive sis tooo mad with too many questions- hahahah.

Yesterday we sort of “hit a flat panic” here as my dad receives a state pension and after a year they ask you to prove that you are still alive! SERIOUSLY! lol.

He has till the end of May to do so but the paper work was in Port Elizabeth. He asked his friend Wayne to post it up here so we could do all the necessary red tape stuff,  and well lets just say our postal service lived up to it’s reputation as it NEVER arrived! So yesterday Gaye and I sat on the phone most of the day ( her from her side and me from here) BOTH being shunted from one government department to another! Can you say FRUSTRATION! Holey crap, I have never felt so irritated in many a year! Gaye was having the same problem.

By yesterday afternoon we had both phoned sooo many numbers, left so many messages I couldn’t remember what was who or what! lol. The only thing we could think of to rectify the situation was to change Dad’s air flight ticket to go home earlier so he could just go in himself where he collects it every month!

But BEN ( Gaye’s hubby) is a hero today- he drove to the nearest town with my Dad and found the form!!! The one the whole of SASSA (South African Social Services Dept) said they wouldn’t, couldn’t fax or mail us! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO! Go BEN! lol.

So All’s well and Dad can stay his full holiday now. PHEW! lol

I have a few more photo’s to show ya-


My “Boys”- ahhhhhhh, can’t WAIT to see them in June again!


Pieter and of course me who looks like I have something stuck up where it shouldn’t be- BWHAHAHAHA.


AHHH- my dear little friend Anty- man you can see how tiny she is as I am a short gat as it is! lol


OOOOOOH and did you Nathan can COOK! ??? He surprised us the one night by cooking his “catch of the day” for supper- Better than any fish I have tasted in YEARS!

He cooked the fish with herbs, garlic and lemon butter on the grill and it was DIVINE!!


And the prawns done the same on the coals! They had the most gorgeous smokey flavour too! Yum, I’m making myself hungry now! lol

He just doesn’t know it yet but he has set a precedent now! BWHAHAHA- he’s going to cook more often when I’m home for SURE- hahaha.

OOOOH and I slipped up on my CT duty’s! MY BAD, but better late than never huh?-

From Design by Tina- Miaow


And my Page I did with it.

And I have a few more stunning LO’s with my new kit Timeless Elegance too!


Timeless Elegance

Trista By Trista

kb-tim10 By Jodiann

pjk-ti10 By Paula

bunny By Bunny

And this page by Candace made GSO at Scrap Matters! WOOT!

beauty-timeless By Candace

She has the page as a QP freebie for you too!


You can grab it HERE.

WOOT- off to finish off some new goodies for Friday- YIPPPPPPPPPPPEEE, I am having WAY too much fun on this one and had to put the breaks on it! lol

Have a great day and thanks for reading all my yakker ;-)

Hugs and loves

Friday, 20 May 2011

Timeless Elegance and photo’s

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- it’s Friday which means New Releases at Scrap Matters.

But before we get there, I just want to say that Dad is loving his hearing aid- yes, I still give him frights and make him jump with my loud laugh and voice, but he is getting used to it now- lol. If I’m sitting close he quickly puts his fingers in his ear to turn it down a bit- hahahah. Too funny actually. Even Wayne teasing saying- You see “old man” that’s what I’ve got to live with- hee hee.

Remember I said that I had some photo’s from my visit home and Nathan’s Bday- well I only took them off this week- and really had a good giggle. Here’s just a few…


This was taken at a braai we had with all our friends and Nathans friends arrived too. These are the “twins” and are Nathan’s best “girl” friends. They even come in to cook for him on the weekend and make sure he is ok, he looks after them too when they all go out and makes sure no-one gets tooo close! lol- tooo sweet actually.


Nathan’s best friend Calvin ( who came down from Kimberley just for Nathan’s Bday) I’m so short that my head was chopped off! BWAHAHAHA. I call Calvin my other son and he tells everyone I’m his “mom”-lol


Calvin is actually the twins cousin~ Nathan met them at Bushmans River years ago just like I met Wayne and all our friends NOW! So funny how history repeats itself- just look at the following picture!


BWWWWWWWWWAHAHAHAHA- that photo I’m holding was taken 25 years ago! Yup that’s Deon and I when we were 20! lol. So similar to Nathan and his friends he has now- ;-P


The “twins'” made this for Nathan as his Bday present- they spent all afternoon baking and decorating it! I thought it was AWESOME and so did Nathan- got to love those “boobies”- bWHAHAHAHAHA.

Ok- enough for now or you will be here all week again huh? lol I’ll show more next week as Dad will be at my sister Gaye (GS Creations) from Monday and I will have more time to yak through the week and not all in one post – BWHAHAH.

Talking about my sis- GS Creations – she has some FANTASTIC CU Patterns in her store- OMG, honestly- looking for QUALITY CU??? - then please check out my sisters store HERE- you will NOT be sorry!


In the Mood (Layered PSD paper patterns.)

20% off this weekend!

And I have something NEW today too! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Bunny and Jenni both asked me to create a “classic Black, red and White” kit that could be used for all occasions and creations.

Well this is what I came up with and they both love it sooo I’m chuffed- lol


Timeless Elegance

17 JPG 12x12
38 Elements +
4 Word Art

1 Uppercase “Domino” Alpha (+ numerals and some exclamations.)

+ BONUS Acrylic ALPHA with purchase (in upper,lower, numerals and some exclamations.)

kb-timelesselegance_element Elements


BONUS Alpha with Purchase


Close up 1


Close up 2

20% off this weekend!

And of course I have some stunning inspirations for you too-


By Paula


By KimBytx


By Kristine


By Bekah_E


By Candace


By Jenni

TimelessEleganceQPPrev-ChaosLounge Who also made this into a QP freebie for you- you can grab it HERE

Loucee- card

And Loucee our “glue goddess” has created the most amazing Card and Gift for her friend! Holey cow it’s gorgeous!


You can see full details and the print out on the “universal CLOCK” gift on Loucee’s blog HERE.

I also have an “Exclusive Add-on FREEBIE” just for my newsletter subscribers

kb-timeless_freebie ( so make sure you have subscribed- on the right hand side so as not to miss any other gifts, coupons and goodies ;-).

And of course I played too-

kb-Classic my dear beautiful friend Loryn!

I made it into a QP freebie for you too! -


You can pick it up HERE.

I hope you all have a stunning weekend.

Hugs and Loves