Thursday, 19 July 2007

Wanna WIN?

I'm late, I'm late- sorry Silvia! ROTF- but oh I have had fun today! I had my hairdressers appointment this morning and I know when I leave the house I have to write off the whole morning- I call it my "therapy"- my hairdresser calls it an "uplifting visit"-hahahaha. He has been my hairdresser for 15 years.. and we always seem to come up with something a little "different" for me- GO FIGURE!! LOL

I hated hairdressers before because when you said "trim" they chopped the whole dang lot off or were never adventurous enough for me- I found Andrew by accident through a friend and had taken a pic in of a hairstyle I really liked and thought I would give him a try- ( after hearing great things about him).. well he took one look at the picture and said- Kim- I might be a 'fairy'- but hell (now waving his comb) this dear is NOT A WAND! ROTFLMAO- that was me finished! He had me just through that 'comment' and now 15 years down the line I still get stopped and asked who does my hair- So Andrew- Thank you for my belly laughs and "feel good" day today- LOVE YA TONS!

And now- TADA - LOL, I am just about finished a kit that I want to upload TOMORROW- yeah TOMORROW, but Nathan is only home tomorrow morning(he always helps me with names-LOL) and I need to find a NAME by my time tomorrow morning for this kit- I've hit a BLANK!!!
This is the photo that inspired the kit- It's of my friends and I and I have a ton of them I have been asked to scrap- so I needed something easy to scrap for masculine and feminine LO's- (have a few with just the men in- )

So this is it- it's a little FUNKY, a little GRUNGY, a lot of FUN, and has flowery accents as well as "manly" stripes and dots- There are 10 papers and over 30 elements! (yeah- I just can't stop making elements! LOL) I can't put them all in the preview above but I am sure you can come up with something from what is here! HELP PLEASE! LOL- fill up my comment box if you want- I will get Nathan to choose the winner the minute he gets home so I can just pop in the name and upload it! The person who's 'name' is chosen will get the kit!!!! THE WHOLE KIT!!! I will have a freebie mini tomorrow of this kit of course so you will have a HUGE one to play with! hahahaha- So you wanna help me??? Start typing LOL. QUICK- what you waiting for- START TYPING!!!! ROTF- Hugs and Loves Kim


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim: this is spanielmom from SBM. When I looked at it I thought Paprika Spice. So that is my entry!

Anonymous said...

Funky Friendship
For My Friends
Nifty Neutral
Neutral Needs
Nice N Neutral

Anonymous said...

WOW this is a great kit..I love it..can't wait to get my hands on it..hehehe..I guess since Im on the design team I wont enter the have some good ideas so far..good luck everyone..

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend Gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Awesome kit, I suggest Southwest Sunset ( or southern sunset) as it is the southwest colors I love so much!
htmlguru204 atsign

Anonymous said...

I love the diversity of ths kit. Great job, as usual!

Because you designed it for pictures with your friends, I thought of the famous saying "who has a faithful friend, finds a treasure"

So, with that in mind, how about:
Faithful friends
Treasures of Life
Treasured Friendships
Treasured Friends
Faithful Treasures

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim..what an awesome the colors wow..yeah you know you're the you are and I would call the kit Swirly Wirly or Swirlicious...or how about Funkydoodle..I have more but dont wanna overdue it...hope Nathan likes one of the hugs

Anonymous said...


Love this kit!

fran b

Unknown said...

This kit is just STUNNINGLY beautiful! Wow. The aqua color (one of my favs) just jumped out at me, so I suggest:
Aqua Spice

EAL Designs said...

Kim it's an awesome kit, got a couple of names for it.
Funky Friends
Grungy Funk
Funky Grunge

EAL Designs said...
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anotherscrappinfool said...

Hi Kim, Here are my ideas:
Elements of Fun, Forever Friends, or Summer Sky.

EAL Designs said...

Got more:
Funky Fun
Grungy Fun
Spicy Funk
Spicy Grunge
Spicy Friends

Shelly said...

Just love the kit - Great Job

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"
"Fancy Friends"
"Fun For All"

Melberry said...

BFF (Best Friends Forever)

Thanks, Kim -- you're the best. Loved your ANDREW story! I have a new word art today that would fit your new YOU in the blog header. :O Take care. Melanie

Dana said...

I love this kit. I like the name Summer Fiesta because that's what it reminds me of.

By Dezign said...


STUNNING!!!! Like Jazz, I'm also not going to enter the competition, but there's already one or 2 favourite names and I hold thumbs for them.

You think you're late, heck I'm a day late. Had a mother-in-law of a headache yesterday and didn't come near this puter. So thanks for yesterday's freebie.

Anonymous said...

Ooohhhhhh, I LOVE this one. How about "Marvelous Mango"? Good Luck!1


Anonymous said...

How about "Cool Summer Grunge"

I Love, Love the colors, BTW. The kit is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Love the color combo.... How about "Funky Fru Fru".

Anonymous said...

I would LOVEEEEE this kit!
Fancy Friends
Fabulous Friends

absolutartist1 said...

Peacock Sunset

Unknown said...

Forever Friends?

Anonymous said...

This is a great! looking kit! How about

Go Friends!
Lifetime Friends
Casual Summer
All for Friends
The Best Time Ever
My Favorite Kit (LOL!)

Hope I win, but I'll be purchasing, regardless

Unknown said...

Bluezy Jacuzzi!

It's fun, it's swirly, it's bluezy!

Anonymous said...

What a cool Kit!!! The stuff that you make it ALWAYS wonderful!!!! I hate to be Nathan though, sooo many good names to pick from!

Joanna said...

Love the kit!
Funky Summer Sea?

Marta said...

Gorgeous kit!! My name suggestion is "Simply Fabulous."

Carola said...

Lovely kit!!!

Fun & Funky
Grungy Gorgeous
Simply Summer
Twice as Funky
Happy Hour
Spice and pepper
True Grunge


AnneMarie said...

Indian Summer- the red clay tells me Arizona..

National Park= reminds me of a park off of the Grand Canyon ..


ok. there you go.. 3 of them.. good luck!

Zan said...

Kim you did an awesome job on this kit.
The kit and the wonderful layout
reminded me that
"Life's full of Spice"
So that is my recommendation
Best wishes

Luvdragn said...

How about Desert's Passion ? It kinda has the colors of the desert.

Or Desert Funkadelic lol

KendiRN said...

Terracotta Dreams
"Rust"ic Fun

Jon and Christine Knecht said...

Maybe Hawaiian sunset? Those colors are just so...mmmm...late evening summer colors.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Kim: For some reason at the very fist glance I thought - cool, second thought was summer, so than I thought, why not name it Cool Summer? It's cool because of the look and the cool blues and greens and summer because of the flowers and reddish orange and yellows. I also thought of Cool Summer Swirls, but my first choice would have to be Cool Summer :-) No matter what the name, I like it!!!

Susie~g said...

It looks like a "Funky Summer Fun Kit" to me:))

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh, how about

Warm Summer Wishes

Meggsy said...

Hi Kim, I think its a
"Club Tropical"

Mainly because as soon as I saw your LO it made we wish it were August alreday and I'd be in Vanuatu where its nice and warm. :)

babydoe said...

Pretty kit. Maybe "Old Friends" for a name?

Suzette said...

This looks really adorable. I think you should name it "Totally Hip" since grunge seems to be in right now. Of course, I'm fairly certain that the kids don't use totally or hip anymore, but that's just me showing my age.


Anonymous said...

How about "Girls Just Want to Have Fun-With Guys"!!!,since the kit is both feminine and masculine!!

Anonymous said...

Wunnerful kit! How about

Fundelicious or

Anonymous said...

I think you should leave the name you have on it now Ummmm!

Anonymous said...

Cinnamon Celebration

Parsley & Cinnamon Celebration

Cinnamon Celery Celebration

Dirty Feet Designs said...

Love the kit. Great job! And love the hairdresser story. Too funny!

How about :
Aqua Grunge
FuFu Friends
Friendship Hour (like happy Hour)
Buddy System


Anonymous said...

Retro Metro
Retro Dreaming

Hope-Inspiration said...

Well I'm not one for coming up with names [Tom named Amy, I kept saying .. I dunno] but when I 1st saw this fantastic kit I thought of a beautiful summer eve with a light breeze that has a hint of spice floating in. So how about ....

Summer Breeze Spice
Spicy Summer Breeze
Warm Summer spice
Swirls of Summer Spice

Blimey, I came up with 4 variations


mizamigo said...

Wow, first thought for a name was:

Sugar & Spice.

Nice looking kit. Good luck with the name.

Winged Heart said...

Well, Kim, this suggestion is in no way indicative of how I think of you (well, maybe just a little!!)...

Pretty Twisted

The first thing I noticed was just how pretty the kit was, then I noticed all the twists and turns with the ribbons and patterns, thus the name!!!

Hope you at least get a little chuckle!!! LOL

Winged Heart

Cher said...

Back Porch Breeze
Gram's Porch
Sun Room
Something like this - it is the fabric that my mother liked - and would make pillows and stuff for summer when she "opened" the porch -

Kim's Summer Porch
You must have something by now - so many comments - think I am #50!

ugh - now I'm confused!

Anonymous said...

Rustic Charm
Treasured Friends
Those are my two choices.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Kim~

Love this new kit!

*Funky Spice

*Sweet and Spicey

Anonymous said...

Childs Play

Unknown said...

This kit is so KEWL and I already know the name of, even if I don't win I'm going to call it Patio Chaise or Patio Chair coz my mom has a patio set just like it LOL!
I want it! Yum!


Shell said...

I know Im probably too late, but if you still haven't picked I like Syncophant & this seems to fit you & the kit lol. Love it no matter what you decide lol Thanks for all the great stuff you do!

Inma said...

So the haircut went without incidents with we know what LOL. I have seen the photo and your hairdresser looks very good, it's actually difficult to get short haircuts to look so good as the one you have in the photo. :) And he also looks to be a good fun to. :)

About the naming thing, OK I'll be honest I'm terrible naming kits, so I don't usually do it, and I have already read great suggestions. So I will give you a couple of them as the rest to join

Wicked Twists is one
Wicked Parties is another one (sorry about the wicked thing, but the header inspires me that,:))
Seventies Fun is another one.

Not very good ones, but it's always fun to participate. :)

Thanks for everything and best wishes. :O)

Gayle said...

This is a very cool kit! How about:

Flirty Treasures
Fun & Flirty

Rarole said...

Kim; Boy is this great! I would call it
"Algoa Bay", cause the colors are perfect. Or, because you are doin it up with friends, how about "Good Times". And tell me, does Andrew do home visits = )???? Does he travel - cause I think there are about 1,000 women who would die to have him for 2 hours!!! Great, great kit!!