Monday, 21 January 2008

Venting- be warned

LOL = Laughing out LOUD

ROTF = Rolling on the floor ( which for most of us NORMAL people it means BELLY LAUGH)

ROTFLMAO= Rolling on the floor laughing my ASS OFF ( A GREAT BIG BELLY LAUGH!)

HAHAHA- UNIVERSAL for chuckling!

hee hee- GIGGLING!

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- I'm now laughing with my mouth WIDE OPEN and enjoying it!

Why all the *Shorthand* descriptions and deciphering?- Well it's for those who Don't understand them- it's shorthand in NET talk so to speak! And for the Annonomous comments left here on my blog this weekend!
Do I use them OFTEN- YES!! WHY- because it's WHO I AM! It's HOW I TALK in REAL life too-

Do I sometimes over use them- HELL -Probably yes- do I know I'm doing it - NO! Like I said before- It's how I would talk to a friend! I never asked for you to come and read my blog- IT'S MY BLOG! I have every RIGHT to put anything or say something the way I WANT - if it's such an irritation- hit the NEXT BLOG button at the top of your browser- because I WON"T change- I CAN'T change- and NO, I can't please everyone all the time-(and that's not from me not trying!)
As for the other annonomous comment- I don't know- I can walk and talk at the same time- drive and sing at the same time , SO YES- I CAN BELLY LAUGH and get work and things done- it makes for a much EASIER and HAPPIER day- ( rolling on the floor as most of us know is only for cats and dogs!)
Because these comments were done anonomously- I could not reply in my own capacity- so had to do this here- but from now on I have changed the *comment* boxes to only registered uses :-( There are SO MANY things we can complain about in this sad life as it is- hunger,povety,illness or just plain taxes! But about laughter??- Um I don't know-

I am sooo SORRY for this vent today- but this hurt me,- and here I want to thank ALL OF THOSE WONDERFUL PEOPLE that e-mailed me, PM'd me, and left me thos positive comments this weekend- ( before I had EVEN said anything!)- Girls you know who you are and I can't thank you ENOUGH for those messages- I LOVE YA MUCHLY! MWAH! and more MWAH's!

And I killed 3 birds with ONE stone today- I did a LO for the ELEMENT CHALLENGE at DSO-, Bunny's Encyclopedia about ME challenge ( A) and
For all those to see that this is ME and maybe to understand WHY I type like I do!

I don't think I have many serious photo's in my family stash at home- hell even my wedding pics have me in full gusto and laughing!

I used -Digitreats-Run kit -PRI ROCHA DESIGNES-eyelet ribbons -Mrs Welsh, frames(from template) -Bannerwoman-staple, Sandra Adamson-A alpha block

Some more STUNNING LO's using my Close knit kit-
This stunning LO was done by Jazzy ( who oh goodness lost ALL her stuff!!- her External DIED and she didn't have it all backed up- ) But is slowly collecting again- JAZZ I would have DIED girl! And Sarah Grace is sure turning into a beautiful young lady!

This is DSO's LOTW!!! Congratulations Oweasaer , this LO is just captivating! Love the *we are peeking in on her* feel- STUNNING!

And I know I was going to tell you about the new kit I have finished- but that can wait till tomorrow;-). I was asked for the arrows I used in the BEFORE and AFTER LO I did of Nathan last week-

So here they are- including the comb too- I hope you will find some use for them- . Until tomorrow- ( and YUP I WILL BE BACK! hee hee) Hugs and Loves KIM


Kristine said...

OMFG!!! (Add that sucker to your blog too!! LMAO)

Like there isn't enough things to bitch about on the planet...

Being happy?! "Scuse me while I PIMP because I am LMFAO & ROFL....

Give me a damn break.....

Go ahead and make me laugh too and me are too much alike...I have the Depends this week....

Love you girly...
(*)(*)--flashing ya my melons.....WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

fl_connie said...

Kim, I wonder sometimes about the state of mind some folks have developed. One of the reasons that a lot of us come back to your blog is simply because you can give us a giggle (or a belly laugh) - but we adore the freebies, too! Thanks for the treats today!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Kim no matter what you write & how you do it I always LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!
I visit daily & dont always comment unless I DL something!!!!!!
TY so very much for todays AWESOME goody!!!!!!!
A HUGE GIANT HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L and H Pedersen said...

Usually I just stick to posting my manners on 4share for all your generosity, but I'm here to LMAO right along with you! It's a BLOG not a research paper!

PS I'm from Canada, and when I IM my BF's, DH and even my parents(in their 60's)they all know what the slang is! Not sure what they were trying to say about Canada.

Scrapping Away said...

Go ahead with your bad self Kim!!! I hadn't poked into the comments and only had a chance to skim through your weekend posting before now, but SHeeeesh! Get a life anonymous! LOL, Don't worry Kim, it was probably the same person posting and then posting again to support herself! I'm glad that anon posting has been removed because too many cowards hide behind that "ID". LOL, and she'll have to miss out on your awesome stuff too... sounds like a poor choice to me! I choose to hang in here and ROFL right along with ya!

Startingover said...

hey girl.. I just had to go read that comment. lol. I love your blog..and when I see a lol I usually end up laughing myself! I love when I see a a bunch of lmao and all the others..cause then I know its a MUST READ! You can tell by your blog that you are a great and fun person! Anyways I just had to say that! Thanks for keeping me laughing..and making my day a little better with your stories!

CatLady said...

Kim, just wanted to let you know that I simply love to see that you have posted in your blog...I immediately go read it and it never fails to put smile on my face...whether there is a freebie or not I might add...I think it's just wonderful that you are so fun-loving and full of life.

Mimi2six said...

Thanks for your blog, I love and need happy people whether in person or on paper. Your right there are so many things in life that are difficult we have to enjoy the good stuff. I am on disability and have to stay in bed most of the time so laughter is good medicine for me. Most people enjoy it so keep on doing what you do best and don't worry about pleasing every one, even God or Jesus couldn't do that so you're in good company, lol.

Question though, and I don't mean to be the stupid one from America but, what does MWAH mean? Just curious.

LouCeeCreations said...

You keep me laughin girl xx so don't stop, btw I'm lovin Kristines melons! WAHAHAHAHAHA

Deborah Misfit said...

Goodness gracious, I am not ROFLMAO - I am MAD! How dare someone do an anonymous post and berate you! You the sharing'ist' person around! I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've been offline for a bit - sick and just went throught your blog and caught up, and LOL'd all over the place! And d/l (for those of you that are rude - that's downloaded) a bunch of stuff too! Thanks my dear Kim for all you do for me and others!

Jackie said...

Girlie, you keep on WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA & hee hee & HAHAHA & even some of those ROTFLMAO. Someone actually had something negative to say about LAUGHTER? Oh geez. Some people are just so dang miserable. You keep it up. I love to ROTFLMAO with ya girlie!!! MWAHS

Robbi and Mike said...

Im glad to see your big smile when I hop up my puter in the morning -Shame on them! 'When you're smiling and the whole world smiles with you!' Big Hugs!

By Dezign said...

Thank you for the lovely arrows.

No I need to say my say and a lot of people might not like, but that's just tough. They have just brought out the bad biker chick from the south out in me.

To all those anonymous ***Ches, pick a finger any finger as long as it's the middle finger KWIM. Bet they're the ones that download without ever saying thank you here or at 4 shared.

Kim spends large portions of her day creating the most amazing stuff for the rest of the community that would most probably battle to do a stick drawing. For anyone to be rude to her is just the pitts. It just p's me off and I better shut up now before I use language that could get me banned from here.

Oh and Kristine
I want ones like this ( . )( . )

Unknown said...

It just irks me that some people can be so unfeeling. I visit your site every day to read what you have to say. I don't always comment, I don't always download, but I keep coming back because I enjoy 'listening' to you. Real cowards there, that have to post as anonymous in order to say what they feel they have to say.

xashee's corner said...

first i want to thank you for all you do and share!! i totally LOVE your blog & designs!!
second, (shaking head) i cannot believe the absolute nerve of some!! normally i keep my mouth shut (or fingers still) and don't get involved in all the drama on the web, but i HAVE to agree with MsGini and think all those anom comments were the same person just trying to support herself/himself. Also, let me say to that person, HAHAHHAHAHAHA, LOL, LMAO & WAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Boy do i feel better!! hehe and i bet that person would feel better too, if they just took the stick out of their backside and just LAUGH!!!! do i use too many exclamation points too!! Gee, maybe we should all be like YOU!!!!!!............ NAW!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
oh and Mimi2six, MWAH, as far as i know, is just a BIG KISS!!!!
so, Kimmy, MMWWAAHHHHHHH to you and keep on doing just what you do!! WE LOVE YOU! HUGGGGGGGGS!!

Anonymous said...

It really is too bad she posted anonymously, if you knew who it was you could just send that bitch a smiley face BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, I just LOVE it! I love that layout of you, when it comes to the laughing we're so much alike. I can't get enough of ya! F'em and good for you for standing up for yourself! Big hugs and a big ole muaaawh!

Jeannette (MaggotMommy)

Bonnie said...

That is so lame. Being happy, cheerful and fun is great and makes for a happy person and life! Laughing is good for you-especially huge belly laughs, in fact people who laugh more have been proven to live longer! (need I say more on that one?!)
Life is too short too be too serious all the time-and heck , if you don't understand something that what "google" is for! Go look it up-freakin' lazy! I had to go and look up all these terms too when I didn't know what they meant! Now I do and even now I still get the odd one I don't understand-but who cares! If you want to say those terms in EVERY sentence, EVERY day, on your blog-you go girl.A blog is like an extension of ourselves, our home even and if she doesn't like, she's not invited! No one forces her to read it-if it irritates her so much-then she should stick to reading Charles Dickson's or something!
You are KEWL and fun and rock and let no one change you or your blog. Some people need a serious LIFE!

Unknown said...

I blogged for you Kimmie!

Beth said...

Ok.... I know you already know where I stand on this one... but I do want to just say again that people should be grateful for your wonderful blog! As I said before.... people are drawn into your blog BECAUSE of your personality (acronyms and all) and gorgeous designs..... and VERY generous freebies!!! You make beginners like me feel like we 'belong' someplace and your great freebies encourage us to keep scrapping and learn more.

BE GRATEFUL PEOPLE!!!!! (It's really not that hard to be nice ya know?)

P.S. And for mimi2six.... I had to look this one up too when I first saw it.... MWAH is for a digital 'kiss' in written form. You know, the sound a kiss makes when you give it? I think it's cute! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good grief. I can't imagine anyone criticizing you about your own blog. I love your blog. You always make me smile or giggle. I love that.

Cranky people just don't need to read your blog. They can go to the cranky people blog spots and be cranks together.

I'd much rather come to a happy person blog. Anyway, keep up the great work and go ahead and be as happy as you are.

So, Hahahahahahahaha, roflmao, and etc.

Jazzy said...

Oh wow..had to register and get a Log IN.LOL but you know me..I have to make comments..YEA GIRL you said everything perfectly..Im proud of you..makes me feel better even..WAHAHAHAHA...I LOVE your LO..and your great big smiles, or laughs I should some you look like you are "screaming" out that laugh...ROFL...and Bunny if you are reading this..loved your Blog today..MHOTY
Kimmy B4N..BFF

dorreen aka bunnieart in VA said...

Kim, I LOVE your blog, esp all your laughter. that's one of the reasons i read your blog, the freebies are second LOL
and the Depends joke...i've a few msg board sisters that we share 'coupons' with each other. one sister has a warning with all her posts...pee first, do not eat or drink while reading her posts, and have paper towels and windex close by...and ALWAYS wear depends just in case LOL
ok, so kristine's 'omfg' does affend me, but hey...i'm not the blog police for offences... just read past it and move on. I do agree with her though...keep on LOLing and LYAO, and other such MAHAHAHAHAHAism's, cuz that's what makes you YOU and why WE come back to read .... omg... i just saw Kris's (*)(*) and i have to go change my depends now....

huggies to ya, ya FOLFL...that's full of laughter funny lady ;-)

Mimi2six said...

Thanks Beth,i agree, mwahh is cute, I appreciate you letting me know what it stands for! I don't use acronyms alot but I tend to over use exclamation points.

Enjoy life, it is too short, I had cancer, lost a kidney and had 9 major surgeries, so I know that all to well. The doctors said that my positive and happy attitude is what helped me heal. So, my advice is LYAO (laugh your ass off),LOL and ROFL as much as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oase said...

Kim if you ever changed then you won't be the KimB everyone has come to love and cherish. If you can't be yourself then why bother being. Your blog is your blog, you do as you wish with it. They don't like it, oh well go find one you do and visit that. Love ya Kim

Ms Kittie said...

I don't come to your blog just for the freebies, they are wonderful but I come for the giggles and to read what you have to say about your life.

I agree with everyone else that anonymous needs to get a life?

Kim you seem like a really fun girl and your blog reflects that.

I have to amit sometime I don't know what some of the things are but I am not going to bitch about it because there is to much other things to read and laugh about on you blog.

So Kim keep doing what you are doing. Do you know you will look younger if you smile more. So keep on smiling and laughing.


Lou said...

I love reading your blog and your talent is amazing (can you sense jealousy here??!!)
Life is too short to worry about the 'OTHERS'!!!!
Go for it girl - you make my day!!!
I always use to many !!!! but do I care!!!LOL!!

Dane Ann said...

Kim, You know you always ROCK my day EVERYDAY! If people can't enjoy the laughter which IS you, then serious things are wrong in their world. In the US we call them Democrats!!!!!!!!!!Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Just Kiddin'

Hugs & Blessings From up North,
Dane Ann

aquascrap said...

Oh God.....what next!!!! Complaining about having a laugh.....what does it to take to make people happy these days.

If only more people were laughing and laughing at themselves there would be less friction in this world.

Kim please don't stop being who you are give us MORE ROFLMAO and WAAAHAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAA

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Hugs xx

Serene said...

Thank you for this freebie Kim and please keep me rotflmao.....the world needs more of that. Sorry you had to run into some sour grapes.

Just Me said...

Kim... don't let ANYONE who doesn't have the guts to post using their names... they are cowards.
Love your blog though O don't comment much cuz I have so many I go to each day...
Stay who you are... the people who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kimmie, I really hope you stay your same, sweet, funny, bubbly, positive, beautiful, inspiring, creative, fun and WONDERFUL self for ever and ever.

I LUV YA the way you are, because of the way you are! You are precious to many of us!


Unknown said...

LYAO at 'em, Sweetie...I sure like to be around people that laugh as much as possible than people who nit-pick as much as possible...GOOD GRIEF!!! As I said once before...we lost a daughter who would have been best buds had she known you and we have a daughter who I used to listen to secretly talking to her friends because she laughed so much...what a joy she is still!!! One of the things I love the best about you is that you are a laughin', happy girl...don't you DARE change!!!

I tried to delete your blog from my list when I HAD to cut back...but I kept coming back...I wonder and 2 others are it now. ROF but can't LMAO because I never had much of one and it's gone south for sure now...I'm 73 now and would dearly love to meet you...;o) DH has been to SA 5 times on business but I have never been there...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...;o)

Unknown said...

"snorkologist" is me...Nancy72...;o)

Shell said...

Woohoo you tell em girl! Ive been doing drive by readings in my blog reader so I didnt see the stupid comments. Sheesh are people really too lazy to either look up what the acronym means or just ask? Do you know how long Ive been skipping over PIMP cuz I didnt know what it meant? lmao A pimp means something totally different to me lol. But then I hang out in chats with people from all over the world so now I think Im caught up on digi lingo lol Awesome layouts you did & from your CT. Adopt me & infuse some of that talent into me lol. Btw way to keep it real & be true to yourself. Luvs ya much girlie

Lisa Joy said...


What a great vent! I love your spirt.

LLG Denise said...

Oh for Pete's danged sake. If you stop laughing, Kim, i'm gonna start crying. You light up your blog with your amusement and i giggle (hehe) the whole time i'm here. Thanks also for the arrows and comb. Sheesh! It may be time for you to borrow Bunny's pink feather (god that thing's scary!)

Kristine, i LIKE OMFG! Oooo and PIMP was a new one to me, but i got it right away! I just learn SOOOO much when i hit this blog, LOL.

Kim just keep being you. It's lousy to have your weekend ruined by someone not brave enuf to sign his or her name, but i know you know that there are so many of us here who love your laughter and your warmth and would be a bit up in the air without it. Hugs to you!

Lukasmummy said...

Just wanted to send you some (((hugs))) don't even try and change your blog is loads of fun to read. Hugs Crystal xx

LouCeeCreations said...

I just got to say I agree with anonymous................ GOTCHA!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHA
Like hell I do, so glad to read all these and I know you're just smilin, that makes my day... more hugs 4 ya babe

Luisa said...

Hey girlfriend, you are amazing!!, please never change, I have to comeback everyday to put a smile in my face beacuse your posts are so funny!!.... Please don't even pay attention to people that is miserable and don't understand the meaning of happiness. You certanly do and We love that you share your happines with us!

jennymary said...

Oh Kim, I don't usually comment on your blog unless I download something. I am a woman of few words. LOL but I have to tell you I love your blog. I am envious of youyr happy outlook and love the ROTFLs etc. I didn't know what they meant at first so I googled them. So easy! How else are we to know that you are speaking tongu-in-cheek. etc. So to all the Anonymous's Bugger-Off!!!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Scrapbrat said...

Hi,Kim! Hmmmm...I'm speechless!I just had to go and look what the fuzz is all about and I nearly fell from my chair when I saw the comment the b-i-t-c-h-y lady made!But the nerve she has telling you that she r-e-a-l-l-y appreciate you!What tells me she is only out there looking for a freebie and doesn't really care about reading what you have to say or other designers for that matter.If she did read them,she would have understood by now what everything meant.Kim,I'm from South Africa as well and with all the trouble we have over here, (the trouble with the electricity and such..."Hello,Darkness my old friend")your the light in a very dark place,so please keep on rolling on the floor and laugh as much as you want to on your blog or every where.Maybe she's jealous of you 'cause she can't design or maybe 'cause you can still roll on the floor and laugh!I think she's in such a bad state of mind and body shape that she would never know what it feels like to roll around on the floor laughing her ass of cause she's a fat,ugly b*%@ch! Thanx for all the time and effort you put into desining all the lovely freebies and products for us.

HelenClyde said...

Oh wow...

I think you now get so many comments on this you will need days to read them all, but that still doesn´t stop me from also posting just to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
I love the shiny atmosphere and the crazy pics and that you can light up a day (and of course I love the freebies rotfwl :-))

Jenni said...

Kim, you are a gem, and yours is the blog I come running to when I feel the need for a smile or a good laugh!! Of course those unnecesary comments hurt you, but change you - never!! Good for you girl!!! Hope the anonymouses of this world get a life!What a coward anyway for remaining anonymous!
Love your cardboardy arrows, and that LO is priceless!Thanks for always being so generous with your time and creations- we LOVE you !!

kicksmom said...

I don't have a blog but I so enjoy visiting your site for a quick chuckle. Thanks for the lesson since I have to ask my teenage son about the new ones I run across. He just shakes his head at me. Keep smiling.

missliss5/Melissa said...

Puhlease! That person is an idiot! I love that you write like you are talking to a friend. I do the same thing on my blog. It's why it is so much fun!

Winged Heart said...

Jeesh...some people have real nerve, don't they?!?!?!? Ignore the idiots, that's my motto! In all seriousness, Kim, life's hard and the pleasure and laughs I get from reading your blog mean more to me than all the freebies in the world combined! Don't change for're a real gem!

Wishing you more belly laughs and many reasons to ROTF!


S said...

I need to come here for the laughter because sometimes I forget to do it, myself. I NEED to know someone is out there laughing and having fun, making the most out of the bright side of life. Thank you for shining AND laughing!!!!!

Unknown said...

TOOOOOOOOOOOO funny...I've seen PIMP around but put a previous meaning to it and wondered why it was being used...but I figured there was some secret meaning...LOLOLOL!!!!!
Now I know and I think it's so funny...;o)

Lara's Digi World said...

Dear Kim, I do love reading your blog, so go on, be yourself and use so many LOL´s and ROTF´s as you like.

Best wishes ang big hugs

Erika aka lara

Jim and Jami said...

Kim, I love your keep being you.....I have your link on the bottom of my blogsite page so others can share your laughter.....Have a great one sister-friend. J-

L said...

Kim, I know you called it a "vent", but it was actually a very kind and loving thing you've ended up doing here - you not only helped everyone who may not understand the 'lingo', but you did a magnificent job of showing us all your beautiful personality. What a remarkable layout you made there... what a happy, bubbly delight of a human being shows thru in that adorable layout!!! And what a wonderful thing to share it with us all.

You know all the old clichés... Actions speak louder than words... A picture is worth a thousand words... Laughter is the best medicine... etc., etc. Well that magnificent layout of yours is one of the best "visuals" I have ever seen to show just exactly why all those old clichés are so true!

And THAT will touch more hearts than anything you or anyone else could ever say.

You will never know how many people you have helped to remember to just... simply... laugh. Be happy. Find the joy in life and hang on to it.

Some folks have a hard time remembering those things, and one look at that work of art you created there will remind them of it all the moment they lay eyes on it. Laughter is infectious and you share it with open loving arms to everyone, everywhere. And we thank you deeply for doing just that.

So, you see, even when you're "venting" you're still a generous, helpful, loving, happy person! hehe "Good on ya!"

And thank you too, for sharing that beautiful LO (layout) by Jazzy and that stunner by Oweasaer. Very gorgeous, both of them! And what a delight to have your cute little arrows and that great comb!!! What a gal. You shower us with the bestest goodies! And not the least of which is your delightful personality!!!

Unknown said...

There will always be miserable people just try not to let then get to you
have a great day and thanks

Inma said...

It's been a busy week for me and unfortunately I couldn't come around during the week, but just a couple of things: do not worry about comments of that kind, it's your blog and you have all the right in the world to write whatever you want in it so long as it complies with Blogger and I haven't seen anything in their rules that you have broken, so nobody has the right to say anything. Not coming to read the blog is always and open option. :)

And yes you have all the right to complain about things like that that hurt you. You're not harming anyone using acronyms and they actually add some feeling to the reading that you can not get from only the text.

Changing subjects the layouts are terrific, really lovely. I never thought green would look so good in layouts. Very beautiful and with lots of feeling both them. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. They are terrific. :)

Don't worry about things like that and many thanks for everything. :)

Best wishes. :O)