Sunday, 30 December 2007


LOL- I'm doing a *sneaky*- While tha cat's(Wayne) snoring on the couch the mouse will play quickly. ( I promised not to work too long on the computer during the festive season-hee hee) So sneaking it....

I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas with your families and loved ones? Mine was the most relaxing I've had in YEARS!! I didn't have to cook a thing! Just had to rock up at my sister houst and eat and well eat some more-ROTF!

The morning was raining and cool too which was a nice change to the heat- but the funniest was that for the first time the *PARENTS* had to wait for their son to wake up!! hahahahahaha- Wayne and I got up early- but Nathan slept in till 9am!!! We laughed at the change of roles as usually he would wake us at sparrow fart to open presents!
I've had family and friends from afar and it's been a wonderful few days holiday- Hubby took the week off between Christmas and New Year so I've been spending time with him. Besides catching up on sleep, we've finished the paving, some of the garden beds and refurbished my bedroom too! WOOOHOOOOO!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so I thought I had BETTER sneak on here now as I will never make it tomorrow- hahahahahahaha

Yup- friends are coming around later tomorrow afternoon to start with a cocktail evening! Then we are off to a venue where NONE of us have to clean a thing up on the 1st! hahahahaha

Sheeesh, hangovers are bad enough as it is- let alone cleaning up the glasses that still have alcohol in them in the morning- GAG-YUGH!!ahahahaha

Just to let you all know that my Jan Colour challenge is up ( yeah a little early too-lol, but oh better safe than sorry right-hee hee)

Here is a preview of the posting gifty for this month using the new colour swatch.

So come and have some fun with me and I will send you this gift for playing with.

I just want to take this time to wish you all a FANTASTIC NEW YEAR, may 2008 be full of love, laughter, friends and all that you hope for! I am so looking forward to starting my New Year with you too! Renee my wonderful South African CT member and friend sent me this tonight and I've asked her permission to share it here with YOU - my friends and digi-family.

It's just tooo beautiful not to pass on!

And now I hope you ALL LET THAT FRO-GO and do a DORK DANCE tomorrow night- actually bugger that- make that TONS of DORK dances- cause I'm going too- LOL. Until 2008 my friends-keep it safe tomorrow but oh have FUN!! We have a NEW YEAR ahead of us and lets see out this old one with a BANG!! loves and hugs Kim


shelbz said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND LOVED ONES KIMMY!!! I wish that all your hopes and dreams of 2008 will come true for you. You ahve been a true blessing in my life and i thank god every day that he brought you to me...Only you can make me smile and laugh in the face of adversity...I LOVE YOU!!!!

Ms. Kari said...

I hope youe New Years is happy & fun-filled (I know it will be, I just wanna hear about it!). Ya'll have a great one & do some major dork dancin!! Much much love!!

JanMary said...

Happy New Year from N Ireland.

JanMary said...

Happy New Year from N Ireland.

Denise said...

so glad your holidays were both restful and productive. Have a great time ushering in the NEW Year! That LO from Renee is just gorgeous.

We're getting snow tonight, sigh...

Am so looking forward to hearing about your work-free turn of the year!

blessings to you and your family and friends,


Robbi1 said...

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your Family Kim and glad to hear you are getting alot accomplished and getting some well deserved rest. Take Care Now. Hugs!

Ann said...

Dear Kim,
I wish YOU and ALL your family a MARVELLOUS NEW YEAR!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Happy New Year!!!!
Thanks for making me laugh so much over the past year.

The color challenge is gorgeous as is the lo done by your CT.

Have a great time celebrating the start of the new year! Dork dance the night away.

.: Kristine :. said...

Happy New Year beautiful!!!! Get trashed , have a blast and come back safe and sound in the New Year!!! Mwah!

xashee's corner said...

HAPPY & safe NEW YEAR to you & yours!! (and the dork dancing begins hehe)

Denise said...

Happy New Year to you and yours! Have a blast (you're allowed) (insert dork dance here) I see there is another Denise (goddess of wine) so this is from DeniseM from Sunny SA!!

Becky said...

Happy New Year! come back soon-I'm missing your fun posts.

Anonymous said...

A)we miss you!


CresceNet said...

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