Friday, 24 February 2012

New Cu Pats and TGIF

OOOH goodness, where the hell did the last few days go? ..mmmmmmm, I know! Melting up in the heat we have had-lol. I still don't have my normal internet connections either- sheee's it's been gone the whole month and this poor portable is "smoking" already- ;-P.

But I'm seriously a "chuffed" mom at the moment as Nathan has already got a promotion TWICE in the last month.. he only started working in Jan as an "apprentice" so I'm really thrilled. He was put in charge of one project at the beginning of February.. and became a supervisor-lol. Well he seems to have handled it so well they have now asked him to do 4 projects as well as all the "budgets" for each one and is now a Site supervisor. WOOT!! go my boy. ;-)

We also got to visit Charmaine and Donald last weekend- wheeeeee, we made a "full weekend" of it and slept over. ( hahaha, well actually you have no choice when visiting Charmaine).

After a few drinks under the belt, I learnt I could still do "Cartwheels, the splits and some backward rolls"... BWHAHAHAHA, yeah not as elegantly as I used to be able to do, but uhummmmmmmmm-lol. The kids were all running around the garden doing gymnastics while we were chatting around the fire having our usual shooters and drinks, and of course good ol' me pipes up - "I remember being able to do that.. wonder if I still can?" lol

Wayne's eyes just about bugged right out his head and says ... NOOOOO Kimmmmm!! HA, don't say nooooo Kim because I was up like a shot and Charmaine was crying with laughter at poor Wayne.

Well I shocked the kids who all said.. shooo maar jy is so oud tannie! ( translated.. shooo, but you are so old Aunty) BWWWWWWAHAHAHA. Hey I had fun. LOL

I have some BRAND New CU Patterns up at Sugar Hill co today:

25% off for a limited time only:


Pats n Prints 16


Pats n Prints 17

OOOH and Scrap Matters is holding the 4th Queen Of Scraps soon...

2zqc0uwCompete for some amazing prizes, freebies and designer collabs, and lots of coupons. Or just join in if you just want to have fun and a challenge to get some pages done.

Check it out here to sign up: Queen of Scrap 2012

I also got to play with Design by Tina's new kit It's a Boy


And my page of Little Zach ;-)


I have a little CU Freebie pattern for you today:


You can grab it HERE:

I hope you have a fantastic weekend:

Hugs and Loves


Van said...

Thank you for the cute pattern!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Freebie! - LianeZ

Cindyrelly said...

I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself doing all those gymnastics! Sheesh... Ya know the old bones don't heal so good :) Good for you though, sounds like you had loads of fun! Thanks for getting my weekend off to a great start with this fantastic paper pattern! Oh, and thanks for sending the heat over here to us in Florida cause man has it been an extremely mild Winter for us... glad to hear you are finally getting some relief from the weather and hopefully you will get some relief on the internet situation soon. I'm so happy for you that Nathan is really knocking em out too! Go Nathan! Woot!

Esther - from the tropical north of Australia said...

Thanks, Kimmy. Love your pretty patterns!

(Wish we were getting some relief from the heat here in Oz.)

MoosieD said...

Thanks for the lovely CU freebie, Kim and WELL DONE NATHAN!

Andrea said...

Hi Kim! Cartwheels huh? I surprised some girls by showing them I could almost do the splits - they were quite impressed. haha gotta show 'em we're still young and flexible!

CONGRATS to Nathan doing so well at his job!

THANK YOU for the cute pattern freebie!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute pattern and congrats to Nathan!!

Joyeuse Pagaille said...

Thank you very much for this beautiful pattern freebie!

Sue said...

Thanks so much for the lovely pattern freebie, Kim! :)

tajicat said...

Thanks so much! :)

Ponytails said...

Thank you for this very cute paper pattern!

BlueCat said...

Thank you very much.

xuxper said...

thank you so much