Thursday, 17 April 2014

On my way + sign up for HUGE Free Collab

Gosh it's been a busy two weeks but sooo much fun. My dear Texan CT member and close friend Vicki arrived safely in SA Tuesday last week. And I had to laugh as dear dear Vicki after organizing a tour for Mozambique which is in a 'malaria' zone FORGOT her malaria tablets in Texas! So what is the first thing we do while Vicki is here??? ....... mmmm, Yup, the FIRST thing Vicki does is a visit to a doctor so she can get a prescription for some more tablets. BWAHAHAHAHA. Nothing tooo exciting about that for sure. lol

We did manage to get some entertainment in on the weekend and did some 'tourist shopping' on Sunday. Then it was a get together with Jenni and Mark for 'lunch'... can we just say it was more liquid than solid- BWHAHA.

After a few cocktails and LOTS of talking and laughing who needs food right? We did eat but gosh, by the time we got home the wine was talking more than the food in my stomach- lol


Taken by Wayne.. who looks like he had had a few beers to many too ;-P

I'm leaving today to take a long 12hr road trip ( oh goodness save my @ss) to meet up with my kids and family at Bushmans River. I can't WAIT to see them and haven't seen them since Dec!! We will be picking Vicki up at the airport in PE next week after her exotic tour to Mozambique to join us.

It's also Nathan's Bday on Sat the 19th.. golly I can't believe it was 23 years ago that he was born. Dang I'm getting old! BWHAHAHA.

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I will have mail but not much else while away.. but will try hard to update before I get back. Wishing you all a Blessed Easter with your loved ones.

Hugs and Loves

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Anonymous said...

Hey numb butt! Now you know how I feel after that 22 hour flight, bwahahaha! See ya'll Tuesday.