Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I'm an AUNTY

WHOOOOHOOOOO- I'm officially an AUNTY!!! I'm soo soo excited! Gee's I've been waiting for ages for a niece or nephew! And *she* arrived way ahead of schedule too!

My Sister had been leaking water since Thursday last week- landed up in and out of hospital on steroid treatments hoping to stop the *leak*- she went home feeling fine and went to her Gyn yesterday for a check up and a sonar scan.! As they were walking OUT the docs office she *squirted this time as she put it* again! So he put her in hospital ( this time permanently on bed rest) but decided to do a ceasear(*sp*) for the baby's sake as the fluid loss was quite large.

At 6 weeks early they warned my sister about the baby going to ICU and incubators,pipes etc- WELL- my little NIECE came out screaming and kicking- LOL. She shocked the doctors and nurses and is in the NORMAL maternity ward!!! So last night was a scary and exciting all at the same time!!

But OH MAN- she's TINY!! LOL All of 2.1kg! (x2.2 for pounds)- that's MORE than HALF the size of Nathan who was 4.5kg!!!!


Ok- At the moment life has hit what I would call HECTIC- hahahaha- so I have no freebie today but I HAD TO SHARE MY NEWS-

AND - My CT are all on the look out today to hand out some EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESSIES!! YIPPPPEEEEEE- fun day all round! hahahahaha--

But here are just a few more LO's using my A Purple Christmas Kit-

This one is from Renee- and oh goodness looking at that picture- here comes AUNTY to SPOIL My little niece! LOL

And this is from Colleen- LOVE those decorations!!!!! Stunning!!
And now I'm running out again! LOL- Until tomorrow- hugs and loves, Kim


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the little one! I.m sure you will spoil her royaly. Do we have a name for the little darling?

Being Mrs Miles said...

WOO HOO - Congratulations Kim - what a lucky neice... I have a feeling this little gal will be royally spoiled, and will redifine the word 'doting' Auntie... hehe. I am so excited for you. What a wonderful Christmas prezzie, all else will pale in comparison!

jumping up and down with GLEE for you,

Kristine said...


Doin a Naughty Dork Dance for Aunty Kim!!

Fab-u-lishus news & at Christmas-time no less!!!! Congrats to mum and baby too!!


Lynn said...

Congratulations, Auntie Kim!! Can't wait to see what your niece's birth inspires you to design and scrap!! :) Happy Holidays!

Bonnie said...

Congrats Aunty Kim!!!

By Dezign said...

Oooh, congrats. May she always be the blessing she is now. WOW, that's just brilliant news. Pink booties and dummies.

absolutartist1 said...

CONGRATS!!!!! Always exciting! My mewest niece was born about 2 weeks early this past June at 4lbs 11.5oz., but she's bound and deteremined to make it up! You wouldn't know now she'd been a preemie!

Your CT managed to tag me this morning as well! Thanks so much! [hugs]

Anonymous said...

Congrats! How exciting to have the little peanut around for Christmas!


Unknown said...

Congratulations Aunty Kim!! I have a feeling this little princess will be spoiled royally!! Congrats to the new Mom & Dad as well.

Shannon said...

Congratulations Kim! Babies are the best - and 'cause of Nadya I'm partial to little girls! Glad everyone is ok! Nadya was only a week early and she weighed in at 6 lbs 7.5 oz. Now she's 19 lbs!
Beth RAKd me today with Purple Christmas - thanks so much for another beautiful kit for me to play with. I had snagged Old Festive Cheer when it came out (part of the grab bag). Thanks again! Happy "Auntie"ing. :)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS!! If you are looking for a girly kit I have a HUGE freebie on my blog! I had a baby girl 2 months & 1 day I made a HUGE kit (80 papers 100 elements) for a QP exchange (to help my scrapping & all involved) however that is over...but the kit is still FREE on my blog! You can grab it you will have to scroll till you see it thought...the kit name is Sweet Kaitlyn (that is my daughters name)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the new auntie, but ofcourse also BIG congrats to the lucky parents!
Hope your sister is doing ok?
That's some story, to think she'd be going to the incubator etc. and then have a sweet princess all kicking and screeming! That's just so wonderful!
So.... I quess we'll be looking forward to a lot of pink LO's and kits from you... ;)
Have a great time!

marianne said...

CONGRATS to all!!!!! my boy was born 8 weeks early [GASP!] @ 1.98kg's ... he's now 11 months and 10kg's!!!!! I tell you, it's he preemies that are the fighters!! HUGS to your sister, it's a "bit" scary when they come early, SO glad all is well though! please tell her everything will be ok!! ((HUGS)) marianne

Anonymous said...

HOHOHO Santa came early with the best pressie of all.......AUNTY KIM.........great news for you and your sister.....congrats all around.......this means more girlie kits you know.

Jackie said...

wooohooooooo congrats Auntie Kim!!!! Dynamite comes in little packages, remember that. Can't wait to see pics...HINT HINT!!!

babydoe said...

That is exciting news. I know I was so excited about both of my neices. The only thing I got more excited about was my own son and now my darling grandson. Aren't babies fun! Have fun spoiling this one.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Auntie!!!

I am just popping by to let you know how much I truly truly appreciate being RAK'd today by Beth!! (That sounds naughty!!!)

Thank you so much for the early Christmas present I was doing a little dance in my cubie at work!!!! (Yes I was scrappin' at work don't tell my boss,)

Thank you thank you thank you. And Beth too!!! Beautiful kit.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Glad Mom & baby & Auntie are all doing fine! Gorgeous layouts, too!

LLG Denise said...

Kim, Kim, Kim! Congratulations! Was that the sister that was fartin' on you in the picture recently--she didn't even look pregnant. She and her family are in my thoughts today. Kickin' and screamin' huhn? Naw! that was singin and dancing with the peacocks. What do grownups know?

Kim, Kim, Kim! I got RAK'd by Beth today to receive your Party On! kit! Beth prolly already showed you my thanks, but Beth thought a direct hit would be good too! I was gonna do that, really i was! So, just in case you haven't seen it quite yet, my message began:

RAK??? RAK!!! ME??? ME!!!
OMG OMG OMG You really love me!

yes, gurl, I know, over the top. But it is an indication of the deep respect i have for your work. That you can feel that from me, that either of you would take the TIME to feel that from me leaves me awestruck.

You can never repay an act of kindness: a gift paid for is a sale, not a gift. However, paying it forward is a different story. There's always a way to deliver a RAK and i'll be looking for mine.

Thank you and Beth so much for thinking of, and blessing, me today.

lovinlifegurl, aka denise

Startingover said...

Congrats on your little Neice!!

Inma said...

Congratulations on becoming an auntie!!! :) It's fantastic that everything went well and your niece is kicking like hell, I'm sure you're going to spoil her rotten. LOL

It's fantastic how nicely this kit looks with black and white and sepia photos, the layouts are terrific.:)

Thanks so much for everything and best wishes. :O)

Happy Christmas