Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wonderful Weather Wednesday

hee hee- don't worry I'm not going to start singing old 'show tunes' again- LOL, Trust me- the one was stuck in my head all morning too- LOL, well until Nathan got home and started playing his music- then I was singing along to that! And Renee- PPPHHHTTTT (pulling tongues)- hate that song as much as you do- ROTFLMAO! Funny that I can listen and enjoy ANY music except one! I listen to opera, jazz, blues, rock n roll, pop, Rock, house and club- but oh I can't stand Heavy metal! I'm not talking heavy Rock here I'm talking HEAVY metal- it just makes me feel angry and irritated- LOL. * just some useless info for the day*- ROTF!

Last night I had BELLY laughs- with tears - Bunny has asked all the designers at DSO to download a talk programme so we can all yap together- well Um- we got my webcam up- but my mic wasn't working- OMGaaawsh- all picture no sound and a lot of helllllooooo's was enough to send me into hysterics- I had to stand up to let Nathan under my desk to find all the connections for my mic- and in doing so had to stand up and lean forward to type- and what do you think comes over my speakers- Hey I can see down your top! ROTFLMAO- Nathan burst out laughing under my desk and that was me finished( my son and I giggle at each other sometimes and we can't stop-ahahahahahaha) - I then gave Bunny the 'jelly tot' mellon squash trying to get as much cleavage as possable- but um they not that big! hahahahahahahaha - Well at least it will save Bunny's phone bill- hahaha

And we have ANOTHER AWESOME EXCLUSIVE designer joining our ranks!! ANDREA- Boyersville scraps! Girl welcome to the nut house- Oh but you already know that- LOL.

And Andrea, Heather and Ms. Kari all gave me this wonderful award!

YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Thanks so so much for this! And I'm supposed to pay this forward- So here we go- TO-

ALL THE DESIGNERS at DSO- every single one of YOU! Not only do we all work together- but I regard all of you as FRIENDS and FAMILY!-

To MY WHOLE CT Team- blogs or not- Jazzy, Crops, Colleen, Renee, Beth and Silvia-Without you being 'my backbone and my sanity at times' I would be lost! Love ya tons!

To my two South African counterparts- Bonnie and Jenni- guys thanks for all the support and for the friendship too! Het hulle baie lief!

Melanie, Mrs Miles, Amy, Sally, Shannon for your constant support and for ALWAYS just being YOU! MWAH

Goodness there are always soooo soooo many that I could name here so I'm just going to say-I love ya ALL!

And this is what happens to me guys- this kit started as a few papers for the DSO Party- as a prize- and I loved the feel of it so much it landed up being a full kit before I knew it- LOL. 2 Lucky people got it at the DSO chats too!

This is Stone Castle- so named because the papers reminded me of vintage old walls and wallpaper - It's a Rustic, rich coloured Vintage style kit- in deep blues and golds..

And my CT have been busy with it too-

This is from Silvia- these are her two beautiful daughters- she used the clusterframe that inspired the colours for this kit- LOL, yeah I get my colours from strange things sometimes- How AWESOME does this look! Love it!

And from Renee- Love the puzzle effect on the castle photo! AWESOME!! This kit is on SALE @ 25% off for a limited time only- Go check it out closer HERE-

And here is something that Kristine left for all of you that took the time to leave her some loving the other day- A huge hug- hard until you fart- and this-

A HUGE BIG KISS- ROTFLMAO- got to love ya girl!!

And of course today's freebie is a little addition to this moody textured kit-

A realistic frame in brass with a few little accents-LOL. Oh and forewarning to those still to blog today- GOOD LUCK- ROTF- Blogger is not playing nice today and I have had more @#&(@&*# error messages today than comments I've tried to leave- so just gonna say it here for today- LOVE YA- Wheeeeeee! hahahahaha- Hugs and Loves Kim


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Yippee I'm first! Man I wish I was a designer so I could have fun with you all. Great new kit!

Have a flippin terrific day.

Vicki in Texas said...

Thanks for the beautiful frame. I do believe that is the biggest, sloppiest kiss I have had in a long time.

.: Kristine :. said...

Arrrggghh!! Between Blogger being a shit today & high winds cutting off my internet, I better make this short and sweet!!!

You RAWK woman!!!

::lettin' my fro goooooooooooo::

Better get back to work or the head fairy will kick my azz.........ROFLPIMP!!

Love ya babes!!! *Mwah*

Ms. Kari - RelocatedDixieGirl said...

You rawk & you know it!!! Love ya bunches!! MUUUUAH

jazzy said...

Thanks for the award GF...glad to be apart of this great CT..its been a joy working with them..and of course with YOU.. are so full of it and thanks for the hug and that kiss!!!
Kim thanks for the great that frame..and the new kit is awesome..
Have a great day everyone...

Andrea said...

OoooWeeee Kim that's such a pretty kit! I swear, before long you guys are going to have my hard drive so full!! This morning when I got up to work I had to pinch myself to remember that I actually joined you lot! YAY!
Lots of love!
Sorry I missed your boobs, tho! LOLOL!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

ALL YOU GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for todays goodie!!!!!!!!

Peggie said...

Thank you for this beautiful frame.

Bonnie said...

Man that was funny! You crack me up every time I read your friggin blog! hee hee. Thanks for the award! I would like to thank my granny, my teacher in second grade, my get the picture!! *bow-we're not worth!* hee hee. I hope Kristine is feeling better! Bon

Jenni said...

Wow, your new kit is just awesome! I don't know where you get the time to do all of this work, still do freebies and chat as much as you do almost everyday. I am so terrible with keeping up to date!
Thanks so much for the cute little award!!

Shannon said...

Love the colors Kim! Thanks for the beautiful frame and the warm-fuzzy award! You RAWK! :)

angelfaye said...

Thank you for the kit at the chat and for the frame to add to it!! You,bunny,kristine - you all rock and I love you all mwah!!!!

Anonymous said...

The beauty of this frame (and the whole kit, actually) leaves me breathless. I downloaded it with the hope I can find a picture worthy of its frame. Thanks ever so much Kim!

grammy201 said...

Oh what a beautiful frame!
Thank you so very much for sharing with us!

Sharon said...

Thank you for the lovely frame.

Fishinmom said...

Love the kit hon! Good thing I wasn't chattin' the other night, sounds like "hubby" who sits behind me would have gotten a free show!! LOL!!

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Dinphy said...

Love the frame, thank you so much!

MichelleM said...

Gorgeous frame! Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Miles said...


Like Duh, I completely skipped over this part - must be I sees my name so much all over the place on my blog that I subconsciously pass it over as booooo-ring.

Awww, what a CUTE, SWEET award - Thank you, thank you thank you...

"first of all, I'd like to thank my producer, without who's continual support and encouragement I could not have achieved this award ... and my ..." GIGGLE, WHAT? You didn't want an acceptance speech, but KIM, I've been practicing for this day...



BeTina said...

Thanks for kiss ;)¨
Thanks for the lovely frame :D
Big hugs back !!

olga9999 said...

Oh my God you are terrible in DSO and I don't think things will improve with the webcam and the internet telephony.LOL

Congratulations on getting a new award and congratulations to all the people that received the award from you. :) They are lovely and great people.:)

The layouts are terrific, Sylvia's ones with the sepia toned photos are fantastic. :) Thanks so much for sharing them with us. :)

And many thanks for the frame, it's fabulous and wonderfully vintage. :)

Best wishes. :O)

Glenda said...

My computer crashed and burned, so I am playing catch up on freebies.
I don't remember if I had already
picked this up or not, but I'm not going to look for it. I lost all
my programs, e mails and that kind
of stuff, but I had just finished
moving all my scrapping stuff to my
external HDs, so I still have all of it. That had me worried when I
took it in. I just need to borrow
a PSP disc from someone now. All I use that for is to open PSP things 'cause I use Adobe for everything else.