Thursday, 3 May 2007

I got a new toy..

Oh this new screen is just AMAZING...LOL.. well it took me a while to get used to it last night.. It's SOOO BRIGHT.. gee's I felt like I needed Sunglasses to work on it..hahahaha. Honest, it lights up the whole office and I think my poor brain is saying it's still daylight!!! , But I can now have more than ONE window open at a time and that on it's own saves ME time.. It's my son's school "Fair" on Saturday and they have a beer tent that runs the whole day.... Ooh I remember last years and if it was anything to go by.. I'll have to take the whole day off...LOL. It's a time when all the parents get together and have a good old "yabber" about what their children have been up too and who is seeing which girl or boy...hahahaha. And of course the "Dads" love the sports screen and the beer of course. I have a birthday party tomorrow night as well and oh goodness I think this weekend is going to be as bad as the long one just gone past..LOL. It's funny how it all happens at once. Besides our holiday, there hasn't been much on and now in the last two weeks it's invites for every weekend... hahahaha.

Today I have a STUNNING LO done by Jazzeal, she used my African Sunsets kit that's in store and I was sooooo impressed at how this one turned out.. I got such a lump when I saw it, (yeah it's the sentimental side again..hahahaha) but honestly, how AWESOME is this LO.

Tomorrow is BARGAIN BIN day over at DSO and everything in it is just 99c, If you liked the "flying high pins" that were a Freebie in a previous post then go grab the whole set tomorrow, they will be in the bargain bin for only 1 week.

I also managed to finish another LO for Julie Clark ... ( that' why I feel so "dead" today..LOL, I tried to do all my 'catchups" last night and worked till the early hours)... and now I NEED SLEEP.... hahahahaha, anyone got some for me PLEASE... LOL.
One of our "big" tourist attractions here in SA.. it's called the Lost City. It's filled with ruins and the whole area makes you feel like you have gone back in time. This is one of the "Ampitheatre's" and you can see how small hubby looks in conjuction to the stairs alone..LOL. I used Julie Clarks earthy kit and a template by DW. Well, I've got to get off this VERY long post and start looking for something to cook for supper...YUGH.... I always leave it to the last moment...teehee.. any ideas????.. Hope you have a fantastic day and see you tomorrow. Love Kim


Anonymous said...

Try Take-out! My kids love nachos. Throw a bunch of nachos on a plate,Brown some hamburger, Crumble over nachos and grate some cheese on top. Microwave till cheese is melted.Salsa and sour cream on the side. Serve with salad
Easy peasy.

Anonymous said...

A new toys are always good!!!!! LOL

Carol said...

Awwww Kim, I'm sorry I didn't get to leave a comment on your blog, I've been away and only just returned home so still going through my catch-up blogs to read up on everything. I love reading your blog and your goings on.

Crops said...

Hey Kimmy, the pieces are all startin to fit! LOL Jazz does beautiful work doesnt she, and its with your kit!! LOL FANTASTIC!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lots of neato LOs on your blog today. just wanted to say thanks for sharing your work with us :) -- i guess i haven't been here for a while b/c i keep going back another day and another day and everything is new -- where does the time go?! LOL

Jon and Christine Knecht said...

Thanks for all the wonderful freebies on here! I am trying to learn how to do this digiscrap stuff and this is very helpful.