Monday, 4 February 2008

Monday Madness

Gee's what a day! Nathan called us yesterday morning to ask if we could fetch him early from Sunday's River where he was spending the weekend- he wasn't feeling well. And today he has been at home sick- so routine went out the window-LOL.

And to top it off we've had no electricity this afternoon again! GGGRRR- I'm learning to save hundreds of files as I work, because we get NO warning and it's just BOOM and gone for 4 hours (if you're lucky!). We have nicknamed our Electricity service provider(ESKOM) EISHKOM!! ( EISH a SA slang word for GEES, HELL, DAMB- well you get the drift- LOL) It's called load sharing here at the moment- cutting off areas so that it can lesson the load- but MAN they had better start doing something soon because it's causing a LOT OF GRIPES and MOANS( even from me-hahahaha)

And yeah I survived Friday night- (didn't Saturday morning though!!hee hee), it was GREAT FUN!! We went to a cocktail bar ( we filled up the one section-hahaha), and of course had to test most of the cocktails on the menu- but after tooo many sweet ones landed up back with my old fav the Cosmo- LOL. And yup Nancy- I remembered the asprin- but it didn't work so good-hahahahaha, and I HAVE to remember that my body is WAY OLDER than my brain tells me it is- Dork dancing can make you hurt in some STRANGE places in the morning-wahahahaha.

Here is a pic taken with my best friend Deon ( who's Bday it was) and my friend Charmaine- and you can just see the Cosmo glass in my hand- hahaha ( yeah it's nearly finished as usual)-

I used one of the items in my NEW DESIGNERS GRAB BAG ( Yup number 6 is here-WHOOOPIEEEE)

5 BRAND NEW PRODUCTS in this one and As you can see I revealed one of the requests- These were requested by Doodle and Ms Kari ( and yup- I have all the others too- they will show up as my bags go up each month). ALL the products seperately would cost you $35! Grab it now at ONLY $8!! It's in STORE now- so pop on over to check it out close up.

Of course you can see tons of tips in the preview too- and I will be putting up some LO's by my awesome CT team to show you what can be done with the contents.

But for now I have to show you this AWESOME LO sent to me by a very friendly Australian- Janene

I loved this LO!!! Oh man I remember playing with mom's make up too ( ooh and spilling red nail polish on the carpet-OOOPSSSS-hahaha) Janene used my Lovable kit - thanks so much for sharing it with me-

AND WOW_ you guys have to check out the new challenges at DSO- they are all up and in full swing- but have you seen the HUMUNGOUS MEGA kit that you can earn just by doing all the challenges this month! IT'S HUGE!!! Really- you have to see it for yourself- check it out here and come and play along with us- it's really great getting to know everyone and it's great fun.

And guess what- Renee my fantastic CT member and friend has made you your freebie today-

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this frame!! It's a paper folded wrapped frame and its GORGEOUS!! Thanks sooo much Renee! It also matches the Lovable kit and is a PNG file so it's really easy to pop in a photo at the back! - Phew so I know this post is a little later than normal- LOL- Now I have to run and do supper which is also running late- whahahaha. Until tomorrow- hugs and Loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Hi Sweety!!!
Was wondering what happened to you this morning when I stopped by!!!
Just thought you had to WILD of a weekend!!!! LOL
Loved the photo!!!
TY both so very much for this AWESOME QP!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Kari said...

Ohhhh YAY, I was wondering when you were going to put your bag up. Off to get it now. Stop by my page & grab a piece of ice cream cake & party with us's Justin's 4th birthday today!!!

Renée said...

Tee hee, did you hear about the guy that got pulled over in a roadblock in Rivonia? His one headlight wasn't working and when the traffic officer brought it to his attention, he said:

"Oh it's load sharing on that side, it will be back on again in an hour and a half." Suffice it to say the traffic officer was in stitches.

Cat said...

Very pretty! Thank you for sharing

Lisa Joy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.

Peggie said...

Thank you. This is so pretty. I love the ribbon.

Veelana said...

Glad you are feling better!
I love working on my notebook for that very reason - if the power goes out, I still have my battery and I can save my files...
doesn't protect against a baby that turns the computer off, though :-D

Luisa said...

Hi, girlfriend!
oh I wish I can be there and go to the partys with you, hehe...
Thank you for the qp, love it, love it, love it, love the kit, and now going to the store to get my bag, L8R

LouCeeCreations said...

morning Kim, just stoppin by on the blog train...
I picked up your designer bag last night, awesome girlie! as ever of course.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.