Thursday, 13 December 2007

Contractors and lunch

Ok- LOL, Maybe I shouldn't be posting now- ROTF- I had my Friend Deon's(aka PINK) Christmas lunch- and well yeah- I didn't have coffee- LOL

Just got back ( that's a 5 hour lunch!!) besides my stomach being WAY tooo fuLL- my ass is numb too! hahahahahaha-

But I couldn't go today without showing you the hole in my ceiling- LOL. I've had a house full of contractors this morning- the builder, the carpet guy and of course the plumber yesterday! So been rather 'busy'- LOL- And then LUNCH!! So sorry guys there's no freebie today- but thought I'd share some LO's and the photo's!! I got my new camara!!! WHOOOOPPPIEEEE- so am playing with it at the moment! Gee's took me a while to figure out all the buttons- LOL, Never used a Canon before and got so used the the Nikon 'buttons'- but let me tell you!! WOW - I'm sooo sooo thrilled with the pics! The clarity and the sharpness ALONE have made me a Canon convert! LOL


So here is the hole in my celing- but check it closely- it looks like a HUGE BULLET HOLE!! That's the amount of pressure that came flying through there that it blasted a HOLE- not just filled the ceiling boards and dropped through!- hahahaha
LOL- trust me it looks BEAUTIFUL! hahahaha( i just close the door!!!WAHAHAHA) - the rest of the ceiling is now that patchy off white STAINED look! hahahahaha. Well it will soon be new again! I used my weathered frames that are in store too.

And this is the little man that gave me my colour inspiration for the Old Festive Cheer kit- Man this camara is AWESOME- this is a FULL 12x12 LO- and just look at the size of that photo! And it's PERFECT!! Crystal clear! WHOOHOOO- ( just to let you know this is default settings- haven't even tried looking at all the options yet-hahaha)

Colleen used some of my grab bag ( Still on Sale but not for long!) to come up with this beautiful LO! Remember tomorrow is Friday- and after the weekend its GONE and up again separately at FULL price- so check it out here to make sure you don't miss it!

Man How gorgeous did this come out! And That's it for now- LOL, there's some new stuff coming up tomorrow- so make sure you pop in to check and now I'm going to find a HUGE MUG of Coffee before my poor hubby comes home and I have to breathe on him- ROTFLMAO! Hope you all have a wonderful day- hugs and loves Kim


Mrs. Miles said...

I'm having a BIG MUG over here too - thinking about you! That is SOME HOLE in your roof! I vote you should leave it there for Santa to come thru!


~ B

PS - congrats on the new camera!

Ms. Kari said...

oh does look like a bullet hole!!!!! and the frame's perfect. I'm just having tooo much fun over here...between your geysers & bullethole looking happenings, our ice & snow...the thought of Wayne (aka DAVID) bathing in the pool...shew lawd woman. lol OK...before you crack the whip..I'm back to work!! Loves ya!! MWAH

xashee's corner said...

sorry to hear about that nasty ceiling hole, sure hope the contractors take care of it for ya! Thanks soooooo much for reminding us of your Grab bag!!!! just bought it and i would have KICKED myself if i had missed out! Then it would have left a HUGE bruise, because i kick hard! LOL Anyways, i LOVE it and thank you so much for sharing your designs!!! I LOVE commercial use! WOOHOO!
looks like a TERRIFFIC camera!! you are going to have FUN with it!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day! :D

Bonnie said...

Hey kim, oh man, that sucks about your geyser and the huge hole! What a giant mess! So you got a canon! Welcome to the family! ha ha. What camera do you have? I have a canon powershot S5IS with a 12x optical zoom. I love it, by far better than the previous camera I had. Enjoy your new toy!

Barb W said...

Wow! Nasty hole! Glad to know it's being fixed. Lovin' that picture of Santa there,too...such clarity! I am in the market for a new camera, what kind of Canon did you get???? Do tell!

Bunny said...

one of these days we'll get brave enough to change some settings! hahaha!!!

Angelsdigiscrap said...

Wow!! You weren't kidding about the hole in the ceiling!! Ugh, talk about a headache!! Hope that gets fixed and cleaned up soon! Hugs.
I just knew that you were going to do that to me!! (Taking your grab bag off sale this weekend!) Well at least I have until Sunday night, right? LOL. I'm dying here, and all of these little sneek peeks are making me drool!! LOL. God you're so mean I tell ya!! LOL. I hope you get lots of sales off of it. I know alot of people are talking about it. :) I love your CU stuff, so keep up the awesome work. Take care and ttys.

Muma said...

Well hey there Miss Bandwidth exceeded with photobucket. Does that mean you have become way too popular? Looks like someone tried to sneak in your house and fell through the roof. Or are the mice in SA bigger than the rest of the world?? I'm doing great, busy busy. Will probably send an email to ya in the next few days to let ya know whats been going on.
TTFN and look after yourself sweetie.

Shel said...

I had to have my diet dr pepper before I could even READ all this, Kim! Good lord, girl, I wish I had your philosophy and humor.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the new stuff you're showing, especially Shelby's kit. Keep up the good work, you're inspiring me to go do some LO's!

olga9999 said...

I don't know how you manage to keep the good mood after that, you were very luck nobody was in the room when that happened, because it could seriously have hurt anyone in the room. :( I hope you finally get that sorted out without any more surprises. :(

Nice layouts thanks so much for sharing them with us. :)

Have a great weekend and best wishes. :O)

Denise said...

omg i hope you're gonna laugh.

i was flying by your layouts and freebies looking for a quick quick page for a challenge and i saw your layout of your ceiling damage.

I thought it was a qp with a torn and folded middle to make a frame. I started looking for the link before, duh--dum, oops. That's not a qp!


Lawgal said...

The hole is horrible but the frame you created for the photo is amazing. LOVE IT! One of the best I've seen in digi scrapbooking in a long time!! May I use it sometime on my blog with credit to you?!