Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Bug-ger me-LOL

hahaha-ROTF- I swear, I feel like I'm sitting on that iceburg!!* Mrs Miles- next time send the penguines with-hahahaha* , It's been raining since Monday and they keep cutting our electricity because 'they are supposed' to be upgrading the 'stations' here in the Eastern Cape- But *HELLO*- 3 hours at a time is a little much- hahahaha, No lights, it's DARK because of the rain, No computer, no TV, no new books or mags, no Radio (bluck) and well just plain Nothing! hahahaha- I couldn't even get my car out the garage! It works on remote and we haven't finished breaking out the 'contecting door' yet- so I was STUCK!! But maybe that was a good thing- I've been drawing- well you'll see that I did some 'doodly buggers'(hee hee) for my new kit and well I just sat here and drew some other things too! I'm just not used to 'not doing what I want to do'- hahahahaha!

On another note- Kristine (aka the Wench) has a brand new kit that hasn't a name- LOL, and she sent it through to all the DSO designers and her Yahoo group for any suggestions- well Bunny (aka the Boss) sent in one with the 'word' Melons in it- that started off quite a lot of 'yib yab and ribbing' through the group- but to see how this ended you have to read Kristines post today (written as only she can-ROTF) and listen to the AWESOME tracks too and pick up some Humday freebie frames! *still giggling*-hahahaha

Wanna see what I've been *bug-gering* around with- hahahaha. - Well here is my new kit!! A DSO forum member Vikki had been looking for something like this and well I thought it would be a great kit to have FUN with- Fun being the operative word-LOL!

I LOVED doing this kit- and well it's rather large- hahaha- it has 16 papers, and 45 elements!! 9 hand drawn doodle buggie thingy's too. But it is so versatile - LOVED the bright but shabby papers and elements. Has a touch of my realism in it as well- LOL. But honestly you have to check it out HERE- for the other 4 previews so that you can see just what is in it!! I couldn't put them all in the above preview-hahahaha

You can see just how versatile this kit is by what my wonderful CT have sent me!

This is from Jazzy!!! (man it is soooo good to have Jazzy back I tell you!) LOVE IT JAZZ!

This is from Silvia- Gorgeous photo!!!! LOVE IT!! Thanks girlfriend!

And this is from Beth- WOW, I just love my CT!!! But you can see just how different each one looks even with the same kit!! Thanks guys for the hard work!! SENDING HUGS!

Bug-ing is 25% off for ONE WEEK ONLY!

So check it out now while it's still on sale. * ITS UP_ hahahaha- YIPPPEEEE, Check it out HERE And OF COURSE I've got some 'extra's' to share- LOL.. * told you I loved doing this one*- hahahaha. And here it is-

I've got an 'extra' doodle-bugger'-hahaha, with 3 papers, 3 ties, 2 ropes, 1 tag and 2 screwheads- You can at least get a feel as to what the 'kit looks and feels like'- Until tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim


Melberry said...

Kim, sorry to hear how frustrated you are today. As much as I love the rain, I do NOT love being without my computer, TV, light to read by, etc. We are all so spoiled, aren't we. Hope they get everything to rights very soon. Having said that, I enjoyed your doodling bug-gy kit. Such a cute one! And, by the way, thanks for dropping by my place. I thought that childraising quote was a riot. Thanks for sharing so much of YOU. All the best, Melanie

Laura in CT said...

Fun kit! Thanks for the sampler.

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Lovin the bug kit. What talent to have hand drawn all the little critters. Hope your electricity issues get solved soon. Couldn't stand to be without everything for that long.

Have a wonderful day,

Tink said...

See good things come from bad days, your bugging kit is just adorable. Thank you for the sample of it as well.

Rarole said...

Kim, Hey without electricity you get to do what your "fore-fathers" did . . . .Use a pencil! Ever realise how hard it is to even write - let alone sign your name these days. Too much PC time! But the UP side? We get the BUGS! Thanks. This is too fun! Having lived in SA for 3 years, I have a hint...Pssst get out your candles and have em ready.

.:kristine aka wenchdgrafix:. said...

Love love love these doodled buggers!!! Thanks so much for teh blub!!!

Have a killer day darlin'!!!

makeyesup said...

Love that little bug, he will fit it quite nicely with some of my pics.
Sorry about the electricity, it just shows how much we have become dependent on everything that has been invented.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for the sampler!!!

Shell said...

Man that has to suck having no power for 3hrs at a time & having your car stuck in your own garage lol. Thanks for the freebie the new kit is super cute.

Mrs. Miles said...

Kim - you simply amaze me - this kit just rocks. Love your lil characters - your 'doodles' are better than any 'generated' items - they bring a personal touch of whimzy that could not be achieved any other way. Your elements are so bold and polished. I hope your power goes out more often! - craaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Sending 'nuther Berg for ya, should arrive in a few weeks.


Andrea said...

I was going to start working on a bug kit and now I'm not going to. That one is waaaaay too cute! I thought you would like this, I googled "KIM BOB" because I wanted to stop by and say hi, and this is what I found:
There's a bad word, so I won't type it here, let's just say that with all the trouble you had posting the right link to the Oct challenge gallery, I think you MAY be a Kimbob! LOLOLOL!!

Andrea said...

Ug, it cut off the link.
It's from the Urban Dictionary and here's what it says (More or less)
1. kimbob
Someone who loves to get f'd up off of really good drugs

Dude #1 - Being a kimbob is the life!

Dude #2 - Oh Fo Sho

Anonymous said...

I can see why you had so much fun making this kit, Kim. It's gorgeous and I'm loving the freebie to play around with.

Finally got your video from yesterday to play. Might be the biased editing, but I think you play better than the guys. And there's not a thing wrong with your driving! Ha!!

Thanks for the smiles and the downloads. Hope the penguins stop interrupting your electricity soon. Got any pics of the iceburg you can share?

dodo said...

Oh Kim this is adorable and my baby doll grandsons will look great done up in this awesome kit so now i must go shopping for it and thanks so much for the add on freebie

Fiffi said...

Danke schön, Biene ist süß ;-)

Renée said...

Hello you. SA's gone load sharing. I had my turn last night and only managed to download everything now. Thanks. These are so blerrie cute. Funny how a drawn bug is so cute yet the real thing eish, ek gril my dood. Watch your mail a bit later.

Shannon said...

This is great! Love those tweezers! Thanks for the freebie and have a wonderful Wednesday! It's seafood day for us - yum!

Amy W. said...

Tee-hee! I see you were bugging without the electricity. You popped into my blog while I was posting today's. Yes a break of a whole day was nice. Wait until you see everything I've made for next week's event at DBD! Whew I've been a busy girl. Oh and I totally stole your frame from yesterday's template. It's in a LO on my blog now! You need to make an emergency box with a battery powered radio and some books and such to tuck away for those powerless moments.:)
Hugs my frined,
P.S. I haven't forgotten your email from last week just haven't had time to stop and catch my breath.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute! I love your little doodle bug! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! You'll have to take up a new hobby since you're power keeps going off huh?! :)

Bunny said...

You give me bugs?!
Oh well. 'Spose thats better then...

wait for it..


one sec more...




Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Peggie said...

This is THE cutest kit. I love it.
Thank you.

Gayle said...

Cute bugs! Hope they got your power squared away! Thanks :)

Julie C said...

for all the goodies, love this bug kit. I haven't been here for a while so I was just reading last weeks posts, you gave me a little chuckle. I grew up in New Guinea and of course we all leared to speak Pidgin english. Not long after my oldest was born, we sadly had to leave and even though it was a long time ago, I still come out with the words, my kids grew used to it but I do get some funny looks from others when it just slips out, sometimes I think they think I'm a little mad, but it sure came in handy when we were out and the kids misbehaved, only they could understand! Thanks for the chuckle

Anonymous said...

bugs are sooooo boys love 'em. thanks for this fun sample.

Michelle said...

Love the new kit!! Thank you for the adorable gift!!!

olga9999 said...

It's not fun not have electricity, even if it's for only hours. We're really become dependant of modern facilities and being unable to read, watch TV and things like that could be horrible. :( So sorry about and I hope they finish the works soon.

Jazz layout is fantastic, and your new kit is wonderful. The doodles are terrific and really original. :) It's perfect for boys, they are amazed by those little crawling things. LOL

Thanks so much for the sampler and enjoy the iceberg. LOL

Best wishes. :O)

Dinphy said...

Wow thank you! It's so CUTE!!! Love it!

twoboyz00 said...

Thank you very much!

Nancy P said...

I have tried for 4 days to download this - and finally today it worked! I am so happy. I love your little bugs! They are so cute - wonderful original art - you should do more of this, it is really wonderful! Thank you for your generosity

ScrappyFairy said...

What a funny kit, like it very much. Thank you for the sampler.

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jayleigh3 said...

Kim,this bug kit is wonderful! i love its whimsical bugs...i have all but the first part of it. i can't seem to get 4Shared to let me have that 10/10 piece! i noticed that others have been able to download it today, but it will not download for me! But, i'd surely love to have that sample from 10/10 if possible. All your work is so exquisite! Thanks for your generosity!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim ... know all about "black outs" - been there and done that - and with a baby and all too! Nice to see a designer from SA - I'm in Cape Town - can't design but I sure do LUUUUUUV to scrap! Thanks for the freebies - am gonna enjoy using them! Catch up with you again soon!
Cindy Stiles
aka cstiles on most website galleries
Glencairn Heights
Cape Town