Monday, 25 June 2007

Faded and worn

LOL- ok ok, that's the title of your freebie today, but I feel a bit like that sometimes- hahahahaLOL. I had a wonderful quiet weekend for a change- yup even stayed at home on Friday night- well it wasn't the plan at the time, I fell asleep on the couch waiting for Hubby to finish showering- ROTF- HOW BAD IS THAT(Stop laughing Renee!).. hahaha. Well to be very honest we had been at the pub down the road with friends after work in the afternoon so I had already had a few and then I relaxed when we got home and it was- "goodnight"...LOL. Hubby kindly just put a blanket on me and called the friends to say we weren't coming.. I woke up Saturday morning like the energizer Bunny- LOL LOL. Full of energy and no hangover! LOL LOL. And on Saturday we lost the rugby!!(*sniff sniff*) so no celebrating after that game! Lots of moans and "couch coaches" but no celebrating-lol. So it was a rest for me which has been great!!

Thanks sooo much for all the comments and reply's again- to all of you, I don't think I have EVER had so many "TY's" at 4 shared before! Big MWAH'a again!! And I tell you, this is one of the reasons I LOVE DOING WHAT I DO- Melinda, or "momtoanAngel" has sent me her LO of Belle using the Sweet Belle freebie that I made for her(shared in a older post). I'm sharing it with you today as it's such a special LO and I was sooo happy to have helped such a wonderful person out when she needed something special she couldn't find. Melinda your LO and your support and encouragement are all the "Thanks I need.." This is a beautiful LO with such a wonderful tribute that it deserved to go here. Hugs to you.

My Bygone elegance Vintage/heritage overlay papermakers are in store now and are at the moment on SALE- These come with a Commercial license too. Preview is in Friday's post. They will only be on sale for one week.
There is also a Crop and chat on at DSO Monday, June 25 at 9:00 pm Eastern/6:00 pm Pacific, join us in the Chat Room (make sure you’re registered first) and receive a template to join in- post your LO in the gallery and get a free mini kit too!

And your freebie today is "my weekends" experiments- LOL, I was practising "threading" and making overlays- I just seem to be addicted to doing those! LOL, It's a "faded and worn" bloom with lacing. 1 curled ribbon and a paper that's also faded and worn- A little different but I liked the effects on the flower.. No drop shadows (preview only) Until tomorrow- I hope your Monday stays bright and not Blue- LOL, Hugs and Loves Kim


By Dezign said...

I'm doing a jig. I'm here first!!!!

First, that LO of Belle is just too gorgeous. Brought wet stuff to my eyes.

Second, I won't laugh. I had your share and woke up with a carpet growing on my tongue yesterday.

Third, cool mini. I love ribbons and I like the "stitches" in the flower.


Unknown said...

AMazing freebie.. and I know what you mean about drinking and being relaxed! I dont drink often at all. and I had a beer the other nite.. and It was about an hour later and I couldn't keep my head from nodding as I was watching tv!! It was either the beer or I am getting old. LOL :)

Kristine said...

No hangovers for either of us this weekend...what the hell is the world coming to?! lol Love the freebie!! I'm off to do laundry::pukes::

Put me on your blogroll wench!!! lmao

Have a good one! Mwah!

Anonymous said...

Hey silly...ha ha...thanks for the comment you left on my blog...and Im glad you like my daughters kit...your freebie today is awesome too...thanks for sharing Hun...big Hugs Silvia

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Love the LO!!!!
TY so very much it totally rocks!!!

LoriRN0000 said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I always look forward to stopping by your blog to see what new, exciting things you are offering. (Both on your blog and in your store). You are very talented. I LOVE your style.
And your blog always makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors! Thanks for sharing!! -jsj

smileyface_108 said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing

Melberry said...

Thanks so much, Kim. This is such an unusual element, and such lovely colors in this freebie. Thanks for your generous gift of sharing your craft. Melanie

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kimmy... that flowers is pretty cool! you are just to creative!! LOL Love it and thanks big time!!!

Joanna said...

Very pretty - thanks a lot.

The Udy Family said...

Thanks for putting my LO on your blog :) Your gift was the PERFECT kit for my Sweet Belle. (((Hugs)))
And thanks again. :D

Your practice flower is Awesome! I love it, wish my practices looked half that good, LOL

I used your stitches in a LO challenge, here's the link if you want to take a peek:

Thanks again for the great freebie flower, and sharing my little ^Angel^

~Much Love~

Anonymous said...

This is just gorgeous!! Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love the colour you have used, it is a really flower embellishment. TFS!! BTW it is good to have a few drinks and relax - it's good for the body & soul.

momto4boys said...

TFS, this little mini is just great. I too love the layout of Belle, just breathtaking.... Oh yes, I was the hangover queen on Sunday morning... ;o( Oh well. Thanks again, I love reading your blog you really crack me up sometimes. My blog is not as exciting and I have no freebies but I may have a LO or 2 with your stuff in it, feel free to stop by anytime and check it out, thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

Yay! love that center piece. you rock heiffer! You never cease to amaze.


HeatherB said...

This is really nice! I really like how it turned out. A successful experiment! Thank you! :-)

Inma said...

So sorry you lost in the rugby game. :( At least you had lots of rest and felt wonderful on Saturday. I know it would've been perfect to also win, but those are things you cannot help.

Melinda's layout is wonderful and very heartfelt, thanks so much for sharing it. :)The kit is very beautiful too.

It's quite different the flower in today's download. Very appropriate for grungy layouts. :)Thanks so much for sharing your experiments with us and best wishes. :o)

PSharp said...

Very pretty. Thank you.

Bonnie said...

Thank you Kim for this amazing freebie, it is so soft and pretty.

BelindasScrapz said...

That is a beautiful layout it was so kind that you created that kit for her. It say so much about you.
Thank you for sharing the layout and the kit.

And so I dont forget I love the experiment

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work!!