Wednesday, 5 December 2007

What a Wednesday

YAY- I'm feeling 70 today- LOL, not 100- just 70!! Had a GOOD nights sleep ( in bed by 9.30pm- which for me is like the middle of the afternoon-ROTF) and woke up at 7am!! Feel like a new woman- except for the *man* with the darn bell in my head!! HAHAHAHAHAHA- My ear is still blocked and nose is still running but Oh man after feeling like I did yesterday- today is PARADISE!! hahaha-

Want to hear about the weekend??? HUH, HUH?- Well lets just say I was thinking it was DOOMED in the beginning- we were supposed to leave at 4am ( Wayne needed to sort out things before he left for Germany yesterday) so we decided to give him the time and leave in the early hours of the morning- UHUM- but you KNOW me right??- WAHAHAHA, Mornings I don't do on a NORMAL day- I heard the dogs bark and heard a faint shout - jumped up in bed and shouted to Wayne that everyone was here already- he sort of grunts and turns over and say's - It's not that time yet'!!! ( hahahaha- say's the morning person!) Well it was!!! EVERYONE was outside the locked gate shouting over the wall to let them in- because WAYNE had left his cell phone UNDERNEATH a pile of 'sleeping bags' he had thrown on the table just as we went to bed (12.20pm!!) and it muffled the alarm as well as the calls!!-So you can imagine- I was rushed to the shower while everyone GRABBED everything in a bag they saw and threw it in the bus- I ran out with dripping hair- no make up, NO COFFEEEEEEEE- Gee's! Torture a woman- REALLY!!! hahahaha- but it wasn't so bad- everyone was so excited that it was yapping one on top of the other and lots of teasing Waynes way about being LATE ( he's NEVER LATE- WHAHAHAHAHA)!!

We managed to travel about 2 hours before I told everyone if I didn't get coffee I would likely shoot someone- I was handed a BEER!! HELLO- it's only about 7 in the AM!!! COOLDRINK?, WATER?- err no - the cooler box the MEN packed while I was in the shower had NOTHING except BEER and a bottle of tequila!!!! GEE's WAYNE!!!! ROTFLMAO!!

And THAT is how the trip STARTED!!- I had the beer too! Was thirsty!! Ok the first sip sent gooseflesh all over but hey it was cold! LOL

And this is the first LO of us at 8.30 am!! They are busy working on new roads here and we had a 30 minute wait to let cars through from the otherside- no problem to this bus full of 'energetic overgrown teenagers- we open the doors- turn up the music and stretch the FUN WAY- we danced on the side of the road!! The car in front and behind us joined in too-LOL, Eventually people were sitting on their car bonnets/roofs and clapping with- hahahahahahahaha- I must admit- we laughed and felt like kids when we got back in the bus and everyone was waving and hooting as we passed!

These are my friends Charmaine and Roche - going for a * high five* as the car in front jumped out to join us- LOL.! I used my new Party On kit and funny it was perfect with the tones of everyones clothes ( you'll see more tomorrow-LOL) -

Check out the kit here- still 25% off for a limited time only-

And here are some awesome LO's done my CT team Using the Party On kit too- and we have 2 Guest CT members for Dec! Doodle and PK DOLL!!! Thanks guys!! MWAH
This LO was done by Crops!! Love how she used the large photo on this LO!! AWESOME JOB girl! And the one below is by PK Doll!! Its GORGEOUS!!

Hee hee- I'll have to do my story's in bursts for the week or you'll be here reading for days on one post!! ROTFLMAO! So I'll stop yapping now and give you a little something- hahaha

I made my LO into a QP for you- - Until tomorrow- hope you all have a FAB day- Hugs and Loves Kim


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I love this QP. I am sure that I will use this often for scrapping activities with friends.

.: Kristine :. said...

Thanks so much darlin'!!!! Love the sunny colors in this kit!!!

Bonnie said...

Lol, a beer at 7 in the morning? You are one ROF chick!! ha ha. Looks like you had a fun time!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Love the LO's!!!!
TY so very much for this Cool QP!!!!!!

Mrs. Miles said...

OKayyyyy - my kids are not allowed to hang around with you Kimmie... buhahhahahahahhah just kidding. I just can't figure out how you have the ENERGY to do all this - but then again you don't have to go to the gym with all the dancin' you do! Some folks actually PAY to work out, they should take your tip and just stop and dance roadside for a few hours - course swap the calorie laden beer for a breakfast shake... giggle!

Thanks for sharing, both your adventures and beautiful elements.

Canuck kissies!
~ Barb

Ms. Kari said...

Oh GAH, a beer at 7 AM!? Dear Lord. I can't wait to hear about the REST of the trip if it started that way lol

Melberry said...

You're certifiably bonkers, kiddo ... but in a good way. LOLOL Thanks for sharing YOU with us! Melanie

kelli said...

Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for the QP.

Bunny said...

Great layouts Kimmie,
glad your home, I got wonewy!

aquasxrap said...

Thanks for sharing....your life and this lovely QP.....sounds like you had a hoot of a time.

Renee said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your adventures!
Tell me more please! LOL
Love the QP!

Lani said...

haha love it! Dancing on the side of the road sounds like my kinda roadtrip! lol tho gawd kim beer at 7am? wine maybe but i couldnt do beer lol.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

Jody said...

Absolutely love this QP. THank you

You really have so much fun and I enjoy reading all about it. Hope the head feels better!

Spontanity said...

Love this QP.
And your contribution for the wst:):)TSM...

olga9999 said...

No wonder you were so tired with that start of the morning, and if at 7am you were drinking beer and at 8.30 dancing in the road, that's a wild weekend. LOL To be honest with you I wouldn't have left home without a coffee, mainly because I would have been unable to walk outside, I'm not a morning person at all. LOL So I consider you a brave one as you managed to do something impossible for me. LOL

The photo is fantastic, and so are the layouts. Thanks for sharing them. :)

Thanks for QP and best wishes. :O)

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

verabear said...

Hi Kim! I'm not usually a fan of QPs but the ones made from your Party On kit are so irresistible to pass up. I think it's the vibrance of it all :) thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi there...thanks for sharing first of all! Your work is wonderful!
I wanted to download the QP "Let's Party" and there's no link to it...:-( is it expired or you removed it? Just wanted to know. If you're still giving it away can you please send me a link to my hotmail@:
so that I can download it. Thanks so much. I would truly appreciate it & a reply too!
Have a great day!