Friday, 7 September 2007


WHOOOPIEEE, It's FRIDAY and you know EXACTLY where I'm heading tonight!! ROTF!! OUT and I'm having one or two of those Tequila's!!! ( ok ok- maybe more- hahahahaha) and for that reason I am puting this post up today- I can't do Saturday's- ROTFLMAO!

But before I get there I HAVE to tell you this story- hahahaha. Cricket season has just started here and my son had cricket trials on Tuesday- But um his dog decided that his 'ballbox'(that little hard plastic thing he uses to keep my future grandchildren safe!) was a chew toy! So in a panic he phones me from school and it's *Mom - I need a ball box TODAY*- UM- ok Nathan, but What size???? I mean my child is now 16 and he doesn't let me just walk in the bathroom anymore-KWIM?- hahahahahaha. He say's to me they're all the same size! So I rush off the sports shop to get one- the salesman in charge of the cricket dept can see I'm in a hurry and looking around- so asks what I need- Ummmm. a Ballbox?- What size he says??- NOw I start laughing and say just as my son has said- *Don't they all come in the same size?* - He blushed!! This man actually blushed!!! and I cracked up laughing- because I'm sure by now you can imagine what "thought process was going through my blonde head!"- so I start blushing! - Anyway we eventually settled on a 'youths'- but um it's a little snug- ROTFLMAO- So now I've just left that buying spree up to Wayne!!!( and any future "mens private protectors" purchases!- hahahahah

Wanna Know why I'm so EXCITED TODAY-
I am now OFFICIALLY AN EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER at DSO!! I am I tell you! All my products and kits will ONLY be found exclusively at DSO! I am sooo excited about this- I love my fellow designers and I love DSO! So today I thought I would start my "official journey" with introducing you to my CT STARS!!! I yap about them sooo much here and today I will show you just what a GREAT team I have!

Credits: Template- Amy Ferrier (modified). BG paper-Cottage arts-Love

These are my STARS! Guys- just sending you loves and thanking you for all your great work and for the support!! LOves you TONS! And here's the BIG NEWS!!!

I'm having my first OFFICIAL SALE at DSO!! I am, I am- it just feels so good saying that- ROTF! EVERYTHING (including my Commercial use products) is NOW 30% off - for a limited time only- YIPPPPEEEEEEE, Check my STORE HERE.

And here is your Friday Freebie template- LOL, get out those camara's this weekend! hee hee- I want to see some! I've included the frame and a little "ribbon" flower in the colours of the kit yesterday - Template is in PSD, PNG and Jpg. I hope you all have a AWESOME weekend! I know I'm going to- YIPPPPEEEEE, I'm CELEBRATING! hahahahahaha. Hugs and much Love Kim


Anonymous said...

Congrats are the bomb when it comes to designing, you know least for me..ha ha..and you had me in tears reading your story
*Don't they all come in the same size?* ROTF..that was a good one..have fun tonight..hope to see some pics of it next week..hugs ME

Anonymous said...

Party ova' HERE~!!!

I tell ya, I'll get my drink on for you after BREAKFAST! lol.....

Ladye said...

So in SA you all use lemons with your TEQILA? Well here in Texas we use limes and if you haven't tried it that way let me suggest you do, just adds LOTS to the flavor, and that is from an old Tequila drinker...LOL

Congrats on your status at DSO, love your work and the folks at DSO are the cream of the crop IMHO.

Lois from Texas

Shannon said...

Yea Kim! (doing the happy dance!) Your desings are awesome and DSO is the best! :)
That story was too funny - I was laughing so hard the baby had a hard time latching! That totally sounds like something my 'lil bro (17) would say/do!
We use limes in our margaritas in NM too - although I can't vouch for the flavor - I'm a pina colada (I know foofy girl drink) kinda girl.

Anonymous said...

Awesome..Thank you so much for sharing..

;-) Carolyn

Anonymous said...


Bunny's got the Party ova' here, so I'll take the Party ova' there!

And can I just have some bailey's in my coffee? LMAO

And I'm dying. I wouldn't have know that. LMAO God, I had trouble buying Jordan's goalie gloves. what size? Um, I don't know, he has small hands. ROFL

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing such a "private" story!! LOL. Oh, and for the template too!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

CONGRATS KIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You really gave me a good life this afternoon!
TY for the cool Overlay unforunately my next drinking spree isn't until November when the Fire Company has their Fall Bash of Beef & Beer!!!

Joy said...

ROTFLMBO that is way to funny... I am sure your son would love to know you told us huh.. I remember those days.

Congratulations wooohoooo!

Angel said...

A big CONGRATS to you Kim on becoming 'official'!! That's so great!! Celebrate with a Tequila, eh??

LMAO @ Crickets & "BallBox" ... I first thought you meant Cricket Season as in bugs, I was expecting a creepy, crawly, jumping bug story - Instead I get a blushing giggling story! You truly had me LOling ... I had NO Idea what a "ballbox" was - thought it was for his cricket balls (ROFLMAO - thats funny in itself) - We (Americans) call them "Cups".

Any thanks for the gigle & enjoy your weekend! Thanks for the goodies as well!!

By Dezign said...


You crack me UP. And owning a cricketer too I know exactly how you felt. Ladies you have to realise, South Africans share the most horrific things.

Here in Gauteng (fondly known as Gangsters Paradise because of our number plates GP) we drink our tequila ala Mexicana with Tobasco sauce. Your mouth burns so you forget to get drunk LOL. Or you just chase it with a beer, but that's just gross.

Kimmie, I have the most disgusting pic of me and a vodka bottle that's going to be perfect with this template and for a certain little challenge over at DSO.

Love ya stacks.

Babette said...

You've been tagged......Name 6 quirky things about YOU and then tag 6 more people!

And congrat's!!!!!

Unknown said...

You know, even if you did not offer one thing for us poor souls to download I would keep coming back. Your posts really keep me laughing and I love to hear about what's going on. Still thanks for the freebies (btw, what time are the tequila shots?) and congratulations.

Melberry said...

What a banner day for you!! A special occasion for a very special lady. I'll have to go back to my own blog and edit today's posting since I talk about you on it ... again. :) Congratulations on this terrific accomplishment. I'm already on my way to shop at DSO to see more of your wares. Hope you enjoyed your TGIF party. Take care ... and talk to you later. All the best, Melanie

dodo said...

thank you so much !!!! i got my age it set wahoooo !!!!!!!

Ruthie said...

Kim you are the best and congrats!
Thank you for your fabulous freebies! I will have added it to my NEW COMPUTER GENERATED FREEBIE LIST TODAY AT:

Anonymous said...

You have been featured at Scrap Praise!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, DSO is very lucky to have you!
Kim you never fail to make me laugh...ball box, I had no idea where you were going with that, ROTFLMAO. Here in Canada we call it a cup. Many moons ago when our youngest son started playing hockey we were getting him out of his gear and I noticed he had wet himself so I said son you had an accident, he said what do you mean, I said you wet yourself, he said I know but I had my cup on...myself and every other parent in the dressing room cracked up.
Thank you very much for another wonderful template!
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cute template. Your story was too funny!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Angel's Imaginations said...

Congrats! Have a great celebration--you deserve it. Thank you for the template. Love it! :)

Webfrau said...

Thanks for another fabulous template Kim. Congrats on your new DSO status - your designs are wonderful and I really appreciate all your blog freebies and funny stories!

Bonnie said...

Hey Kim, I have been reading your blog for ages and getting your awesome freebies. I only checked out your profile today when I saw you mentioned something about the rugby world cup and I thought "Hey this girl sounds South African!" and sure enough you are! Well I am too! I am from Somerset West-Western Cape! I have been blogging for over a year and I am a designer over at http:// -a truly south African website (but international too-the shop is open to USD and Australian currency too) You MUST check it out and please do join, we would love to have you there! I am so happy to meet you. My sis and I are great fans of yours-she is from Pretoria. (http://jen-at-chaos-lounge.blogspot.
com/)So please come check out our blogs and our site! I had a good laugh about the ballbox-ROFL! Your humor always tickles me!

Carol said...

Congratulations Kim, you so deserve it. And thank you for letting us have a sneak peek at your CT, we hear you talk about them, but it's nice to see the people behind the names.

Jen U said...

Congrats! I recently bought your Sweet Belle Overlays and I just love them! They will be featured in a new "pond" theme kit I'm making. It's a collab kit that will be out probably in November. The papers I made with them turned out awesome, thank you so much! :)
Have a great weekend!

LovelyMissKait said...

Congrats, Kim!
Thank you for the template.

Winged Heart said...

Wow!! HUGE congratulations to you, Kim! You really deserve it!

I'm with first I thought you were just talking about a storage box for his cricket balls!!! ROFLMAO You are a HOOT!!!

Love 'ya,

Inma said...

Oh Lord woman! you are terrible, you can make anyone laugh LOL That story about the ballbox and the poor salesman is very funny. :)

Have a great weekend and behave!!

Congratulations on your DSO status and it's good to know the ladies that make those wonderful layouts with your stuff. :)

Thanks so much for the template and best wishes. :O)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the cute Tequila kit and template!! While I don't dring Tequila, I think it will make a great when life give you lemons make lemonade LO!!! BettyJoR

Jessie said...

I just loved the tequila template you made it was a perfect fit for a page i was trying to make ty here is my blog where i posted the page!!

Michelle said...

I am so happy for you Kim...Good luck and wanted to let you know I added this blog to my blog...wink
You go girl!!!!!!!
Crafty Scraps

Anonymous said...

Kimmy, im loving this drink page. Please get a second to add it to DigiScrapDepot.