Monday, 9 July 2007

Manic Monday

Too much to do and too few hands to do it- LOL, Short post today as I have Wedding invitations to finish by this afternoon- and Yeah I ALWAYS leave it to the last minute!! LOL, but I sometimes find I work better that way- got to be done, so you just do it! And we LOST the rugby- boo hoo!! hahahaha- Well at least the Bokke kit is Australian friendly too (It's their colours as well!!) Rub it in Lani!! hee hee..
Just a little reminder for those that don't know;
The next DSO Scrap 'N Chat is Monday, July 9 at 9:00pm Eastern /6:00pm Pacific. Come and get a free 12x12" template and join the fun! If you post a layout in the DSO gallery using the template (with any kit),you will get this fun summertime posting bonus! (Remember, you need to be registered in the DSO forum prior to the chat in order to be able to login.)
Darlene has this wonderful little mini as a posting gift. I did a Quick page for you today as I wanted to show you the "Other Love" in my life- LOL, His name is FUDGE- and well my dad calls him "Fugly"- (you can do the math on that name!) hahaLOL, but he is such a lovable BABY.
He's a Shar Pei and man he is sooo ugly he's beautiful! LOL- He was named because of his colour- Fudge, now my son wants a black one so he can call it "Liquorice"! LOL-
I just called this QP Moody- as well the background to me reminded me of "a moody sky"- I think this QP would look great with some Heritage photo's too because of it's "tone". Got to run- so here is the link if ya want to get it - Until tomorrow, Hugs and Loves Kim


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweety, gues what...I flipped through my TV channels last weekend and woops there was your team playing..bokke..or whatever they I decided to watch a rugby game for the first time in my ha..yeah this is not a sport they play here in I figured since you mentioned that team and the colors of the jerseys looked familiar too I had to take a closer look...but they lost huh?...oh well...yeah I thought I let you know that I watched the game...have fun doing the wedding invitations...hugs

jazzie said...

Sorry you lost the game...I know how you feel..I am the same way about Auburn Football...just wait till fall the games start..LOVE IT..
The freebie is great today..I had to get wont take up too much room and I think it looks good for heritage..LOL I've done so many of those..if I do regular pages I have trouble..nothing looks right..just checking in and get those invitations done wait till the last minute Kimb HEHEHE hugs

olga9999 said...

Sorry about the rugby,:( Australia is a tough team, so I guess it'll be some other time.

Your dog is so cute and wonderful. I love Shar Peis, there is something in their ugliness that makes them really beautiful and adorable. And if he is so lovable as you say, I do understand why he is the other love of your life. :) His photos are fantastic, thanks so much for sharing them with us.:)

Thanks a million for everything and best wishes. :O)

BrodoNY0123 said...

Omg Fudge is SO CUTE!!! I love those wrinkles!! The QP is super cute too, I like the "moody" tones.

I've never had a chance to check out Rugby too much. I might have to take a look see and see what it's like. I think it's like american football, but way tougher, lol. They don't wear pads right?

I'm with ya Jazzie, I'm my happiest when there's a million football games on to choose from, lol.

I'm glad you had a good weekend (despite the loss, lol). I hope those wedding invitations go ok too. If my man ever proposes, I'm thinking of making my own invitations as well! Lemme know how it goes!


Renée said...

Hello you

What a lovely QP. I have a gazillion ideas for that, but first I have to defrost.

Went on the Frozen Butt run at midnight on Friday (it's a charity motorcycle ride in the middle of winter) and my hands are still frozen, let alone my butt LOL.

We only managed to crawl home at about 07:00 on Saturday morning and I have to hang my head in shame, but I slept right through the match. Maybe it's better coz I think my tears would have frozen to my cheeks.

I took some photos but I was shivering so the whole lot came out blurred. Note to self "Self wear those thermals, even if you can't button up your pants."

Thanks for sharing girlfriend.

PSharp said...

Thank you for the wonderful QP.

Ila said...

Love this fun qp! Thank you much!

Amy's blog said...

Oh thank you thank you for NOT making a fru-fru quickpage, this one really suits my moody teenager! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Fudge is soooooo cute!!! Love the layout and the QP-thanks so much for sharing!

~Lil B~

Always Plumpster said...

Fudge and Liquorice, interesting combination..LOL..but I just love the face on Fudge. That's a face that can steal your heart. Anyway..thank you again for the wonderful QP, and the wonderful stuff you share here.

Anonymous said...

I'm new at this, and I couldn't find a place to e-mail you...Anyway, I just love your stuff and wanted to share a LO that I did with your block template. Hope this is an ok place to do that....I usually really change the QP, but I liked this just the way it was.
Thanks so much for all your hard work!

Su said...

What can I say but .....aawwww, Fudge is gorgeous! Love the QP too thanx!

Maria said...

Thank you for your beautiful freebie! Your blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the QP. Can I just tell you that Fudge is just about the cutest boy ever? His name just absolutely cracks me up.

bekalab (digishoptalk)

Nancy P said...

Really cool page - very different! Thank you so much for sharing it with me! Your pooch is adorable!

Anonymous said...

thank you this a great QP