Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Here is comes-

That MILE long post LOL LOL, well I tell you what- today I'll just put down all the questions I'm supposed to answer from MUKA's TAG!-LOL, Here it is-

Your Partner?

Wayne- Oh and my childhood sweetheart as you know-LOL

Your hair?

Short, spikey, a mess and normally blond!!! (hahahahaha-lol)

Your Mama?

A quiet and dignified Lady who never complains!!-(Don't know where I came from-hahah)

Your Dad?

Short, Stubborn(uhum yeah ok!), and a man that loves to cook and garden!

dream last night?

honestly for the first time in ages I had "boogyman" dreams-LOL, those when you wake up with your eyes wide open and you waiting for the cupboard door to spring open-LOL, normally I never remember!

Your favorite drink?

Alcohol or non?-lol, Ok I love a good red wine! Especially in winter, COFFEE-oh man without that in the mornings I'm Useless!!

Your fear?

I have to agree with Muka- FIRE, and that's about it really- don't mind creepies-LOL, I'm the one in the house that has to take them out! LOL

What do you wanna be in 10 years?

Young again?? - hahahahahaha!

With whom did you spend the last evening?

My family- Hubby cooked-tee hee

What are you not?

Oh goodness- RICH? LOL, Honestly-I'm not lazy, and also hopefully not boring!

Your favorite book?

TOOO MANY- but I must admit that ANYTHING by Dean Koontz!

Last thing you ate?

Liquorise allsorts- mini's!

Your mood?

A bit tired after last nights "boogyman fiasco" but content.

My friends?

again, I second Muka: Enough to keep a girl happy!

Your summer?

Always spent on the beach/coast fishing,swiming, and spending time with family and friends.

When did you cry the last time?

Um- Sunday I think- but it was during a soppy movie and I was feeling sorry for myself...hahahah- I had a hangover.

Favorite weekend hobby?

Watching rugby with friends and family-LOL LOL, and when I get the time-read!

Job you dream of?

I'm doing it!!! Sound crazy- but it's been the most rewarding job I've done in years! besides being a mother that is!

Your Computer?

IBM with samsung flat screen 22 inch monitor (yeah hubby loves me!LOL)






What are those-LOL???

On your bed?

My kittycat!!!! Wish it was me!!!! LOL


Everything! My family, friends and all that I am blessed with!

PHEW- Now you see what I mean!! LOL LOL- And I do have a little freebie for you today-

I used Gold card and a crochet flower to make a little cluster for you- I've also put in the background paper that I used for the preview- I left it "Zesty" because of the colours-LOL, yeah and because the "boogyman" stole my brains today! hahahaha- http://www.4shared.com/file/18199859/1f432f8b/Zestycluster.html I think that's enough "yabber" today- hahahaha- Until tomorrow, Loves and hugs Kim


Col said...

Loooove the freebie Kim :o)

And I finally got back to your tagging me, lol. 7 things plus pictures even!

Have a day love!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love clusters. Someone else does the thinking for me. LOL

Scoobie81 (Lisa) said...

I just love to use clusters! Thanks so much for such a beautiful one - that crochet flower is AWESOME!

Kyrsten said...


Muka said...

yeah!! you did it, Kim!! go Kim... go kim... go, go, go, Kim... LOL - I was never much of a cheerleader, lol :) your post's not even all that long, though, I was able to get to the end - lol! thanks for answering all my questions... though it's not like I was gonna let you get away with NOT answering them, lol :) seriously I loved reading your answers, and some of them are sooo funny - like what's on your bed! lol! ok, the last thing your mile-long post needs is a mile-long comment... so I'm gonna stop yabbering and say thanks for another wasome freebie (and I AM gonna make a layout using all your stuff one day so I can send it to you... lol!) have a great day, and thanks again! :) xoxo

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the lovely cluster!!!

xashee's corner said...

omg! this is such a cool cluster! thank you so very much for sharing your awesome talent! Have a GREAT day! :D

Unknown said...

Thanks so much - I love to crochet this is just simply perfect!!!!

. said...

Your on a roll

Anonymous said...

I love clusters! thank you

redjudesigns said...

I love clusters! TY!

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

Fantastic cluster!!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for your lovely work!I tagged you .for the rules ,please go to my blog MADOM

Joanna said...

Great cluster - thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment in my blog! And for this great freebie too - I love your design :)


Cheryl Embry said...

LOVE your answers Kim and of course the freebie! Cluster items seem to be the 'thing' right now! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

wonderful. thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Thanks!!! If you want I've got a little freebie for you on my blog...

Shell said...

Thanks so much!

Inma said...

I also suffer from coffee addiction LOL I cannot survive a day without my morning coffee and I think is more common among people than we recognise. LOL

And about the dream don't worry about them, usually don't mean much or the opposite thing the dream was about, but some people get very upset with them. As I always have weird dreams with things that have happened to me during the day completely messed up I never worry too much about them. When the memory reorganises at night things really are weird LOL

Thanks a million for the beautiful cluster it's nice and beautiful. :)

Best wishes. :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 'zesty' cluster. It's about bed time and I need some zest! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I am so ticked off and if you dont post this in your blog Im gonna clobber you with you a wet noodle!!
I may not always comment here but when I download a freebie I always say thanks..I was just there getting my cluster and 503 ppl downloaded that freebie and ONLY 85...do you hear me people..ONLY 85..said thank you...Kim is my very special friend..and I have to blow her horn for her cause she won't..she loves what she does..she has a God given talent for being creative and for making beautiful things..she has an eye for design and detail that not many have..she works long and hard to make these beautiful things for us..face it..if it weren't for freebies..a lot of us wouldn't have new things to work with..it takes like 5 seconds to type TY if you can't spare more..it takes Kim maybe 5 hrs or more to make some of her freebies..I think if it were me I would say to heck with it..take my freebies and put them in my store and sell them...I'm sure it is the same with other designers who give you freebies..so if you are going to take the time to grab them up take the time to say a simple..thanks..Ok..I have a lot more I could say but this much makes me feel better..SAY THANKS AND GIVE BACK A LITTLE FOR A LOT YOU TAKE..remember this when you click your way thru freebie land!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Kim!! Thanks so much!!

Melberry said...

Thanks, Kim. This is terrific.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kim... THe cluster looks great.

Anonymous said...

It's me again, wow..this is wonderful and thank you muchly for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Great cluster. Thanks you.

Anonymous said...


Jon and Christine Knecht said...

i LOVE crochet! Thanks!

Kerry said...

Yhank you.

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

just wanted to share that with you..your cluster made it all come together perfectly! ty ty ty!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Another one that I got!!! BettyJoR

Anonymous said...

That crochet flower is great and the lace is so beautiful - okay, so the entire cluster is beautiful! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work!!

Unknown said...

Love this cluster !
Beautiful crochet flower !
Thanks so much.