Wednesday, 6 February 2008


AWWW guys- thanks soo soo much for making Beth feel at *home*- , she was THRILLED by all the wonderful comments and welcomes you left her! WOOHOOOO and a TOOT TOOT to ALL of you- sheeee's I remember how nervous I was writting my first post- I WAS I TELL YOU! LOL, must admit the second one was a lot easier- but hells bells, the first time is WIERD- and of course I didn't have a CLUE about using blogger in the first place-.( Ok I still don't-but at least the basics I can do now- only took nearly a YEAR!) I think my header is still a *add an element* because for the LIFE of me I don't know how else to put it there- hahahaha. Stop laughing- at least it worked right??- hee hee Give me photoshop rather- HTML and blinkies and code- sheee's we just don't get on that well-LOL

I've been running around today- I'm changing Nathans room ( well in the process) Busy painting it now and want to change the decor too- he's had the same LOOK for the last 3 years and it was when he was a YOUNG teen- well you know he has got older and so much bigger that I thought a revamp to match the NEW BOY would be in order- But I can't decide on a colour scheme- YEAH ME!!!- hahahahaha, He's had blue,beige and chocolate brown now and doesn't want anything green! So it doesn't leave me with that many options if I want a WHOLE new look- so I'll be browsing the net later for some inspiration- or if you see anything *Kewl*- SEND ME THE LINK- wahahahahaha.

So grab it now while the whole caboodle is only $8 ( 1 product ALONE in there is $8 on it's own)- so you CAN't loose. Wanna see what it is??????- hahahaha-

Ok you know that I have revealed the Weathered and Worn2 frames in the preview ( as request for this bag)-

So I thought seeing that this is the middle of the week and to show you what my CT team were over the moon with- I would reveal ANOTHER one- so now you know 2 of the things in there!

Large REALISTIC Floppy bows and wraps! Full of texture, loose threads and stitched edges. Greyscale so that you can add your own patterns or colours.

Silvia did this AWESOME LO using stuffies from my BAG and the floppy bow too! LOVE this picture of her nephew- it's makes me want to giggle! He looks like such a happy chappy! She also used a few things from my Lovable Kit-

And Beth has been a busy girl too- She did this fantastic LO for me using all the goodies from the bag- she did a scraplift from a Lo by Kim Weiss at DST gallery.-
AND I've been spoilt today by my fantastic CT team again- these guys are having a BALL creating stuffies and freebies with my Bag! ( and it gave me the day to paint Nathy's room- LOL)

Doodle has made us all a wonderful QP- It's up on her blog now- Thanks girl- this looks awesome! So pop on over and grab it- remember to leave her some love-

And I know Beth has made a freebie cluster frame from her LO too- I'm just not sure if it will be up today or tomorrow - wahahaha ( yeah I'm still BLONDE) so keep a look out and I will let you know tomorrow- with the preview. So now I'm off to put my overalls back on- LOL. Until tomorrow- Loves and hugs Kim-


Here is another AWESOME FREEBIE FOR YOU- Jenni (choas lounge) has this freebie mini with her hand drawn doodles up on her blog today!!! WOOHOOO- she used it in the LO she made me(yesterday's post)- so pop on over and remember to leave some love!!

OOOOOOH pop into Luisa and Tinas blogs too- they have both got some very cute freebies up MWAH (WOW looks like we have ALL been spoilt today!!! THANKS SOO SOOO MUCH GUYS!!! Loves ya tons!!)


Ms. Kari said...

You are too much! I have been using those frames girlie! And your bag? AWESOME!!!!!!!! MWAHS

Beth said...

Your readers ARE the best Kim! They did make me feel 'at home' here in cyberspace! LOL!

Holey cow, there are a lot of fun things coming out of your new grab bag! Lots of freebies using those floppy bows eh? Luv 'em!

Bunny Cates, said...

Just poppin in to prove Im still alive. The tornados missed us by about 15 minutes. OY!

Mrs. Miles said...

You're just TOO generous Kim.

Hmmm, Nathan's room... thats a hard one. When they're little you can pick anything and they'll like it. I'd say something darker, but bold, then add lots of interesting LIGHTING...

I still have to do your yesterday's post... so will scoot.

~ Barb

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Just passin thru on the DSO blog train...beautiful LO's and I love those floppy bows :)