Tuesday, 29 May 2007

go slow

LOL, I don't know what's slower today.. my brain or my computer.. heehee, we seem to be fighting for the "title".. I'm feeling really "tired" today- well more like slow and I haven't a clue why.. I went to bed early last night for a change...LOL, Hell maybe it's because I had toooo much sleep..hahahaha. What ever the case is- I'm on a go slow..hahahaha. I've got a few more LO's to show you from my very Dear and Wonderful friend Jazz.. She did this LO using my "Angel Kits" in memorie of her Aunt.. and man the journalling gave me gooseflesh!! I loved it Jazzy and you can see by your words you loved her dearly

I loved the "blending technique" she used here with the photo... Stunning. The next one is of her first date and she used my "Flights of FancY" kit... I had to giggle at the dress( sorry Jazzy).. but man, could you sit in the thing???

Jazz as you can see has a love for journaling and quotes like I do.. how appropriate is this one! The next one is a LO done with my SBM template set and honest it can take 10 minutes to do a LO with one of them- great for when you have "a creative block" or need a LO in a hurry- as you can see they are in "my style"...LOL, lots of "white space" that you can leave open or fill with your own elements etc.

There are 4 templates to this set and this is page 3. Go and have a look if you are using SBM as they are sooooo simple to use.
And the next is new stuff I have in store-normally $2.50 per pack but go look now as they are 15% off at the moment and I loved how they came out.

There is lots of texture and stitching detail in these but you can see a better preview in my store. I know it's been a "show" day today but I have given up trying to load my freebie...gggrrrr, I keep getting time outs again and today the patience is a little thin....LOL.. So I will repost that one tomorrow for you... if you are here for the first time remember there are still tons of freebies in the "older posts" sections.. Thanks you sooooo much for all the wonderful comments on the overlay- I really do love making them and will continue to do so now..LOL. Until tomorrow when I hope my brain is working again..hahahaha. Hugs and Loves Kim


Bunny Cates, Digital-Scrapbooking.ORG said...

Love the layouts Kim!

crops said...

Hey Kim, WOW had a busy weekend my self, it seems like a Monday to me, YIKES going to be a weird kinda week I think, So I know how ya feel, I'm pretty much in the slo-mo mood myself! Let hope it passes soon!!! Jazz's LOs did come out SUPER! I love them ALL! she is good isnt she?! And those others ones are WONDERFUL too, WOW such awesome talent!!!
Thanks for the Freebie, Monday, I didnt comment in there, I figured I do it all in this one! Gonna sit down and play tonight! I hope anyway!! Thanks Again!!

Tammy Dunlap said...

Well I hope its because you got too much sleep! I have been sick since Thursday and thats how it all started! So I am keeping my fingers crossed your not!

Colleen said...

I love to see the stuff that Jazz comes up with :o)

Slomo days can be exhausting! Hopefully you get a nice rest tonight and are ready and rarin to go tomorrow, lol.

I tried to use all 3 of your latest freebies on this LO, but I couldn't get enchanted to do what I wanted it to, lol. So I used Old Envy and the copper frame. The swirl is by Wendy Page/Haunted Pixels, and the journal piece is by Tracy Drane. The font is Taylor MacKenzie. Thanks hon! See ya tomorrow :o)


Muka said...

gosh, hope you get back in the speed of things soon... I hate it when I'm all slow and muggy! usually happens to me when I sleep too much though - which is how I justify going to bed at 12 and waking at 7, lol :)

olga9999 said...

Don't worry we all get those slow days every now and then, and you actually tend to feel a bit better after them. Or at least that's my case, is like the way your body tells you it needs to recharge and get some rest. Usually happens when you have been doing to many things. :)

Take it easy and give yourself a rest, sometimes being in front of the computer is more tiring that it looks, because people think that being on a chair is not tiring. But it is if you are working in something. :)

The layouts are great, I too love the blending in the first one, and the colours are so soft that combine wonderfully well with the blending and tone of the layout. And the second one with the black and white photo and just her in colour looks great. I love that kind of technique. :o)

Best wishes and take of yourself. :o)