Monday, 17 September 2007

Alive, running and revealed

hahahaha- Well I survived the weekend ( but JUST!)- Friday was an AWESOME day- no wind, warm and the sun was shining- perfect day for golf right?- LOL, yeah for normal people that is! I swear I make sure I play my moneys worth on a golf course- I play it double it's length! Only because my balls never go straight down the fairway- Tee off- and it's gone STRAIGHT in the bush on the left- so play it from there and land up in the bush on the right!- so I am zig zagging across the fairways instead of taking that nice easy walk down the middle-KWIM- LOL!!

And because this was a 'retail day' , companies were sponsoring certain holes(advertising) and they had shooters/shots and drinks on just about every 2nd hole! So as you know I'm always game- hahahahLOL, yeah the golf got worse but my mood sure got jolly! On the last hole (18th) they had a boat you could win by shooting stones from a catty at balloons! ( each balloon had a different prize and the boat was in there somewhere)- but only after you had a "down-down"- Um AGAIN- Ok- so I'll play, LOL- but I'm not listening so well to the girl explaining all the rules- all I hear is *this is for the sissy's* (a small green shot in a glass) and this is to shoot a stone at the balloons-(a long science lab beaker like thing with amber looking liquid in it!)- So MISS BRAVE(definetly not a SISSY-lol) here grabs TWO of the beakers as she thinks she will have 2 shots at the balloons- hahahahahahahaLOL- I did it quick- then the taste hit me! - URGGGGHHH, I had goose- flesh all up my body to my hair!! It was GROSS! My stomach was on fire and I grabbed that catty to show them I can do this- hahahahahah- I pull the elastic back from the catty and I wack my nose with my hand as I release it- besides the whole place laughing their arses off- my stone flies high and in the bush miles away- ROTF!! Same thing happened with the second one! It was a very long walk to the 18th tee I tell you- someone kept moving the ground I was walking on- hahahahaha ( I was told only at the end of the hole that I only needed to drink ONE to get 2 stones!!) ROTFLMAO! And that Amber liquid- was a mix of whiskey, tequila, banana liquor and vodka!!! GEEEEE"S! No wonder- hahahahahahahaha

EEEH, I'm yapping again today aren't I- LOL, My internet connection is SORTED!! And Katjie- your *Hellkom* comment had me in stitches!! How true a statement! LOL.

Well my grab bag is gone- want to know what I had in it? If you missed the bag- these are all available in my store now-

This is Denim-flare. A huge kit again- LOL, it has 11 papers and 28 elements in it! ( not all shown here)- a fun and funky kit that can be used for masculine,feminine and kids! * as shown in the sneak peak previews my CT did-lol*

Weathered Frames- 7 realistic aged and worn frames- aged paper, Polaroids, bent, curled and weathered. Great for heritage LO's as well as giving your Lo's that 'worn' look! Bowed Blooms- 8 LARGE bowed flowers with buttons centres- given them a slight 'old feel colouring'- but great to add a little something different to your LO's.Sew Simple - 5 different stitches- missed, skew, blanket and fancy edging- realistic holes and thread!
And some MORE GOOD NEWS TODAY- Jazzy is OFF the ventilator!!! She is doing a LOT better and is now just on the normal mask!! Thank you again for all your prayers- they have been coming in from ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Thank you!

And eventually after this Marathon posting- LOL ( hey I've had 2 weeks to catch up on- hahahahahahaha)- here is your freebie- it's some LARGE glitter flowers and stems to match my Denim-flare kit. All are in separate PNG files so you can build your own- Until tomorrow- hugs and Loves Kim



lynn said...

Thank you for the glitter flowers. Those bowed blooms from your grab bad are really pretty.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the glitter flowers!!

Colleen said...

Hooray! You're back in action! Lol!

Glad golf, LOL! Crazy lady!

These glitter flowers are awesome!!

cla said...

Thanks for all you share! I am so glad I grabbed the bag. Great news that Jazz is doing better!

Mrs. Miles said...

my Gracious! I think you should have your own reality show - I know I'D subscribe! haha!

Your glitter flowers are beee-you-teeful... I was just designing along that line - are we psycic or something? Mine are different but similar. Love the glitter! Do we ever REALLY grow up?

Thanks for your so encouraging comments at my blog - they've helped me rise from emotional 'dorkdom' :)

have a wonderful day, my friend!

hugs 2 U

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Boy Kim you sure had one heck of a golf game!!!! LOL
TY so very much for these awesome flowers!!!!!

Joy said...

LOL... you make me laugh so hard. I would have loved to have been there to see you play golf.

Thank you for the glitter flowers. =)

ScrappyFairy said...

Thank you very much for this lovely glitter flowers.

If you come to Sweden you are very, very welcome to my job - work on a golfclub.... I would love to see you play... LOL

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Thanks so much for the flowers! And sounds like you had a great time golfing!

olga9999 said...

It's fantastic news to know that Jazz is out of the ventilator and recovering :) Best wishes to her. :)

And it's great to know you had a fantastic time playing golf, LOL

The bows are wonderful and the freebie glitter flowers very beautiful, thanks so much for sharing them with us and best wishes. :O)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME Flowers!!! Thanks! Loved reading your story... you are such a nut!!! ROFL Someone should video tape that. Ohhh that would be fun to watch! Glad to see ya got everything worked out with your internet... you have been missed!

Kirsten said...

HEHE - I'm still laughing. What a weekend you have had. Thank you for the flowers. I have bought your grabbag. Good news about Jazz.

Glenda said...

Thanks for the glitter flowers. Girls will love them.

Chiaretta said...

thank you so much. As I've written on DSO- I love them!

Melberry said...

Pictures. I want PICTURES of these Willy Wonka golf games you play. Honestly, how do you get any work done with these insane outings? And how do we get any work done for all the laughter you give us?!! Too, too funny. Thanks for the gift ... and more importantly, for the good news about Jazz. Truly a cause for celebration. Take care of YOU. Melanie

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these pretty flowers! You are a great designer! :)

evee said...

Thanks for the glitter flowers. I was one of the ones who got your lovely grab bag! Thanks for that too!
Glad to know Jazz is improving. It's great that you keep us in touch with her progress. Another thank you.

Keep on amusing us with your stories! They are a tonic!

mel_h said...

nice one kim! thanks so much for sharing!
much love,

Jan said...

I got the grab bag. Wooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooo.
Love it all. Thanks you for the flowers.

Earane said...

Lovely, thank you so much for sharing!hugs, Catherine

Tracy said...

All of your elements are so beautiful! Thanks for the freebie flowers - I will be visiting your store soon! :)