Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Hair pulling day

Frustration SUPREME!!! hahahaha.. I've done absolutely no work today.. how sad is that! Well no designing anyway.. and to me that's SAD..hahaha. It's been one of those days when you want to hide under the bed and hope no-one finds you..teehee. I had hospital duty this morning( I volunteer at out local hospital) and that I had planned for, then when I got home my best friend popped in for 'coffee" and umm a haircut..(yeah I also do that but only for family and close friends)..and then the phone rang off the then it was time to fetch my son from school.. who broke the whole sole of his shoe off!! So it was to the shops to buy school shoes! And he had better start growing to match his foot is still short), we battled to find any in his size (2 sizes bigger than his dad already). Eventually made it home and tried to connect to blogger... and my server was "up to ....beep beep"..LOL. It's taken me almost 2 hours to eventually get on!! So while pulling my hair out hubby kindly offered to cook on the grill outside...hahahahahaha. He wanted to watch the Cricket World Cup as South Africa is playing against Australia( old rivals)... but it's going so badly I think he is quite happy to stand outside at this stage.....LOL.

Well I've vented now and as you can see by "my time" today I havent managed to put a freebie together for you today but I do have a LO by Babette who so kindly sent me a link to her LO she did in my Rich Delights kit.. Don't you think she has done a AWESOME job on this.. It is sooo amazing how everyone 's looks so different yet it's the same kit.. Babette your e-mail with your link is on it's way.. thank you sooo much for the link..

Below is a LO I did for Julie Clark..

Nathan on the beach at the Wild Coast.. I thought he looked like a contestant on Survivor...LOL. Used Julie Clarks Earthy Kit by Tracy Blankenship.

A HUGE THANK YOU to you all for the wonderful congratulations and comments.. I'm really so excited about this position, now I've just got to find some extra time in the next few days so I can get my store up and running!LOL.. It never rains but it pours! I will definetly let you know all about what's happening and when it's up and running... At the moment all has been set up, I just need to put something in it..LOL, but I will get there... Big hugs and thanks for "listening today".. I feel a whole lot better...LOL Love Kim

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Muka said...

wow, what a day!! but you've survived it, right? :) lol, hugs to you and I really can't wait to see your new store up and runnning!
(and, oh yes - her layout really is just gorgeous - what do you expect with such a beautiful kit?? lol)