Wednesday, 26 March 2008


no less)

OMG- why is it that when your time is the least expendable you have the most to do! Yesterday was a family friends funeral and fetching and carrying Nathan and his friends from fishing- today I had hospital duty this morning, had to fetch Nathan's glasses ( and his 6 month supply of contacts - which he is getting in with ease now- LOL) , pick up my Cell phone (eventually), had to get FOOD LOL- cause we had no more of that in the house-wahahahaha. And when I get home and unpacked everything- get all excited to get my phone on- UM_ YEAH OK- it DON'T WORK!! So now you must know that I'm starting to get a little ANNOYED with this phone story as it's been nearly 2 weeks since it was stolen! It turns on- flashes all it's new little graphic thingys- and then say's NO SERVICE- gggrrrr. So now I have to HUNT for the customer care number- only to be put in a queue for almost 25 minutes!! But I'm not giving up here now- LOL. Eventually someone TALKS to me in a humans voice ( not the if you need this push 3, if you want that push 4 etc etc) only to find out I landed up in the WRONG department- ARRRGH!!- He at least transfers me to the correct one- Who tells me that the SIM card that I had swapped is LOCKED because it was a stolen phone claim(wanted my same number back) - OK, I can understand that- but hell, I had to spend 15 minutes giving him all my details to PROVE that it was ME talking- the only thing they didn't ask for was a DNA sample- hahahahaha. But you know what- I agree with it! There is soooo much fraud and stolen cell phones out there that it's about time someone made it hard to get them on line and working again- so even though it was more than an hour on the phone ( made them phone me back too- ROTFLAO)- I didn't mind it- but it's the TIME  that you just can't make back up- KWIM?

Anyway- MY PHONE WORKS!!! WOOOHOOOO- he even phoned me now again to see if it was all OK- so THANK YOU THEO- you did a great job at keeping me informed of what you had to do and for making sure it was all in working order too-. hee hee- but I think I'm just going to leave it be and tell people slowly that I have one again- it's been PEACEFUL I tell you- wahahahaha.

How many of you have been following the ADSR challenge?? GOODNESS did you see the list of things you had to put on a LO for challenge no 7??- My dearest friend Amy W had just got back from holiday and needed to do it- so I helped her out with what she needed- but GEEEEE WHIZZZZ, after reading this list I was expecting ONE HELL OF a FULL PAGE- I don't know if I would have managed it-LOL.


1 - paper (only ONE paper, no other paper for mattes page borders, nothing)
2 - ribbons
3 - buttons
4 - glitter/gems/sequins or bling pieces
5 - frames
6 - pictures
7 - alphas (different but from the same designer.)
8 - flowers/stars/cardboard pieces
9 - staples
10 - random elements of choice (all by the same designer, no more no less)


YUP- you can see it, all these had to be from the same designer and on the SAME PAGE- AMY girl, you did a AWESOME, BRILLIANT, STUNNING job on this LO- check this out folks

amy-swimming with fishes

Having to use 7 DIFFERENT ALPHAS alone would have thrown me!! What about you???-

Sea Spray 600

This AWESOME LO is from Andrea- don't you just LOVE the selected extractions(tons of them) and that what he looks like he is in the middle of all those waves!! Andrea used my UNDA-DA-SEA kit.

MMDC Splendiferous preview

And our wonderful friend Melanie made these SPLENDIFEROUS words to match my kit- hee hee, got to love them!! Please grab them here and leave Melanie some love- and check out her other brilliant word art- AWESOME STUFF- )


As you know my week has been rather UM hectic- LOL, and BETH has come to my rescue again today! THANKS BETH!! She did this AMAZING LO of her daughter using the NEW GOODIES FROM MY GRAB BAG-

here is what the journaling says:  Kaitlyn enjoyed Easter time at school this year when Grandma came in to teach her whole class how to make Ukrainian Eggs.  Grandma Jo has been teaching pysanky in classrooms for years, but this was the first time she got to teach in Kaitlyn's class!

I also want to learn how to do those- WOW- they look absolutely STUNNING- and so intricate too!! 


  • New grab bag gear (grab bag 8)
  • Rustic Garden overlay set ( hee hee- still coming for you to see)
  • Your Weathered Overlay set
  • Your Bits and Bobs 2 set
  • And the rest is from the Grateful 4 U kit that was given out during CT appreciation week (the journaling note, the arrows, the alpha-recolored, and the glitter border-recolored)

AND of course Beth left me the template for you to use- She will up it to her blog a little later so bookmark it for later- I'm grabbing this one- LOL


And just a REMINDER


ONLY 2 MORE DAYS LEFT !!! Then it's gone - 5 brand new products to play with- total Value $35!! That's a good saving! LOL. They will be available seperately on Saturday and as a *bundle*- but NOT at this price. Ok - I have to get some work done - haven't even been to check on my colour Challenge yet and it's already 3pm here!! I'm not MIA promise- whahahaha- Just late! Congrats to all the winners yesterday and DON'T forget to e-mail me- Sending hugs and Loves Kim


txbubbles said...

Mornin' Kim,
Glad to hear you're connected again! I only thought it was a PITA when my phone was stolen! My ordeal was a breeze compared to yours! LOL!!! Love these pages! Now I've gotta go grab that bag!
Vicki in Texas

txbubbles said...

I meant to leave you a HUG, not an UG!!! I need to drink some coffee!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!
You know the saying "Silence is Golden" LOL
So glad you finally got you cell straightened out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kari °O° said...

Those LOs are awesome!!! I spent most of yesterday & last night running around. Nick had duty, so he was gone working & these crackhead kids of mine just would NOT let me scrap! AAARRGGHHH I soooo wanted to play with Unda da Sea. We even put in The little Mermaid cause I got the song stuck in my head with Sebastian singing it. Only thing going on today is Justin's got physical therapy , but that's this afternoon. I got time.
Ohhh, I was able to get your grab bag. OMG, it's AWESOME!!! But then again, they always are. Dear Lord, let's not let Nick find out I broke down & bought scrap stuffies. lol OK, time to go play...have an absotively awesome day hun!! MWAHS

xashee's corner said...

i am soooooooo glad your phone troubles are behind you now!!! Technology sure can become a PITA real quick lol
i LOVE the layouts but those eggs are EGGSTRA special! i would LOVE to learn how to make them too!!
Have a WONDERFUL day!! HUGS :D

Bunny Cates, said...

Just taking a painting break, OY my back is freakin killing me! why didnt I just let him roll the shit on? Huh? Why did I have to do the tri-color watercolor effect?! WHY WHY WHY!

5 hours and only 2 walls done! 6 more to go, and already my back is out!


COME TO KY! Cancel your reservations, you dont need a vay-cay... come work in paint instead! hahah!!!

verabear said...

I can't help but feel happy to know your phone is working again. I had m phone stolen a few years ago and that was really annoying to say the least.

I heard about that challenge number 7 at ADSR and boy it's one BIG challenge. Amy's layout did turn out really really awesome, it was wonderful how you helped her out get all that she needed :)

Amy W. said...

Now I'm the slacker! WHAHAHAHAHA! Okay so I'm doing my school work and that's not exactly slacking. I stopped by yesterday but forgot to comment. (Bad Amy! BAD!) Thanks for helping out on the LO- I loved working with all your different stuffs, it was fun in a bean-counting, stressful kind of way. And the LO did turn out well. Okay off to read more about business- Hugs!