Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Happy Halloween to all of you that celebrate this holiday- I hope you all have TONS of fun!! And I'm having a hell of a day too- LOL, It's the last day of the month and our service provider just can't handle the traffic! So most of us in South Africa have named them 'aptly' HELLKOM (*Telkom*)- hahahaLOL- So this is just a little ', chatty-laugh with me ' posting as I can't upload the freebie to 4shared(it crashes all the time) and I can't get blogger to upload any 'LO's or previews'- hahahahaha-

Bunny had a wonderful story about her daughter on her blog ( you know the feeling being in a POSH resturant and you DIE of embarrasment)- * you got to go read it people* ROTFLMAO!!!-

Well it reminded me of myself when I was just 17 ( eek that's years ago-LOL) But I was still 'wet behind' the ears so to speak-

I had been invited by a guy a little older than myself (best friends -friend) to his OFFICIAL NAVAL dinner- UHUM, I was told I had to wear a LONG dress down to my ankles!!- WHAT- this was the 80's for goodness sakes! LOL- we wore MINI's!! hahahaha-

My BEST friend at the time was also going with her boyfriend- but both of us came from family's that weren't well off and battled each month to make ends meet- so there was NO WAYS we could buy a dress- hence the word BORROW!!!- OH gee's, The smartest dress I eventually found was a 3/4 length one ( first mistake-LOL) with tiny buttons going down all the way from the neck to the hem!

We get to the 'DO' and let me tell you- the Queen could have fitted in with these lady's- LOL
And there standing out like pimples on a pigs ass in 3/4 dresses is CLaire and myself! hahahahaha- We got the *LOOKS* and the *Where is your long dress young lady* questions!! hahahahaha and I swear- I was as nervous a hell as it was- and they sure didn't make it easier!!! LOL

We are served a sherry to start (* OH boy- I had never really drunk alcohol at that age either*) and sip it down like cooldrink- Ushered to our seats- We are seated in a U shape- and funny enough I land up facing poor Claire- BUT OH LORDY- as I sit down ALL the little buttons on my dress around my ASS area go POP!!!!(4 of them) ROTFLMAO- I swear- My eye's go huge and I stare at Claire and now get the giggles- and the more looks I get from the 'ladies' and the naval officers ( UHUM including the ADMIRAL!)- the more I want to laugh! So now I'm STUCK in my chair- and they serve MORE Wine!!!! And that's not ALL-

I was told before we went that you do not scoop your peas on your fork- you have to squash them neatly on the back of the fork and then lift them to your mouth!- OK, so what do we get with the main meal- PEAS!! I remember what I was told and try very lady- like to push my peas on my fork- OOOPPPPS- they land up in the old ladies plate NEXT to me!!! PIMP- by now we have been served more wine and I just can't contain the giggles! Claire is red in the face as she try's hard not to laugh! I NOW HAVE TO GET TO THE TOILET- yeah with my ASS sticking out- so take my napkin and use it sort of as a 'backside coverer'- ROTF!!! Never found a pin in there either!! ROTF
Fast forward to dessert- CLAIRE manages to drop all her chocolate sauce from her spoon down the front of her white dress! And of course with her sitting opposite me it was just toooo much- I cracked! I laughed out loud that the whole place stopped and looked at me! * I seem to do that sometimes*- hahahahahaha- cuase you just don't DO that in a 'quiet refined' dinner!! never the less- I never ever heard back from that young man again! LOL- I wonder why??_ hahahahahahahahahahahahah

Hope you all have a stunning day and remember to visit all the HUMPDAY HUNNIES today for some AWESOME halloween freebies! Kristine's is a good starting point- follow her links to the rest of the designers.
Tomorrow my internet should be back to normal!! Thank goodness- so please check through all my September freebies- I will be removing them tomorrow too- Sending hugs and loves Kim


.: Kristine :. said...


I am dying over here but I can sooo totally relate!!!

Bunny Cates, said...


Happy Halloween Cow!

Anonymous said...

OMG I am PIMP as I read about your oh so posh dinner. I relate more to your friend Claire, as I am well known for spilling food down the front of me. I tell everyone its for afters in case I get hungry hahahahahahahaha ROFL. Happy Halloween!!! HUgs Judy xx

Heather said...

OMG! ROFL That would so happen to me. It would. I would be dying. LOL

Happy Halloween even though you don't celebrate it there! LOL Love ya!

jazzy said...

LOL...Toooo funny girl...I know exactly how you feel...I was invited to the football banquet when I was in the 7th mother found me this taffetta dress, blue with these huge bows on the shoulders make out of same dress was a full skirt with a know how taffeta makes a racket when you walk..when we got to the banquet we had steak and salad..I was so embarrassed and afraid I couldnt cut the steak right..I didnt eat..had to make up some story as to why..I was never so glad of anything as I was to get home that night...I never talked to my date again..he kinda ignored me after that LOL wonder why...have a great day hugs meee

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Hysterical story!!! I can just see it now. Hope you enjoy your day!

Melberry said...

You need to take your show on the road. What a SCREAM!!!! Hugs ... Melanie

tajicat said...

Hysterical! I hate snooty people and I would have had to laugh too! TFS :)

Webfrau said...

Thanks for a much needed laugh. I could just picture the two of you cracking up and with stuffy old ladies looking down their noses at you. Great story.

Amy W. said...

I want to write you a really long post and say how much I love you and that you make me giggle almost daily. However, after chasing a sugar hopped almost 3 y/o around all day I don't have the brain power to string coherent sentences together let alone offer forth the praise you deserve. So Happy Halloween, I love you and thanks fro all the hard work and side stitches of laughter you effortlessly (at least seemingly) put forth for our consumption.

Mrs. Miles said...

Forget the freebies... I'd be back daily to get my fill of your funny antics. Thanks for twisting every laugh out of the wet cloth of life. You're a giggle a moment, gurl. I think its good that your there and I'm here, as you could really get me off track... hahahha!

Have a great day Kim!

pat pat - just something new and different than the 1000s of hugs I've left ya!


olga9999 said...

Oh my God!! you could write a book with all those stories and it would sell as sweets amongst children. LOL
Or best you could actually make a script and it would make a hilarious comedy. LOL You're blog's best part is the stories you tell, they could make laugh dead people. LOL

I guess we all have some kind of story of that kind but I have the feeling that I tend to forget all mine's in embarrashment, it's definitely better to laugh at them and have fun as you make.:) Thanks so much for the story and lesson and best wishes. :O)

DigiScrapDepot said...