Tuesday, 12 February 2008

On the run

And I thought yesterday was a busy upside down day- LOL.
Just popped on to say that I am on a run to the airport(day been crazy with hubby at home LOL) - so will do my usual post tomorrow-

Beth has a brand new brag book page up on her blog- it's GORGEOUS

Bunny has a stunning template on her blog

And if you check the bargain bin at DSO - (EVERYTHING 99c) I've got a few of the Posting mini kits that I made for the colour challenges I hosted last year in there too-

Ok doing a Krisitne WHEEEEEEEEEEEE, I'm late and being shouted at-
Loves and hugs


Ms. Kari said...

I'm just wondering if you ever slow down? hehe WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Mrs. Miles said...

giggle - me'n'you Kim... no matter if I start preparing an hour ahead, I'm always getting 'shuffled' out the door. Ok, if there was ever a time I get huffy in our marriage, its then... LOL and my dearest lets his 'italian-ness' come out as he tries to herd me out, to get going. Then I get snide and even call him 'Dad'... really, if I say "YES, DAD" he gets all defensive. I mean sheesh, he should trust me - we've never been LATE ... though I'm sure I drive him to the brink.

Anyways, have a wonderful day and I'll be checkin in on ya! Good thing about blogs, we can visit when its convenient!

thinking of you!


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Just doing a Wheeeeeee by to say hi.

Beth said...

Wish my guy were around more during the day... lucky girl. :-) Hope you're havin' a good time.

Beth said...

Ok, wait... the 'good time' comment after I read it sounds a bit... well... 'off.' (If you know what I mean...) LOL! Hee hee hee.... I just meant: Hope you're having a good day!

Shannon said...

DH is always concerned that I will make us late - but it hasn't happened yet!!! :)