Wednesday, 30 January 2008


WHOOOPIEEE- my hair is back to *normal* as I would put it- LOL. It's got blonde streaks in it again ( can't see those whitish ones anymore- THANK GOODNESS!!) And as Wayne would say- I went to therapy this morning ( only got back well after 2pm! hahahaha), but he is sooo soooo right- There are NOT many people that I know that laugh louder than me ( Andrew is ONE of the few that do!!) He has a booming laugh that sends you into FITS of laughter just at the sound of it- Oh I always walk out there feeling like I've had a holiday ( besides taking over his kitchen in the back too- LOL) I had seed bread and coffee for lunch compliments of *the Salon*- tee hee. Cheeky I know- but after nearly 15 years- it's like family and I always get told to help myself- and Um while I'm at it- he'll have some too- LOL.

He also surprised me today! He knows I cut everyones hair and I had asked him a few years ago about *shearing* scissors and where I could buy some-(usually only from a supplier not a store)- WELL, after seeing the price of them I laughed and told him I wasn't doing King's and Queens and that I would just have to do it the HARD way ( thin out by scissor slicing)- HE GAVE ME A PAIR today!!! I SWEAR- just out of the BLUE!! I had such a lump in my throat!!- on condition that I still come back tho- wahahahaha. - they are AWESOME!!!! Oh Waynie, you want your hair cut tonight?????? hee hee.

I didn't have time for a freebie today- Yup I had a ME day and now I'm trying to get my Colour Challenge all packaged so it's ready to go up on the 1st! So if you are looking for a freebie today- PLEASE VISIT THE DSO Designers blogs- (links are on the right) - they have some awesome goodies up ( some for only a week- so get them NOW while they are freebies)

But I would like to show you some stunning LO's done with my LOVABLE KIT- (25% off at the moment)-

This is Renee's sister in law- Beautiful LO for a beautiful girl!! And the next one was done by none other than one of our OWN DSO nutter designers- Andrea (Boyerville scraps)-

Just look at those lips!!! I love the photo work!! Stunning LO girl!

And yup I did one of my own too- I played a bit last night and did some of the finishing touches this morning with my coffee-

This photo was taken on Christmas day 2007 ( last year) and it was one Nathan COULDN't wait to have taken-, ( he had been away for 3 weeks and had come home for Christmas and in that SHORT time had grown TALLER than me-boo hoo) I used a template (modified) by Racketty Scrappety- and my LOVABLE kit.

Time to run as it's almost time to fetch Nathan from his cricket match too- Phew, another day almost gone-LOL. Sending Loves and Hugs Kim

WOOOAHHHH- my BRAIN is as light as my hair colour today!!! hahahaha RENEE sent me the lowercase part of the African Sunsets Alpha- DUH!!!- Here you go guys if you want them- go grab em- just remember to please leave Renee some love for her hard work- MWAH - and a bye bye again- ROTF!!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Boy sounds like you had a GRAND time being treated like a queen!!!!
Now dont get to CRAZY & go into a cutting binge!!!!!

Oase said...

Driving by on the DSO Blog train. I love those LO's they are gorgeous and well so is your new kit.

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE the layouts! Beautiful kit!! Sounds like you have a GREAT relationship with your stylist! That's cool! Heck! i would bet you have a GREAT relationship with just about ANYONE!!! Big HUGS! :D See you around DSO forum hehe Have a WONDERFUL day! oh and thank you and Renee for the lower case :D

Renée said...

And as I was reading this I was thinking, Dang I should have uploaded last night. Watch your inbox for a linky tonight.

Can I come for a haircut, coffee, tequila and a good laugh. Need one after last night KWIM.

Thanks for linking my freebie.

LouCeeCreations said...

Kim, I love you LO of you and your son, it is so true too!, I've become the shortest in my house, but that weren't too difficult lol!

Tammy said...

Kim b.
DOn't know if you know or not but our fellow DORK dancer, WENCHEDGRAFIX is under fire by nasty people. What is it with people this week....first RASPBERRY RD now Kristine.....

BTW, congrats on the ME day!

I need to do that too.

Tammy, KC, MO USA

Ms. Kari said...

The LOs are beautimus!!! Ain't it funny when your umm, hind end is kinda close to the ground & your 13 year old kid is as tall as you? yeah, I got that here. *laffs* Nathan is a handsome devil. watch out Mama.
OK, umm, where's the new hair pics?? *waiting patiently*

Luisa said...

Glad to hear you have such a nice day!! I love Andrea's lo, her baby is sooo pretty and I love your lo, your kit is beautiful, and thank you and Renee for the freebie

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Passin' thru on the DSO train, I love those LO's, especially the one of you with your son. Now both of my sons and one of my daughters all stand taller than me. They all love it! LOL

snorkologist said...

Thanks a bunch for the alpha...can't wait to use it...;o)

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

DigiLover said...

Hiya Kim, TOOT TOOT! just passing through on the DSO Blog Train!!!

How'd you like a trip to OZ to cut my hair!!! could do with a few of your loud laughs whilst you're at it - I nearly fried here today it was so damn hot!!!

I wouldn't mind one of those tequilas that Renee is talking about in her comment right about now - LOL!!!!

Mandy Leigh B. said...

Love this alpha- so gorgeous!! Thank you for all the fantastic goodies!

Earthmommy said...

Gorgeous! Thanks!!