Monday, 6 August 2007

Kit bag REVEALED and a *TOOT TOOT*

Hee hee- I'm ALIVE!!! But I sure feel my age this morning! LOL, it was a HECTIC weekend and I loved every minute of hubby's "celebrations"- but OHHH my body don't like me this morning! My Ass is stiff and so is every other muscle that I didn't even know I had! ROTFLMAO- I swear- dancing while intoxicated sure makes you do strange dance moves and I still don't remember them exactly- but my body is complaining like hell now!! hahahahahaha! This week is DETOX I tell you! Already had so much water I feel like I'm swimming in it up to my eyeballs!! Thank goodness my birthday is only in Novemeber so we have a while to get "ready" for that one! LOL.

WOW you guys are sure sharp and quick with your LO's! Boy- did I enjoy getting these!

This was done with Fridays template by Scrappinkay. How Awesome is this! Thank you sooo much for sharing this with me.. And this one below was by Katjie (Karen)-
Page Mindy Armour, Kit: Aged Emphemeraoverlay -Beth Kern Kit: Time Passes paper - Tracy DraneMaryanne Buchannan Journaling NotepadMarcee J. Dugga_Tan_Leather_Ribbon Pocket Watch-Barb Derksen- Font- Mtf schetchie Template: Kim Broedeliet

She used template No2(Tuesdays) for this Heritage LO- WOW- It came out beautifully! Thank you soo much!!!!
And a little "TOOT TOOT" for ME- LOL, So far in the last three weeks 2 of my CT team members (Jazz and Carol) have had their LO's chosen for People's Choice Layout Gallery over at Go digital Scrapbooking ...!!! And now one of MINE!! WOW- what an honour!! I'm still a little shocked actually.. and it's this one- Template no1 (Monday)

Are you going to help me with some VOTES??? Please-pwetty pwease?? *begging now*- ROTF. Just click on the link above or the pic and place your vote on the LO-..Thanks you soooo much- tee hee. - EVENTUALLY- (phew it's a long post today-hahaha) You want to know what was in my Designers Surprise Kit Bag???

And here they are- 5 brand new designer products.
Fancy florals- floral overlays to add some sophistication and grandure to your papers.

Bygone gents- Heritage style overlays with a masculine feel.

Granny's flowers- crocheted flowers for you to colour

Bow tied- 2 large "wrap bows" 12inch long, 3 medium and 1 mini centre bow.

Tie me Laces- Ultra thick and textured laces that add some fun to any LO.

Missed out on grabbing my bag- well don't worry - They are all available in my stores now!! DSO and Scrapdigistyle .

And if you Love the surprises of Designer Gift Bags (Like me-LOL) better head over to DSO- Our girl Heather Manning has just brought out her bag for this week- and it's AWESOME VALUE!!!! Check it out here!

Goodness this is going to be a Marathon of a post- well ok there is a lot of pictures to look at! LOL. And YUP- I made you a freebie too- I'm playing around with some new ideas again and this was my first result- I hope you like them.

These a HUGE flowers so there is no need to worry about resizing! I've added a "stem" so you can play with them even more! Until "Tut Tuesday" tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim - ps- don't forget to VOTE- ROTF!!!


Anonymous said... here too..well GF have you never head the saying if you play you pay!! guess you found out its more than a saying hehehe..congrats on the nomination and Im on my way there now to vote..thanks for the beautiful those colors..

Shell said...

Outstanding recognition you & your ladies are receiving. Thanks for the bows & voting is done. I think a lil extortion is in order for these votes lol Hope you recover from your weekend sounds like you had a blast.

Anonymous said...

Love these flowers! You just keep playing cause when you play you come up with the most beautiful things. Thanks for sharing.

Tammy Dunlap said...

I went and voted for you this morning! Good luck Kim!

Unknown said...


I think you and your friend subscribe to the same philosphy I did wtih mine back in college. "Work hard play hard"!!!

Glad the celebrations were good ones :o) Keep drinking that water girl! LOL!

I SWEAR I'll get some designs done this week. I think I'm gonna work on my mini kit for the color challenge with your amazing grab bag stuffs. :o)



Anonymous said...

ROFL I'm so sorry you're ass hurts Kim. I'm so supportive. LOL

Awesome on the layouts! I didn't even know about that site. Very very cool! Gonna have to go vote for ya!

And thanks for the toot!

May I also tell everyone that I bought your grab bag and everything in it is just fabulous! Not that they need my word for it, but it is ladies!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty flowers, thanks Kim. Went to GDS to vote. Friends of SBM are making it tough at that one, noticed MaggieMae and Leslie there too. Good luck

Melberry said...

I'm tiptoeing in to peek at your site today and I promise to whisper since you're not up to speed yet. But, actually, I want to thank you in a voice that reaches all the way to South Africa for your continued generosity and inspiration. Feel better soon! Melanie

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

If thats a word!!! LOL
TY so very much!!!
Boy do I know how your feeling!

Myxi said...

Sheesh, I didn't even party this weekend and I'm in lala land..I signed in before I left my comment....lmao! Thanks for the flowers Kim, they are beauties! I'm goin' to vote right now, as long as I can find my

Anonymous said...

Beautiful bows
very creative..thanks so much for sharing :)

Joanna said...

Great - thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

these flowers are very different, thanks a lot for sharing with us!!

Lilaclady said...

thank you for the cool ribbon flowers, they are lovely :-)

Anonymous said...

I bought your Surprise Designer Kit and Heather's too! No regrets..just kudos! No one should miss any of your work Kim.
I just registered and voted for your layout...
I guess all this good news and the water..should get you to start feeling better.
Thanks for the freebie too.

Peggie said...

How beautiful! Thank you so much.

Sharon said...

These are fantastic! Thank you so much :)

Maria said...

Thank you! This blog post has been added to the freebies list at

Anonymous said...

Did I not leave a comment?
I did read today I swear I did!

I loved your designer bag, AND your layouts, ANNNNNNDDDDD your freebie, ANNNNNNDDDDD YOU!


Shannon said...

I voted for you AND listed you in the referral box too. Your layout is stunning!

Anonymous said...

How nice that you can't remember part of your birthday - wild one you are! May you have a wonderful happy, healthy year!
I really Love, these flowers Kim - they are just lovely! Please make more of them in lots of colors :-) Thank you for this very nice gift!

Faith said...

love your bows!!!! thanks Kim!

Inma said...

So sorry to visit so late in the week but I have been a tad busy lately and I haven't had the chance to visit my regular blogs. :( Anyway it's fantastic to know you had a great time with the celebrations and all the dancing but I guess it's going to take you some time to recover by what you say LOL

I will promise to go around and vote Jazzy and the others layouts in the gallery, they are really nice and surely the ones in the gallery will be very good too. :)

And many thanks for the flowers they are lovely and so different from the usual one. :)

Best wishes. :O)

Now next entry :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for thi beautiful bows. I love them.

Anonymous said...

The bows are great and I love the layout above. You should have left credit for the timeless element you used so everyone else could download it. I found the timeless kit over at a site called e-snips.