Monday, 1 November 2010


WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The Sharks WON!! And did we celebrate! OH YEAH! True to form I tell you! lol. We were all dressed in our “Sharks” fan gear too ( EXCEPT Waynie – hahaha, who was the only one there NOT supporting to Sharks)

The “boys” and I joined Jenni (chaos Lounge) and her hubby Mark to watch the final at her good friend Riana’s house! Oh goodness, it was like being at home! Lots of noise, drink and of course TALK and laughter, which got progressively louder as the “alcohol levels” increased! lol,

Jenni made “PINK DRINKS” in a huge FISH BOWL which is easier than doing it glass for glass- BWHAHAHA, EXCEPT we landed up drinking 90% of it between the two of us!!


Jenni doing the “top up” after we had already “drained it”- lol


All of us in our Rugby Jerseys ( Waynes the one in blue at the back! lol)


Tattoo’s and all and yes a little “later” in the evening-= lol


Riana and Jenni ( ahhhhhh!)


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm- I don’t really know! lol, but that’s Deon and me! hahaha


Giving Mark a “cheek smooch”! lol


What the hell is my wife doing now????? OMG, going to die of embarrassment again- let me hid my face on the bar! lol-


Don’t know but my mouth seems PERMANANTLY wide open in most of these photos- no wonder I couldn’t talk yesterday!

Then the Karaoke came out! We laughed so hard my stomach ached! I mean Deon is going to DENY this photo was ever taken because HE NEVER sings Karaoke! – hee hee- yeah yeah



mmmmmmm- Sure that’s you Deon! BWHAHAHAHAHA

And MARK- you are the CHAMP!!!


Tonsils anyone?? He really let that Mic have it! LOVED IT!!


A few “out of hand” ones – Jenni had plopped a German beanie on my head _She had on a cap which Mark then stole off her head and we all blew the freaking Vuvazela till we were blue ( and I’m sure the neighbours deaf! )


OMG- the rest I’m HIDING! lol

Jenni THANKS sooo much for a AWESOME day/night. Haven’t had soooo many laughs since we’ve moved here – nor a hangover so bad! lol

OMG_ ok, it’s the 1st NOVEMBER today already and my and my sisters “STORES” at MScraps are now officially OPEN! WOOT!

I have some NEW goodies for you today so grab some coffee so I can show you ;-)



17 papers 12x12
Upper and Lowercase Alpha with some exclamations. 
45 elements,

25% off coupon kb-Always

kb-always-1 The papers,




Inspired by some doodles I was doing and wanting to keep the “pencil” textures- this was the result ;-)

And my CT have been making masterpieces out of it too!

kb-always-5 Kristine

kb-always-7 Hutchie

pjk-al10 Paula

Linda (aka..NANA) Linda

kb-always-10 Bean- aka Jodiann

Donna Donna

there are sooo many more stunners but I’ll show you some more this week ;-)

And a SPECIAL COUPON discount for you too-

Always Coupon

Just insert the code kb-Always after logging in at checkout to receive your 25% off.  USE IT HERE>

SOME NEW CU out too-


Branching Out 4- Ivy

8 Ivy branches and leaves.


And you know I love playing with COLOUR and was asked to do create some swatches for a new kit - thought you might find them a useful tool in your design work or creations-


Colour Inspirations 2 ( Vintage themed)

12 Vintage styled colour swatches.. Each swatch has two sets you hues.

Wanna SAMPLER to see if you will enjoy them??- I made up TWO for you- Just right click and save to your PC ;-)



PHew- you still with me?? lol

My sister GS CREATIONS has a BRAND new set of AWESOME “digi- stamp doodles out”- just in time for your Christmas creations-


Snowy Doodles. 

And grab this FREEBIE with it-


Check out her blog here for more details.

And to thank you for you PATIENCE in wafting through all my yakking- hahaha, I have a FREEBIE template for you-


You can grab it HERE.

Hugs and Loves


Jenni said...

wahahahahahaha!!! Don't worry Kim, I'll do the rest of the photos on my blog on Wednesday hahahahaha!!! Thanks for a great fun time, take me awhile before I have pink drinks again!!

Jenni said...

And congrats on the new store!!!!

nine said...

Thank you, Kim, you party animal, for all the awesome stuff! I really have come to appreciate quality CU stuff from you and your co-designers... I tell ya, it's no fun cleaning up CU itmes that were purchased, lol! With that said, I'm off to buy your new CU ivy and who knows what else? Have a great day, and take lots of aspirin, XOXO Susie

Sky said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!

You will surely be missed at DSO. I still haven't found a new "home" so I don't know what I'm doing yet. *lol* I was hoping to follow you, but after checking out the requirements on their challenges, you picked a site too rich for my laid off wallet. My "thing" is the challenges because I need a kick in the pants to get a layout or kit done. I need that deadline. Since your new site requires 75% of their "current" products on everything, it makes it very cost prohibitive.

I love your new kit though. Thank you so much for the freebies. At least I'll still have your freebies. :-)

Monica said...

Love the new kit!!
Thank you for the template

Bonnie said...

ha guys are hilarious....I always had a feeling you and Jen would hit it off big time. Mark's mouth is open so wide, I think he could of swallowed a person whole!

LouCeeCreations said...

Kim, you mouth is PERMANENTLY wide open lol! but it looks like you have competition with Mark.. Waahaahaa!
Oooh.. you so look like you all had a ball!

Good luck with your opening hun! luvs ya!

Lainey said...

Thanks, Kim, for the laughs and the freebies! Happy first day!

MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Dinphy said...

The tone in your post sounds like KIM again! WOOHOO! :) Glad you had so much fun girlfriend!
Thank you for the PM, it settled my nerves! ;)
Oh and your new kit is STUNNING! Awesome colors, LOVE the pencil strokes, and oh my it has such delicacy to it! Beautiful, beautiful work!

Kirsten said...

Good luck with your new store and thank you so much for another great template! I'll do my best to do it justice *SS*.

Being Mrs Miles said...

Gracious you live life large!!! Haha my head hurts just watching!

Congrats Kim, on your new design "home" - you will have a ton of sales I'm betting but most important you will enjoy where you are.

What LOVELY designs and ideas!

I look forward to catching up with you soon!

Love, Barb

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...


Congrats to the Sharks (our hockey team in San Jose are called the Sharks too!) for their win and we are celebrating the first series win for our beloved San Francisco Giants since the year I was born (and we KNOW that was VERY long ago ;) last night as they clenched the title in game five!

I am SO thrilled that you and Jenni have met and are enjoying each others company! You always make us SMILE BIG and God knows we need to laugh more today than ever!

Last I read you and Gaye were guesting and after following your link from DST, I saw you on the permanent list of designers! WOOT, WOOT! I am SO thrilled for you AND us! :)

I finally got my celebratory kit posted to my blog for which I've given you complete credit for the inspiration (Sept CC). I will miss your CC's as they really do challenge me to scrap outside of the box.

Love your template and shall add to my Kim B stash! He, he ...

Love ya girlie and glad to see things working out without a hitch!


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

THANK YOU!!! Sheesh, manners these days, I tell ya! :/

Linda Sutton said...

Thanks for the template

btmo-pat said...

Best post here, right.
Thank you, luv, for the posting bonus, no worries about being late, ever, totally understandable. I will surely miss you over at DSO while you're gone but I am so glad you found a new home at Memory Scraps and wish you and Gaye much success. If you get to do a CC over there, give me a shout, if I can find the time, (see my post on splitting me in three) I'll try my best to get in the game. Again, much love to you. Congrats on the Sharks win and oh my a template, thanks for this beauty as well.

Anonymous said...

Love your template, Kim. Many thanks.

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful color palettes and the template! You are so creative! :)