Monday, 12 November 2007

It's OVER and a little VENT

Well we all survived my Birthday week-LOL, and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you guys for YOUR WONDERFUL SUPPORT and all your *wishes*- and I tell you - it's going to take a LOT to beat this birthday! Hell I had the time of my life! hahahahaha- It nearly killed me for lack of sleep- but I soo soooo enjoyed it! THANK YOU!

Want to see what was in my Bithday Grab bags???- Here they are all 'ripped open'-LOL

My Personal Use grab bag- Had a FULL size Old Christmas Cheer kit in it (3 downloads) , Sparkles, Frame Groupies and Shake-ems(glitter shakers with glitter bows)- All for only $2.50!!! Kicking yourself yet if you missed it- LOL- don't worry they will all be in my store later today at 25% off if you missed out-

And this was My Commercial Use bag- Just ties ( a little different ties and ribbons), Framers, Festive Cheer pattern overlays, Weathered and worn overlays, Bits and bobs, and a bonus 12# Wrap. These will also be available in my store later today @ 25% off for a limited time only.

This is the STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL 21 page BRAG BOOK made by my WONDERFUL CT team!! It's AWESOME guys and this was your free gift with your purchase of my bags! WOW- what a gift - and if you still havent e-mailed me your receipt number- you have till Wednesday to do so- then it's GONE! So get them to me QUICK-hahahaha.* e-mail addy is in my complete profile*-

And this is the part that I want to dedicate to one of the 'MOST DOWN to EARTH WENCHES" I know- Kristine!!!

Girl first off let me just say that without people like you adding that brilliant colour you radiate-our lifes would be DULL!! I thank you for being YOU- for not hiding behind a cloak and pretending to be who you are not! And for heavens sakes- we are all ADULTS ( well I hope so)- and we have choices that we can make ourselves! And this one I am giving to all those here- I'm having a vent- so you don't have to read further if you don't want to- for those that know "me"- will know that I don't do this often and if I do it's for a reason that has touched me deeply-

Kristine is one of those dear people who gives of HERSELF so that we can laugh with her- at her and just laugh about LIFE in general- it lightens our dreary 'normal' little excistence on this 'mission' we call living! Maybe we don't laugh at the same things you do- but oh man if you can't find humour- then your life is really sad- and Kristine you have started off most of my mornings with such a belly laugh that it has made that day just that much 'friendlier' and brighter! I love you for that!

Kristine has just finished this AWESOME kit ART CLASS and sent it through for all the DSO designers to grab BEFORE it goes in the shop- another reason that DSO is so special- we share everything we make with each other- or do swops with Commercial use goodies- but I got soooo excited about it as I had photo's that would match it PERFECTLY!

So this one is for YOU KRISTINE!

This kit will be available in Kristines store over the next couple of days- DON'T MISS IT!

And why am I writting all this here- well besides being one of my 'fellow DSO designers' - and we all stick together- * it's what makes DSO a special place to be in*- she is also someone I regard as 'family' and a true friend! And when someone hurts one of *mine*- I get angry and hurt too- yeah, my heart breaks!!! And I am NOT going to repeat what Kristine has on her blog- because SISTER- I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU WROTE THERE!! Be grateful people for the time and effort that it takes ALL US DESIGNERS to make these kits and freebies for you- * just think how long it takes you to make a LO*-??? And then to have it thrown back in your face when you are doing a act of kindness just plain STINKS!

So today- all I'm asking is for you to take just 5 more minutes to read Kristines post from last night- I think it does US ALL GOOD to be reminded that we are infact ALL HUMAN on the otherside of these 'screens' and that we all have feelings and that a little ettiquette GOES A LONG WAY! I am leaving the download link in that same POSTING COMMENT BOX - you'll see it under my name- KimB- just copy paste it in a new browser- it's the least we can do to just say Thank you! Sending hugs and loves Kim * have to rename the file for the download- sorry for those that popped in already- doing it now-LOL*


Anonymous said...

The file is suspected of illegal or copyrighted content. Please contact link publisher or
use our search engine to find a file or folder

Here is what I am getting when I get to your link.

I couldn't leave a comment on the other blog so I'll leave it here. I can't believe how rude and ungrateful some people can be. Also,people can choose what they want to read so if you don't like someone's blog, just don't read it! I so enjoy reading a variety of blogs, just like the variety of people I enjoy in my life.

.: Kristine :. said...

Morning wench!!

You sure know how to make a wench cry you know that?! Thanks so much for your kind words, your huge heart adn even your jelly-tots 'cuz it gives me something to laugh at!!! LOL

Sendding huge bear hugs your way....

now I hafta go adn get the snot off my nose 'cuz i'm

Heather said...

I love Kristine, Kim. You both are two of the most beautiful people inside and out that I have ever "met". And I almost cried when I read her blog this morning. People are just mean, and uncaring. And someone needs to be wench slapped.

I love ya! And I have something for you on my blog.

Pamz said...

I couldn't leave a comment on Kristine's blog either. So please send this one to her if you can. I read her blog first time today thanks to you pointing it out. I read your blog daily, freebie or not. You give me inspiration and a laugh just when I seem to need it most. Kristine is right... beggers cannot be choosers! Freebie hunters are just that, me included. Not leaving some love when snatching a freebie is wrong and I'm guilty of that at times. I'm sorry. But slamming someone for their generosity because they didn't like a blog comment, that's a sin in my book. To Kristine, and to you Kim, don't ever let any freebie surfer get you down. I can't believe the generosity of Digi Scrap Designers... never have I come across a group of more caring, loving, inspiring people. You ROCK, freebies, RAK's or not. Sharing of your life is a great gift in itself... and is easier said than done at times I'm sure. That is why the digi community is so great... sharing of self, not stuff. Don't let anyone take that away from you. It's a sad day when people don't appreciate that. I Love you all for what you do and who you are. God bless you both and keep blogging, please... Pam Vance from Virginia, USA (aka pamz "at" yahoo "dot" com. PS I now have a shortcut to Kristine's blog on my desktop!!!

EAL Designs2 said...

Kim, I so agree with you, when I read Kristine's blog it broke my heart, cuz she's such a sweetie, as are you and all the ladies of DSO.
I come not just for freebies, (which I do appreciate very much), but I come to read your blogs and laugh, because you girls rock!! and boy have you all made me laugh, sometimes to hard, and I'm running to the bathroom (note to self, next time you move get a bathroom on the main floor, those stairs are a killer), lmao.
I can't begin to understand or comprahend the rudeness of some people, it just doesn't compute for some reason, maybe becuse it's just so beyond my way of thinking.
I've left Kristine a message, and here's mine to you.
Thank you Kim for all you do, for the laughs and the fun, the caring, freebies, and the vents, I love them all and you too
Hugs, Lisa

Denise said...

Kim, thank you for this post. Newbies need to get trained to paper sometimes. Thing is just about any troll (god i hope i am not one any longer) can get turned around. I can't believe how many times just in the last WEEK that i've seen in an established designer's blog that someone has trashed them for some reason or other. Morality is not the words we speak but the heart behind them. The DSO designers are a special bunch--very real women: caring, affectionate, tolerant, just, patient, ok dorky when you dance sometimes, but you dance! You revel in the joy in your lives, present IN the present, not always stuck in your past. All unwittingly, you bring a troll from under the bridge into the light so that transformation happens. I say , unwittingly--you don't always know how you affect folk. I do, NOW, try to stop and say thank you for EVERY freebie i take, even if i'm not sure how or if i can use it. It's worth the tiny bit of time it takes.

OK. somebody else's turn, LOL.

And you all make me laugh so hard. Thank you.

Robbi1 said...

Dont you girls ever ever change! We love ya just like you are! Big Hugs and Big Thank you for being you!

katg1006 said...

Kim - I love reading your blog! It just cracks me up! You are way too funny! I cannot believe this things about Kristine?? people will act. She has always been very sweet and thoughtful and I am stunned!! Left her some love - she deserves it! Why can't people just keep their negativity to themselves??

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Kimmer!

Wow - can't tell you how much I appreciated reading Kristine's blog...

How cruel, callous and mean-hearted people can be.

You know that its difficult for me to see and read some content - but you also know that I like YOU, Kim, and I dare not judge how you live write etc. You have a bigger, more giving heart than so many `Christians` I know `- and it irks me that so many of us supposedly of faith can`t get past what WE deem offensive to US to truly get to know you.

You DO so many kind, thoughtful things... you don`t pander to people`s view of what should and should not be published... its YOUR blog, and you can write, show what you like.

I will always be honest with you if something affects me, but it does not mean I in any way expect you to change that. And I always give you an explaination (eg: why I only ever want to see my yummy husband`s naked body and noone elses... - giggle, cuz in my world your husband would look like dog-meat compared to my one and only - because if he`s the only one I see, everyone else falls short)

How petty people can be. Please forgive me if I`ve ever been judgemental in anything less than a postitive manner to you.

I love your realism. I love you for not being fake. You`re 100% Kim.

Thanks for alerting me to Kristine`s rant... we all need to hear this.

Also, its the same but different for me too... being that I proclaim quite clearly that I`m a Christian woman on my blog, some folks will not want to visit or read my blog... and its best they don`t waste the 10 mins or so of their life on it if it offends them, right.

luvs to ya!


Ms. Kari - RelocatedDixieGirl said...

Kim, everythin gyou said is SO true. I couldn't imagine how someone who (as I do) benefits from you guys being so very generous by sharing your freebies & then being so freakin rude. HOW could someone be like that? I don't know how to create, I'm learning tho. I can't even imagine the time involved in a mini kit, much less a full blown mega. And to have someone complain about what's on that person's blog..Hmmm, your address bar says KIMBSDESIGNS. That means it's yours. You put whatever YOU want on it. If someone doesn't like your choise of music, or your choice of words, there's an X at the top right. I love reading your blog, I love "hearing" the slang ya'll use there. Just like Ilove the WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEs & dork dancing I do on Kristine's page. I love you guys just like ya'll are & wouldn't take anything for ya'll!!!! MUUUUUUUUUUAH

Melberry said...

Kim, bless your heart for coming to the aid/support of Kristine. Honestly, I just still am baffled how people can be so cruel, heartless, and ungrateful. I just don't get it at all. Other than Kristine's rotten time, I hope your weekend was peaceful. Best of everything, Melanie.

patk said...

oh i agree with you Kim and Kristine - (couldn't leave a message on her blog)
Just both of you keep being yourselves, and those who don't agree with you are the big losers in life - methinks perhaps they are a bit envious(jealous?) of you two? Thanks for all you share, especially your lives, with us all Ü

jazzy said...

I get so angry when I read of things like this I want to explode..and if I felt better I would get out my wet noodle...I think all these unhappy people should get their own blog and then they can spout off all their garbage as much as they want..and none of us has to see it or read it...and kristine..good for you girl..and ditto everything everyone has said..

Bonnie said...

Hey Kimmy!
Oh man, I was so shocked and so saddened to read that. I have never been to Kristines blog until today-to go and read what it was about and to read the comments others had left. Shame man, it really makes me sick. How can someone be so cruel and thankless? Pigs.VARKE. (sounds so cool in Afrikaans! ha ha)
seriously though, I have had this type of crap too from people back in the day before I was selling and giving away so much of my work. The one comment that really crushed me was, "If you can't design properly you shouldn't bother at all"-she probably downloaded it though! People in this industry (digi-scrapping world) can sometimes be really hardcore. I have seen in forums and on blogs the crap and bitchiness between designers, the endless complaints from those you out of the goodness of their hearts pass out freebies and get like 5% comments back. I don't know what it is. I have given my fair share on winges too on my blog, it gets better for a while and then things just go back to the way they were. I think,I could probably tell you who are the most regular in leaving comments all over the web, It is amazing. I think we just need to keep encouraging each other and let crap like this go-as hard as it is. I suppose I should of left this on Kristines blog but I see she had tons support already! You are a real gem-and one of the kindest designers I know and just so you know, I NEVER download the templates, (sorry, I hate templates with a passion!) but I come to read your blog EVERY time you post cos you rock and cos you are funny and cos you are South African, but hell, you could be A bushman and I would still read it! Bon

grammy201 said...

I wanted to leave a message at Kristine's but like some of the others I couldn't...I hope she comes back and reads all of these.
I was very saddened when I read your post and then Kristine's. Wow, this world has changed so much; what has happened to manners and common sense? You get a gift you say thank you...I'm sure everyone at some time or another has received a gift at Christmas or Birthday which they didn't like or care for, but the first thing out of your mouth was "Thank You" and you really meant it because you knew the person cared enough for you to take the time to get you something! Does an act of kindness not deserve a thank you anymore? And what has happened to the old saying "if you can't say something nice to someone don't say anything at all"? One thing that hasn't changed over the years is that people still have feelings! Sure we're into the computer age but just remember that it is a real live person with feelings that is reading the comments! If it's something you wouldn't want said to yourself than hold your tongue and don't say it to someone else!!! You see, its just common sense.
Please don't let these rude people get to you; there are more of us that truly appreciate and are thankful for everything that you do!

tajicat said...

I was at Bunny's when I found out about the whole mess! So awful! I found your link as I read through almost every comment. I love reading some of the blogs and don't always grab the freebie, but I ALWAYS leave a thank you! I really appreciate the time and talent involved in what the designers do. You always make me laugh, well except for the mess about Kristine! Thanks so much for the cute freebie! :)

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

I wanted to add my 2 cents here too. I was infuriated when I read Kristine's blog. It sent me into a rant of my own on my blog. Unfortuantely I'm on vacation so it's not getting wide readership. (ok, it really doesn't anyway, but it makes me feel important). I'm so glad to see you address it also, especially being a designer and so generous to us by sharing yourself in your freebies. I love reading your blog, along with Kristine's. They make me laugh so much and give me such joy. Thank you so much. Don't change a thing!!
ps Love the new Christmas Cheer kit.

Anonymous said...

It is good to get these things out in the open. Those that choose to be ignorant and rude need a wake up call. All of you who give away freebies put a bit of yourself into everything you do. A simple thank you wouldn't hurt anyone even if it is only said once in a while.

elnorac said...

Thanks for giving us a heads up about Kristine. I gave her some luv, and here's some more for you!

Marion said...

Thanks for all you girls's kindness and generosity. I really appreciate all you give and I feel really bad that someone would be so hurtful and inconsiderate to Kristine. Just consider the source is all I can say!

Tink said...

I despise people who can be that rude and unfeeling. And while I do not design scrapbooking kits, etc., I do work for a free newspaper. We get our money from the ads being placed so the people in our town get the paper free of charge at their homes. And yet, we still will get calls from people saying they are going to sue us because they didn't get it. I really don't know what is wrong with those type of peope.

olga9999 said...

It's very nice of you to take this issue as kind of personal one and vent about it in your blog. It says a lot about the kind of people in DSO and yes it helps to create a great feeling as it clearly shows how people think about some behaviours. :( Bad behaviour whether it's on the web or in real life should not be allowed and many people feel that because their faces cannot be seen in Internet they're allowed to complain and say whatever they want and complain about ridiculous things as what Kristine says in the her blog. I'm not a regular of her blog but the very few times I have been there I've never seen anything to complain about or profane or anything of that kind, and if she wants to do a dork dance, that's so innocent that I can't understand why someone would want to complain or do anything about that, that won't be laugh with her (and quite likely feel envious of her daring to do something that many would like to do but don't dare because of shame LOL).

People just want to vent their anger and just simply use Internet for it taking advantage of the anonymity they have and they simply choose a target and that's it. It's simply outrageous.

I was yesterday in her blog and left a message there but I didn't have the time to come back here to leave this, so many thanks for pointing this issue and making it public. :)

Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)

Meredith said...

i left a comment over there, but i wanted to make sure that i left one here, too, to thank you for the template! it's adorable!

BeTina said...

Hi Kim, i have read Kristines blog but dont have a blog self, i am newbie to writhe english too ;)
But here is my writing to your sister, i my say i am shocked over this persons manners :-o
And i have read so much so i have to come back for freebies with you and Kristine, my time with the pc endning nooooow :D

Hi Kristine! :)
I came here from Kims blog to read and vil give you a big lovely hug ♥♥♥ I am so shocked!? Howe can someone have been SO rude and nasty to you!?? My english is not so good but i am sooo sad over this persons manners. Don't let this person without manners stop your lovely generous personality.
Its first time here .....i have to dawnload some freebies ;o)))))))
Keep on bein´ YOU ♥♥♥

Maggie said...

Thanks so much for the freebie and i so agree about the etiquette stuff. We should appreciate what you all scrappers do and all the freebies you do give out because you don't have to but you do and do so very generously! Hugs