Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Darby and Joan

heehee, yeah that's Hubby and I for the next week(Darby and Joan) LOL! Nathan was up with the sparrows this morning packing his hiking bag and was out the door at 6.30am ( OH goodness that is far tooo early for me to be up in winter! LOL) It's still black outside and the bed always seems to be just that much more cozy when it's freezing! But he is on his way to go hike in the snow! He has his thermals and new sleeping bag and hiking bag and I've got an empty purse! ROTF! So now it's UM- we can do what ever we like- but AAHH??, what do we do?? hahahahaha. OK OK- keep it clean now. hahahahaha! It's funny how parents get used to the "routine" of their kids schedules-and a break is always nice- but I know after two days I'm going to be missing the little bugger!(said with lots of affection-LOL).
Jazzie sent me a new LO last night and she used a couple of my kits to do this heritage LO

How AWESOME is this! Downtown Gadsden in 1946-47. Going to town was a big affair and you dressed up to the "nines". The photo's are of Jazz's parents. She used my All that Jazz kit and my Bygone kit too.
Oh man and it got me inspired to do one of my own- I've had this box of old photo's that I scrounged from my Dad's and have only managed to do 2 LO's with them- So here is one of mine- hee hee

This is Cecil and Gertrude Lambert- My Grandparents at a dance which they went to every Saturday night. I just Love the curls on top of my Grans hair! I also used my All that Jazz kit and I also used a new "torn" paper overlay that I have been working on- I think it turned out alright-LOL. Just a quick thanks to Atomic cupcake for their fabric action. Don't forget to pop into Scrap your Art out for new Tutorials and a few freebies! There is even a action freebie for you! Well that's it for today- I hope these LO's inspired you as well. It was soooo nice doing a LO again-lol. Hugs and Loves Kim


jazzie said...

Hi Girl...Love your page..and you found a perfect picture for the jazz looks really always..I swear I think that Nathan goes hiking more than anyone I know of...hope he has a good time..and you behave yourself..hehe hugs me

olga9999 said...

I love heritage layouts. I would love to have old photos to scrap digitally. Unfortunately I have very little of them, and they are all in Spain and not exactly in the best shape.:( It's going to take me ages to restore them to use them in layouts whenever I get them from there. :(

Both layouts are amazing, very beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing them. :)

And about your kid going on hiking, try to enjoy the first days of "freedom". Later you will missing him hugely, and "freedom" will be worry about him being OK and all that. :)

Have a great time and I hope the weather is not so bad and cold there. :) If you like to South Africa is not the only place with snow this year after a long time. It's been snowing in Argentina around Buenos Aires for the first time in 100 years. People can stop talking about it over there. I know some people there and they say it's awesome all the snow. :)

Thanks a million for everything and best wishes.:O)

olga9999 said...

Okey excuse my bad tying I seem to be in a hurry and my finger do not type very well today. :(

It's "If you like to know, South Africa is not the only place with snow this year.....People can't stop talking about it over there."

Excuse my fingers today. LOL

Renée said...

Hello you

Well for starters, start making cookies. That kid's gonna be starving when he gets home. Set you alarm for an hour later each day. Go buy some good books. Go have your nails done.Have fun and don't miss the kiddo too much.

Whatever you do, DON'T go killing no meerkats. Lol.

BrodoNY0123 said...

Renee just made me spit water on my pants with that meerkat comment! LOL! Do Meerkats survive in the snow....??

LOVE the LO's. They came out beautifully. I need to get some pics from my childhood scanned so I can play with them :o)

And did you say torn paper overlays??? Uh oh, I'm gonna be in heaven!!! Can't wait!

Stay warm :o)


Pooh Bear said...

Very precious. These look great! Thank you for sharing.