Friday, 22 February 2008


Phew- it's a scorcher today- humidity is sky high and I'm melting-hahaha. It's going to be HOT HOT HOT this weekend- bring on the POOL! LOL
Wayne is MUCH better today- he actually went into work and say's he is feeling fine- I made sure he was drinking re-hydrate concoctions yesterday and today- so I think that helped a lot too-

But between HIM and the CAT - I never got much sleep again! Wayne-well because he slept ALL day- then last night tossed and turned and moaned about his pillows, mozi's, heat etc- (like UM- OK- I'm trying to sleep here- SHUT UP- whahahahahaha). He eventually dozed off and then the cat comes flying through my window just as I was going to sleep- knocks my frame flying, and scatters the mags that sit on top of the pedastil! ( she used MY window to come in and out during the night and is usually very dainty and quiet)-BUT, OH BOY- if she has caught something then she fly's through it so she can get *whatever it is* into our bath! Now our bath is one of those deep SPA ones- so it has high sides. Now I'm expecting to be DIVE BOMBED again by a pigeon or bird- but hear no *tweat tweat* which is USUALLY the case- and I REALLY don't want to get up- so I listen. EEEEEEIIIISH, all I hear is BANG, THUMP, scratch scratch, BANG- and all I'm thinking is *what the HELL is that*- ROTF!!

I DON'T want to hear ANYMORE soI stick my duvet over my head- but after 10 minutes can't breathe because its toooo dang HOT- lol. NOT going to wake Wayne as he has just gone to sleep peacefully- and really don't want to hear the CRUNCH as she eats whatever it is!!

But she comes and climbs on the bed again 10 minutes after and I just go to sleep-

UNTIL this morning when I decide to see WHAT mess she has left me in my bath-

NOW the eyes aren't even OPEN yet- NO COFFEEEEE and I sort of do the tip toe peak over the edge! AAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGH, it's a RAT!- but she just played with it in the bath then BIT it's HEAD off and left the head on the otherside of the bath ( as if leaving the body and head together would make them join up again-ROTF)- THANK GOODNESS my handyman was here this morning- so I just told him I had a PRESENT for him in the bath this morning-

He laughs as usually he has to do the *bird* clean ups- well he chased my poor Nanny around the kitchen this morning with a headless rat- WHAT A WAY to start the day- WAHAHAHAHA
Phew- Ok I'm yabbering today- but had to tell you- hahahaha.

Guess WHAT- WHOOOOHOOOOO- I did my first OFFICIAL CT LO for Jenni yesterday and put it up at DST- and it made it into the gallery stand outs of the day! OMG- I was soooo shocked! LOL and really chuffed- Here it is-

I took this photo around our pool- and used Jenni's new kit Doodle Love and made a little garden in the front of them- Used some of my elements and that was it-LOL. But I really LOVE the fun feel of it . Check out Jen's awesome stuff HERE.

My CT team has been busy too- and are sending me LO's using my new kit Story Book Romance- And it's on sale @ 25% off at the moment ( till next week Wednesday Boo;-).

This awesome Lo was done by Doodle- Love the frame hung from the ribbons!

This beauty is from croppy- Love the matting and the use of the gems in the corners of the frame-This stunning one was done by Renee- just love HER DRESS!! Renee used the dragonfly's from the ADD-ON ( which will be available soon- Bunny has just had her plate full at the moment- so keep a look out over the weekend)

Sorry guys- no freebie today- LOL, I've been out all morning- had my nails done, went shopping and fetched Nathan from sports day at school- And now I'm going to have a power nap as we are supposed to be going out with the YOUNG bunch(yup the ones in the LO) tonight and I'm going to need ALL the energy I have to survive- ROTF!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend - Hugs and Loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Hi Kim!!!!
Boy what a way to start the morning!! LOL
How about if I ship some of our snow we are getting here in Penna?
That would cool you off for just a little while!!!!!
Have a GREAT WEEKEND & a couple shots of tequilla for me!!!!!!
Straight up!! NO SALT or LEMON!!!!!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

You want a little of our icey rain to cool ya off? LOL Beautiful layouts on here today, love them all. Have a great weekend!!

DanisDelusions said...

I am always amused when you are talking about how HOT it is there. This morning I was literally shivering in a blanket sipping coffee while the snow falls outside and I read about you going in the pool. *LOL* I AM SO JEALOUS!

And be grateful your cat takes her presents to the tub. My cat used to leave them next to the bed and I would end up stepping on it barefoot in the morning :(

KayJay said...

I am still giggling! We have two cats and they love bringing us presents. But the one that made me jump most was the slowworm (like a snake) in the washing machine. They had obviously lost the thing in my washing, and I never noticed. So I did the washing 30° cycle. Unpacked the washing machine, and then this slowworm came out with the washing, it was still alive, and his tongue hissed at me! Boy did I scream. And I am not normally that squirmish, but the last thing you expect to find in the washing machine is a "snake"!
Gives a good laugh though!
Take care

Renée said...

Congrats!!! That LO is beautiful!!!!

And my fellow members of the CT are so so incredibly talented. It's an absolute honour to have you as a designer and them as fellow CT members. You girls all RAWK bigtime!!! YEEEEEHHHHAAAA!!!

Beth said...

Thanks for the laugh and smiles this morning Kim... I needed it. Congrats again on your beautiful layout. A recognition that is well deserved. Take care, and have a good weekend.

Kari °O° said...

How absolutely beautiful!!! Those LOs, all of them are amazing.

OK, you're dying in the heat, we're having a snow day. *laffs* Can we meet in a happy middle ground?

Much much luv to ya, have a GREAT weekend & party some for me!!!!

Jenni said...

Congrats again on getting gallery standout, and thanks so much for your gorgeous LO! Have a great weekend, enjoy the pool!Going to attempt to finish my blog post that I started a day ago!!

KEPeterson said...

Thanks, Kim, for the giggle. I love reading your blog. I have a solution to all the noise. Hahahahaha, ear plugs! They work wonders with noisy pets and husbands. My cat catches little critters and brings them to the front door. He then gives them to the dog! Okay, all caught critters stay OUTSIDE! Congrats on your layout and recognition. We're having a little bit of snow here in Idaho. I'm ready for some of your sun and warmth, but just a little bit. Have a great weekend. :)

Mrs. Miles said...

oh Sorry bout ur hunny, poor lil FING! I'm glad to hear he's feeling better. You GO gurl, enjoy your night out with the infants - seem like that the older we get, right? Like somehow the police and doctors look like they are teens PLAYING doctors and cops... course our eyesight is not what it was either. Sheesh, now I'm totally depressed.

I wanna come swimming in your pool Kim.

And the cat thing, well thats just sick. Your cat would have a hay day here, with the hundreds of (very docile) quail we feed. So when YOU come to visit HERE, you have to leaves your puddy tat at home.


Mrs Barbs

RAINBOW said...

I love what poeple have done with your romance kit! I found it on DSO, did not realise it was yours, bought it, created my most favourit layout and loved it so much I went back to see who designed it! And I find it was you again - I had only recently bought your Purple CHristmas kit and loved that! Checkout what I made - Its my most favourite. I am still veyr much a beginner but I really enjoyed using this kit. So sincere heartfelt thanks for bringing so much fun to me!! Here is the link to my layout.

Shel said...

That is SO AN AWESOME LO, Kim!! I know why it made gallery's GREAT! Gotta love felines and their nocturnal hunting thing. But how do you manage sleeping with a window open with no screen? If I tried that I'd be one massive bug bite the next day...

Darlene Haughin said...

OMG Kim, a headless rat - that is disgusting!! Good thing the handyman saved you from dealing with that! Love the layout you made and your CT LOs are also very lovely. Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

EWWWWWW! I'm deathly afraid of rodents so I'm glad I wasn't your handyman! LOL Hope you had a great weekend! :)