Thursday, 6 March 2008

Playing again and 4th reveal

OH Gee's- I've been playing again- well doing a LO I have wanted to do since my niece was born - And I know I have a kit to finish ( well it's sitting staring at me-LOL) It's all Jenni's fault! She sent me her new kit Chaotic spring Kit and Oh the idea just popped and I had to scrap it quick. So I've had a wonderful creative morning.. YIPPPEEEE!.

Steph THANK YOU for your tip as well as Renee!! It worked! Well he battled on for 20min this morning with his contacts and then I DID it in a few seconds flat! hahaha- Lets hope he gets the hang of it quick because Wayne comes back on Friday and then I don't get up this early in the morning- WAHAHAHA. But It's nice sometimes just having some Mom and Son time- we got a WHOLE series from the DVD store yesterday and we sat on the couch from 3pm until after 9pm watching them!! (a record for me!!-LOL) His cricket had been cancelled due to the rain so that was the *compromise*- he even made burgers for supper ( he cooked and I did the buns and salad)- And I got the biggest reward this morning dropping him off at school - I love you mom as he got out the car! HUH??- that's my *nearly 17 year old boy*- and in PUBLIC!! WOOHOOOO- felt good and has had me glad I took the time out yesterday!

Want to see the next reveal???- hee hee, you should all be getting a good idea of the Value in my grab bag- so GET IT NOW while it's only $8!!


6 sewn doodle flowers ( in separated PNG files) as well as in PSD files- each on their own separated layers for you to add your own styles and papers too- AND there are 9 hand-drawn doodle outlines to match the shapes and stitching. (flowers,stems,leaves and swirls )

You got some of these in my *lucky dip* the other day-LOL. Want to see what else we have done with them??-

Well Jenni did this amazing LO for me using the stuffies in my bag as well as the above mentioned kit-


How cute is that smile!!!! she also used my Bug-ing Kit for the grass and the little worm! Love the summery feel!

AND - I have also been busy as I said ( good tandem work today Jen- WAHAHAHAHA)-


This is my niece Caden! Who arrived 6 weeks early and was the BEST Christmas present this family has ever had! She is sooo tiny, and even here where she is two months old her feet are the size of her Dad's thumb! I call her affectionately *Thumberlina*-

I used Jenni's kit Chaotic Spring as well as her Doodle Love- BOTH AVAILABLE IN HER STORE HERE . Wings by cocacolagirlie- and the few extra's are mine. I love how this came out and can't wait to print it for my sister!

And Jenni has supplied the GORGEOUS freebie for us today too! WOOHOOO- what a team we made today-lol!


Some gorgeous flowers from her LO and the stacked bundle frame!! GO GRAB THEM HERE! Remember to leave her some love-

and guess what I'm going to be doing- hee hee ( that's the naughty snicker by the way)- Off to watch the last of the DVD's!!! hahaha- I feel like a kid playing truant! But if I don't watch them now then it's never .Wayne will be back and in control of the *remote* tomorrow and there is only SOOO much sport a girl can watch KWIM??- hee hee! Loves and Hugs Kim


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kim, that layout of your niece is STUNNING! I only wish I could download your talent as easily as I can download your freebies.

Enjoy your movie time (or rather, I hope you enjoyED it, as it's already mid-late afternoon on your side of the planet!


.: Kristine :. said...

Enjoy your special time with your son! One on one time happens so rarely!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

HI Kim!!!!
So your MIA what movies are you watching anyway?
TYFS this GORGEOUS LO you did of your niece!!!!!
Can still remember how tiny Derrick was when he was born at 2lbs 8 ozs & dropped in weight to 1 lb 9 ozs!!!

Sherrie (RCMama) said...

That LO of your niece is precious! The item that you revealed today is awesome! I bought the grab bag yesterday, and when I opened it up and saw these, I was sooooo happy!! I cannot wait to use them.

LourdesM said...

Wow what a beautiful and precious lo. Thanks for the goodies.

xashee's corner said...

Thank you for all you do and share :D HUGS!! hope you have a GREAT day!

Kari °O° said... got an "I love you, Mom"? IN PUBLIC???????? YOU GO KIM!!!!! laffs
Enjoy your time with him & have a great night!!! *huggles*

txbubbles said...

WOW! The LO of your precious niece is gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! I have to try to find those wings to use with Lilly's newborn pics. I bought the grab bag yesterday, and it ROCKS!!! What a bargain. Can't wait till the weekend so I can play with it.
Vicki in Texas

Mrs. Miles said...

Any time we can connect and enjoy w/ teens is precious. Its the 'glue' that holds together the relationship. Bonus is you can do stuff together you enjoy. I was tearing up when you recieved your hug.

Your layouts are precious, the giveaway top notch. What more could a blog reader desire? Sigh - I'm in bloggie heaven.

Fanks Kimmie!

Lani said...

oh kim im so scraplifting that layout of your neice! ive been looking for some wings like that, to do a layout like that...except yours is better than what i imagined!mwah!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh my, Oh my, OHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY!!! How have I missed you ALL this time (seens like I was just here yesterday!!!).

Caden is a DOLL and your LAYOUT is STUNNING! You know I just ADORE every little (and BIG) thing that you do Ms. Kim!!!

I have been working on two kits, buried up to the EYEBALLS and BEYOND in PS and am SO happy that I've not missed your MOST generous GRAB BAG!!! On my way to purchase NOW!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU and have a MOST lovely day darlin'!

Linda (Bon Scrapatit Designs)

Shannon said...

Great LO Kimmie! Glad you andathan had a ggod evening - and that you both enjoy your time together! :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Me again! Just had to come back and tell you how AWESOME your DESIGNER KIT BAG is Kim!!!

I've also added you to my TECHNORATI!!! I can't let your LOVELIES pass me by again!!!

Wishing you and your LOVED one a FABULOUS weekend!