Sunday, 16 December 2007

a *sneak* on a Sunday

hee hee- yeah it is ME- LOL. And it's Sunday evening- but tomorrow is a public holiday and I really really have to get some Christmas goodies and shopping done! So I thought because my GRAB BAG4 ENDS at midnight tonight I would show you what is inside- Yup, before it's turned off- so you have a chance to grab it still if you like what's in it-

6 brand new products-

Bead it- full of shiny crystal styled beads to play with- just add your own colour-

More Ties- Bows, ribbon and some added threaded ties ( in psd with shadows and eyelets on seperated layers)

Grungy and weathered- 6 sharp grungy and textured overlays that will bring any paper or element to life.

Festive trees- 11 png shapes for pattern, cards or ANY element during this festive time ( play with different styles for different effects.

Easy Peasy florals- 5 outlined designed floral overlays- fill with your own colours and use different textures for endless different results!

Build a Bag- Template format in PSD and PNG's- with different handles, latch options. Comes with doodles, ribbons and eyelets- all on seperated layers. Add your own papers or colours.

There you have it guys- not to bad all of that for only $8!! So grab it quick before they are all up tomorrow at full price. I hope you have all had a great weekend so far- it's POURING with rain here at the moment but I'm enjoying the 'peace' that always comes with a summer rain!

I hope to chat to you all tomorrow - eeek can't spend the whole day in the shops! LOL- I'll drive myself NUTS! Christmas crowds make me claustrophobic! I'm sooo used to shopping when it's quiet during the week anytime- so now it's always queues and bump bump bump! YUGH! hahahahaha-

Until tomorrow- Hugs and Loves Kim

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.: Kristine :. said...

Have fun shopping darlin'!!!! Mine's all it's the wrapping.....