Friday, 8 February 2008

A cocktail

HAS MY NAME ON IT- WAHAHAHAHA, It's Friday- it's SUMMER and my friends just phoned to say they have finished work and there's a cocktail with my name on it- so guess what-LOL

I'm hightailing it out of here quick quick- I mean I can't let the *cocktail down* now can I???-hee hee. The cocktail bar overlooks our harbour and beach- and well, I CAN'T say NO to a good view, sunset, balmy weather and good company! WHOOOOHOOOO
So I'm sure you will forgive me today if I keep this short and

And being Friday and I don't blog on the weekends- I thought I would reveal my bag early today for you-
Now you can see the full contents of it - It will still be available at $8 until Sunday-

So if you like what you see- RUN-LOL,

I was asked for a good set of Textured overlays- ( used in yesterday's freebie papers), The Realistic floppy bows and wraps, *Love* patterned overlays ( with instructions on how to use them)- The requested Frames and Bits and Bob's 2- which are wonderful for fixing things to pages ( and a little different-lol) - ALL THIS FOR $8 - not a bad deal I think-LOL

And here is a page by Silvia using some on the BAG goodies and my Close Knit Kit as well as the Weathered and Worn overlays from my Last bag- they are up in the store too-

This one was sent by PK- also using the BAG contents and my Lovable kit

This one was sent by Renee using my Colour Challenge swatch-

Stunning LO's guys- LOVE THEM and a big THANK YOU!!!! Ok my phone has now just gone again- LOL I'm coming I'm coming! hahahahahahahaha

And Colleen has supplied todays Friday Freebie ( oh I just love my CT team!!)-

How AWESOME is this- the FINISHED product is the in the preview!!! All you have to do is print and fold! You will also get the TEMPLATE for the envelope!! WHOOOOOPIE- Now that is sure to come in handy! PLEASE note that at the time I AM BLOGGING, Colleen I think has just opened her eyes- LOL- so please check back later for the freebie- It will be up today! CHECK IT OUT HERE- and remember to leave some *hugs and loves*.

And NOW my mouth is watering for that daquiry- whahahaha- Have a AWESOME weekend and be good!! ( well try anyway- I always say to Wayne- I'm ALWAYS GOOD- I just can't BEHAVE! hahahahahaha) Sending hugs and loves Kim


jenn- said...

It is so funny how different we are. You are getting off work and going out for drinks, and I am just now getting up and thinking about breakfast. You have summer fun and beaches on your mind, and I wonder if I should dress the kids in layers today. I love having the grab bag revealed early, now I get to decide whether my Paypal account can afford it. Comin' through on the DSO choo choo!

LouCeeCreations said...

Ooh cocktails with a sea view. thats sounds like my kind of tipple!
have a great weekend hun.

just gotta say your grab bag is brill and thankyou for the tips with paper colouring too! I didn't know how to do that lol! and its so easy.... der me!

Ms. Kari said...

Hmm, I come see you with the pretty balmy weather, you come to Disney with us. Win win there!! lol Ya'll have fun & have a great weekend! Drink a cocktail (or 2) for me!!!! MWAHS

xashee's corner said...

oh YUMMM! a cocktail sounds good about now LOL (it's only 9:30 AM here LOL BUT it IS friday!! hahahahah) Have a WONDERFUL time and thank you for ALLLLLLLLLLLL you do!!! Big HUGS! :D

Tina said...

Beautiful girl!!! This grab bag is amazing!!!! Fantastic!

snorkologist said...

The card is beautiful and that heart overlay is my favorite of ALL heart overlays...;o) It makes a great paper and using one individually is so neat!!!

Shannon said...

Loved the bag Kim! Nikki "talked" me into it (as if I needed convincing - ha!)... :)