Wednesday, 5 September 2007


Hi folks, this is Bunny. Just leaving a quick note for Kim.

She's pretty upset her internet is still being crazy and she wont be able to post today. She said its the first time she's missed a day and she wanted you all to know why.

They are supposedly upgrading her internet, hahaa....
more like chopping it into little pieces!

She will make a post as soon as she gets online more stable.


oh, PS...
She posted a tut yesturday over at SYAO, so if you didnt read that swing over there. I think there is a freebie!


Anonymous said...

Oh girl..dont be pulling your hair..I konw its a pain not being able to connect to the net, so chill until everything is set up..drink some coffee for me would keep ya company if I was around the corner..would have baked a cake talk to you when you get back..kisses and be patient

Robbi1 said...

Yes Kim be patient. We'll be here, not goin anywhere, enjoy your down time abit. Hugs!

Tammy Dunlap said...

Oh no! Hope she gets it back soon!

Joanna said...

I totally agree!
Looking forward to "seeing" you again.
Big hugs.

.:kristine aka wenchdgrafix:. said...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! She's baaaacccckkkkkkkkk!!!! ROFLPIMP!!!! Gawd it's a long day without hearing from you!!! Did ya kick 'em in the arse?!I would hurt too 'cuz I has big feet!!! RFOL!!!!

olga9999 said...

Poor thing without Internet, I hope you get it back soon. :(

Best wishes and don't worry, we will be here. :)