Friday, 4 January 2008


What happened to the rest of the week??- ROTFLMAO- I keep forgetting that * I started on a Thursday* and it feels like a Tuesday for me today- LOL. Well I will be glad to see Monday arrive- my house keeper returns from her leave and I tell you- I MISS THE WOMAN!! -LOL, I'm a housewives ASS!! - I HATE HOUSEWORK! with a passion- LOL, and after tiding the house this morning I was actually soooo thankful for the rain we are having because it just means I DON'T have to do the laundry- WAHAHAHAHAHA- terrible hey???-

But poor Waynie has accepted it years ago( he didn't have much of a choice- hahahahahaha). He jumps in too and washes dishes and floors with no moans- but he does cut the line at ironing- hahahaha. I think to me that's the WORST of the lot! IRONING! Any other * housework* haters out there????- hahahahaha

Well after doing the house this morning I managed to finish the second LO of the *Friends Christmas Cocktails evening*- and I enjoyed how it turned out

I used my Party On kit plus the freebie from yesterday- tape from my Bug-in kit. Thanks to JHC for her template( revised by me). Font used - Cool dots.

On a serious note SILVIA my wonderful friend and CT member is in hospital with really bad pnuemonia- and she will be in there for another week! So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers- I know she is a friend to many in this scrapping community. Get WELL SOON GIRL- I miss Ya!!!

OOOOH, Bunny has a few of the designers doing an Encylcopedia of an Ordinary Life Challenge - We have to scrap about ourselves so that this book/album can be passed down to our children and future generations- Each week will have a new letter and we have to scrap at least 3 things about OURSELVES with that letter that you would like your future family/children to know about YOU- This weeks letter is A ( will be blogging mine when I'm finished it)- but these I find the hardest- you know the serious stuff about yourself-LOL. Why not play along with us???- The next letter is on Wednesday next week, so you still have a chance to start- Would love to see what you come up with!!

And because my life isn't quite mine yet- LOL, I didn't manage to make a freebie today- BUT

I want you to have a look at ALL THESE AWESOME KITS that are in my colour Challenge thread at DSO! GOOD GRIEF- do you see how many there are???- These girls are on the ball this month and are keeping me HOPPING!! lol

I am just soo sooo soooo thrilled! Besides the kits, QP's, Alphas, Papers- there are some AWESOME LO's too!! So if you HAVEN'T registered at DSO- just do it here and then pop in and come join my challenge- ( you can use ANY of these fantastic kits in the thread) - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave these wonderful ladies some love as for some this was the first time they have tried to make suffies to share and it is nerve wracking putting your stuff out there!!

Actually just a quick note- someone left me a message that they prefer getting the freebies the *old way* and don't know why they need to do a challenge to recieve them- well honestly- the challenge is just that- a challenge(a game)- which I host and well- I like to tell you about it-LOL. You don't have to play with at all- but I find the challenges make me think out of my box and make me try NEW things and concepts- with or without the posting gift- I would do it anyway- it's a way of learning and meeting new people and well also a way of preventing that horrid * scrappers block*- LOL. And that's what I give out- a posting gift- it's not a freebie as I would normally put here on the blog for you- but I do like to advertise the fact that I have a challenge running because I LOVE playing with all the ladies in the forum. LOL

Well I'm looking forward to doing some serious designing this weekend- WHOOOHOOO ( yeah CT team I hear Ya-LOL), and have a couple of kits half done and I'm going to take time out this weekend to finish some. Until next week, Keep safe and have a super duper fun filled weekend- hugs and loves Kim


Ms. Kari said...

Challenges are fun! It makes you work & try something you might not ordinarily do.
And I am feeling your pain on hating housework. I absolutely despise it. And I'm SOOOOOOO dreading it even more now since I've been sick, I've just been doing a very very basic amount. Almost dreading feeling better. lol Wanna loan me your housekeeper? Oh shoot, speaking of You reminded me I have it piled up. With 5 of us in the house it backs up QUICK. Dangit man.

Renée said...

First off - Silvia, get better soon hunny. The team is rooting for you.

Second - house work yuch, YUCH, and if I can go any bigger here Yuch!!!!!!!!

Third - get that kit out Kimmy, I'm bored!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourth - I love the challenges!!!! lookee, I even make pigs purty LOL.

Jazz said...

Silvia..sent you a email yesterday..had no idea you were in the hospital..hope you will be feeling better thoughts and prayers will be with you..take this time and have a good need that..
I never liked housekeeping but I loved when I got thru and the house was all clean and smelling that I can't do it anymore I wish I could..arent we fickle..LOL I like the challenges too..not just for the goodies you get but for the fun of it..Im on a roll this month Ive already done 5 or so and working on more..
Everyone have a great weekend...and Kim Im expecting that new kit next week...(wet noodle time I guess LOL)..Hugs and Love

Nancy72 said...

I don't understand what she means by "old way" (tongue in cheek)...because you still give lots of verrry nice GIFTS here on your blog...;o)
I had to cut myself down to 5 blogs...toughest job ever...and your's is one...;o)

Why did I keep deleting you and then adding again until I finally licked the dreaded "Freebie Obsession"...because of your personality, generosity and the fact that you seem like one of my daughters...although you are probably younger than all of them...LOL...I did lose a baby at my age 39...let's see... that would make you about 34...LOL

OMIGOSH!!! I just realized that your personality is a lot like that of the Sweetheart we lost when she was 29...she could have been one of your best buds...WOW...;o)

Beth said...

Hmmm..... I'm not sure if everyone realizes that to participate in your fun color challenge that NO PURCHASE IS REQUIRED! (And you can use your own creations or the work of ANY designer.... honestly, how flexible can a challenge be? LOL!!!) The only 'requirement' is to have fun and CREATE something.... It's a WIN-WIN situation! If this "new way" of receiving freebies bugs some people.... then I don't think they realize how lucky they are to have such a talented designer offering a fun, friendly forum for scrapping/creating and at the same time receiving a GORGEOUS posting bonus. Really.... do we ALWAYS need to expect "something" for "nothing" in this life??? And the only "something" needed in this case is to do something that we all love doing to start with....

**Phew** Ok.... I'm stepping down off of the soap box now.

***HUGS*** to Silvia... we love you girl!!! Get better soon.

Amy W. said...

Happy New Year chicky! I can see you're back at it and going strong! I too hate housework! I muddle my way thru but hubby does most of it -lol!
Big Hugs,

Cheryl said...

Oh, I am a domestic goddess! Check out my blog (I don't think I've blogged one time about housework - it's all scrapping - hee, hee).

Just wanted to share a LO I did with Harmony's Dress, a freebie you shared in Nov. Take a look: Olivia on Christmas Eve

MsGini said...

Hey there Kim! Thanks for the info on Silvia... I've been wondering why she hasn't been blogging lately and went over and posted a Get Well note for her there.

Also, I'm going to jump in with you on the color challenge this month - there - now I've said it and I have to put up or shut up! I have some papers all set and need to figure out if there will be more to it, but it's great to see your collection of all that's there at this point!

It's always fun to come to your blog and see what you're up to!

Jeannette (MaggotMommy) said...

I love the challenges! I have learned so much and found so much that I can do that I didn't know I COULD do from the challenges. For that I thank all of you!! I don't understand how anyone can justify complaining about something that is free anyway! Honestly I just pm'd another desinger at DSO when I recieved her posting bonus because I thought her challenge WAS the prize! I think you all are VERY generous and your work is AMAZING!! I couldn't even imagine having something to grumble about when it comes to getting to play with you all in the first place...geeze, ok I'll shut up now, but I did want to say that the challenges are a blast, and I feel that just getting to play along is MY BONUS! As far as the house work goes...BLEH! I'm with you!! I'm lucky that I also married a man that doesn't mind sharing the duties...which is good because if not for him I'd never get the ambition to get going on my share of it lmao.

Anonymous said...

Kim while the rest of us are slaving doing housework your what? Playing on your pc LMAO jk!!!!

Have a Awesome day woman.

Oh, and i hope to (expletive) god you arent over there breaking the new Kissing Law.


Melberry said...

Can't wait to see your new designs, Kim!! Thanks so much for the message about sweet Silvia. I had no idea she was so sick. Wishing her well -- please keep up posted. In the meantime, you'll notice that I posted a mini in the January color challenge. I always enjoy working on it so much. You'll find a word art on my blog today that coordinates with it as well:
Please be good to YOU! hugs and hugs,

Mrs. Miles said...

Duh... of COURSE ppl like getting something w/o having to lift a finger in return - snort, its a little something called human nature? I bet if they work toward it though, they will enjoy it 2x as much!

Housework? Well other than it eating up a lot of time I could be doing other fun stuff, I actually enjoy it. To me, its such a hands on way I can show my dh how much I love him. I try to change the sheets on the bed more than it needs it, so that no matter what, at the end of a loooonggg busy day he can crawl into a bed I lovingly made with fresh line dried sheets. I love the idea of me being the one to create order and peace in our home, tho like I say it does not make much free time for me. Guess thats that ol work ethic again, if the housework only gives me a LITTLE free time to do fun stuff, I sure appreciate the time I DO get!

How was that for a mini-sermon hahahahah!

lovins to ya Kimmie

olga9999 said...

I never worried about Sylvia, because I thought she might be enjoying the Christmas period and being with her family. I've been around her blog and wished her well, I'm sure it's been all the stress from last weeks that it's made her more prone to pneumonia. :( Fortunately she's back and well. :)

I do believe the challenges are a great idea and not another way of getting a freebie, they do encourage to think as you say outside the box and try new things that otherwise you might not dare to try, so I think the colour challenge is fantastic, and I will try to be on time this month. LOL

Many thanks for everything and best wishes. :O)