Monday, 14 April 2008


AWWW- guys thanks sooo sooo much for all your messages and mails while I was away. Boy they meant the world! And let me tell you- being cut off with NO Internet or computer for over 10 days is HELL- ROTF, I felt like I was having the DT's!! ( for those who have ever tried to give up smoking-hee hee, sure you will understand THIS one!). We had NO connectivity and when it was there it was sooo weak it was like having dial up in REVERSE- WAHAHAHAHA. So I didn't bother toooo much about it- but I sure didn't like being cut off without my control- LOL!! But we made it back in one piece last night (well to be honest I think my ASS is still stuck in the passenger seat ;-) It was over 9hours in the car! But it was SO worth it! We had a BLAST!!! And yes I was a good girl- LOL. We spent a brilliant 10 days ( which got shifted up a bit due to some crises here at home- so we only left a few days later than planned.)

And of COURSE there are photo's- hee hee, and I'll be showing them to you during the week. But MAN I feel a little lost at the moment- trying to catch up on mails and news and trying to remember what I had done and hadn't done before I left is just plain SCARY- hahahahahaha.

And then this morning to top it off, I woke up after a GOOD nights sleep in my OWN bed ( always the nicest when you have been away) and put the kettle on for that MUCH NEEDED CAFFEINE and BAM!! No electricity- SHEEEE's WELCOME HOME! - so I finishing boiling the water in a POT on the gas stove ( which THANK GOODNESS we have as most use electricity here) and make my cup and stare at the PILES of laundry (all sorted mind you) along the kitchen wall waiting for the machine- YEAH RIGHT!!! WAHAHAHA.

Now schools go back today as well, but I let Nathan stay at home so he could sort his stuff out and just get a proper rest from the drive etc etc ( yeah I'm a real softy-LOL) .And we had bought a ripe pineapple to make smoothy's for breakfast this morning- UM, ok so NO electricity, we chop it all up, get some grapes and other fruit all ready- and 2hours later the lights come back on! Get the first load in and Nathan is *wiiiiirrrrriiiiingggggg* away with the blender- when I hear MOM!!!! Now I run as I think he has somehow hurt himself with that scream- OMG!! The BOTTOM of the smoothy maker came LOOSE and it spewed its guts ALL OVER Nathan, the floor, the Walls- EVERYWHERE.! hahahahahahaha.

Don't even ASK what it looked like- because I mentioned the word PUKE and Nathan went GREEN! hahahahaha. ME and my big mouth! It wasn't me, It wasn't me is all he was saying-LOL. And I was thinking OH GEE'S I want to go back on holiday! wahahahahahahaha. It took us almost 20 minutes to clean it all up- with Nathan going *gag gag gag* everytime he scooped off the floor- WAHAHAHAHAHA. What a way to start my first day at home- So we landed up having TOAST instead!

Ok I could yak and yak here for HOURS today- but I need to get more laundry done and need to get some FOOD as the house is TRUELY empty! And I don't think we will be adding a pineapple somehow- WAHAAHAHAHA.

I did some LO's too just before we left ( I did have a day or two that I could play)

These were done with Jenni's NEW KIT, Out of Africa! And it's GORGEEEOUUUUSSSS!!! I loved the rich colours and did a traditional one of my HOUSEKEEPER and some of the ritual that surrounds her dress, Cynthia-africantradition1

And used this photo that I just loved by Jack Inas - the colours where just so AFRICA!


Want to see some of the holiday???- hahahaha,

ok haven't had much time- so I used Beth's awesome template she made and some of Jen's papers and her Out of Africa kit for this one-


These are just a few of the photo's of the rural homelands around the hotel we stayed in- these are traditional huts with little plantations of mielies(corn) and banana's growing in front of them. The houses are all painted in bright colours and it's awesome scenery to see on the drive. You can see the lady's selling their crops on the side of the roads making an income for themselves.

And just a few more photo's of why it's called the WILD COAST-


Amazing rich coastlines of forests and beaches-


Hee hee- guess who's been learning how to use her camera while she's away- ROTF!! I've had a blast playing with it-

I used Bunnys AMAZING phototrims (frames) for these and I know that there are some for CU use in Bunny's new Grab BAG- Check it out here ( I think it comes down today- so hurry!) It's fully revealed so you know what you are getting and I JUST LOVE those frames!!

My Papermakers Bundle and Grab bag 8 bundle will only be up till TOMORROW- so if you want them at the great price they are- grab them NOW- LOL.

No freebie today guys- still getting into the swing of things and just wanted to say a big HI and that I HAVE MISSED YOU ALL!!!!!! It's great to be back ;-)

Until tomorrow- big hugs and loves MEEEEEEEE. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! I missed ya so much and your daily post which always makes my made some awesome pics girl and I love love the layout of your housekeeper...and of course you and Nathan had to turn the house upside down...ha're a nut team...sending kisses

txbubbles said...

Oh, girl...I am so glad you're back!!! I found myself automatically coming here everyday for the first few days! Glad you had a great time and sorry about the lousy homecoming! LOL!!!

Vicki in Texas

Kristine said...

Well it's about damn time woman!!! ROFL!!! You are NOT allowed to go away anymore!!!! Long boring weeks with no smutty emails...what the hell are ya trying to do to me here?!
Your blender sounds like mine...HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!
Gawd I missed you....


Jenni said...

Welcome home, sounds like you had a fab time, I also popped in here often, was not sure when you would be back!! Sure missed you!! Life too quiet and sane when you are not around! haha

Bunny Cates, said...


uh, yea, I may have missed ya. A little.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its so GREAT TO SEE YOU BACK SAFE & SOUND even though your first day was a bust mess & all!!!!!!! LOL
LOVE THE LO's & photo's cant wait to see more!!!!
A HUGE GIANT HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renée said...

About bluddy time!!!! Welcome back. I even mailed Jenni in a panic, all worried about you. I'm so happy you're back safe and sound. I hope DSO wasn't too much of a shock to your system LOL

Kari °O° said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!!! I was just wondering last night when you were going to make it home! You were missed sooooooo much. OMG woman, those pics are amazing!!!!!! Hehe, now we leave on Friday. And yes, I'm packed, the kids are packed, just got a couple of odds n ends to pack yet. Oh, and Nick. I guess he's about as odd as they come......wahahahha OK, get to the laundry hehe *cracks da whip* MWAHS MISSED YOU!!!!!!!

Andrea said...

WELCOME HOME!! Totally missed you!! You are so funny! No electricity for a couple hours on your first day back? Dang!! And that blender mess sounded sticky!

Love your beautiful layouts as usual!! Awesome photos of the coast! You are in such a gorgeous country!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! What a way to say welcome with the smoothie thing! I love coming and reading your entires everyday and you were really missed! Nice layouts too I might add. Good to have you back! Mary

Peggie said...

Glad you all had a wonderful rest and
glad you're back. It's cold today where I live and reading your comments made me smile and warmed my heart.

xashee's corner said...

AW KIM WELCOME BACK!! You have been sooo missed but i am happy you had the chance to get away!! and such a BEAUTIFUL place too!! sorry your return was a bit of a nightmare but you will get back into the swing of things in no time at all!! :D BIG HUGS! Have a WONDERFUL day!!

Beth said...

Hooray!!!! You're back!!!! We missed our daily blog fix girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE the layouts, and the pics are amazing too. Glad to hear you had a good time... (apart from the blender guts all over the kitchen when you got back! hee hee hee!)

verabear said...

Wow, wonderful colors on those two layouts from Jenni's kit.

Welcome back by the way :) and boy what a morning after huh?

Rachel said...

You were truly missed! Glad you are back but I hope you had a wonderful holiday !

Anonymous said...

Let me echo the "Welcome Back" cheers! Glad you had such a bang-up time ... and I cannot wait to see more pictures of your wild coast. It's been less giggly without my daily dose of Kim-wit, so get on it, lady!

Again, welcome back.


lynda said...

Glad your back in one piece sounds like me never a dull home coming but you got your well deserved holiday. Now reality will sink in and the grind too you were missed daily welcome home. Hope you had a blast and your memories captured in digi to view over and over for more fun.

catlady aka catslave said...

Glad you're back, Kim. I missed you. Loved your hilarious blog today.

Veelana said...

Welcome back, Kim - I missed reading your blog! I'm glad that you had a great time, thats what vacatios are for, right?

aquascrap said...

Welcome BAAAAAAAACCCCCKK.......missed you heaps.....would check your blog every day just hopin' that there was something there.....anything.
Oh Gawd....what a mess, your first morning back.
Piccies look your housekeeper LO. Don't envy you and the washing....mine piles up without going on holidays LMAO.

Jeannette (Nett) said...


What'dcha get me?
I should watch it since puke was mentioned in your post... I'm like Nathan, only has to look like it to make me hurl!!

Glad you're back woman!

carjazi said...

Welcome back!!! Can't wait to see more photos and layouts. Sounds like an awesome time.

Luisa said...

Welcome back!!, Girl, so glad you have a great time, love your layouts and know you were missed, Hugs

Lainey said...

Welcome home!!!! Missed you1!! HUGS and more HUGS!!!

Charis said...

Loved seeing all your SA pictures and layouts. I'm from SA too - Jo'burg, been in the US 11 years. Where are you from ?

andria said...

WELCOME HOME hon glad you all had a fantastic time away..gee kept forgetting how long you were away for and kept coming to On our way..LOL...Cant stop giggling about what happened with poor Nathan but bet it wasn't funny to him at the time, poor thing...Hahahahahaha got this mental pic...Looking forward to seeing those fab pics you took whilst away..huge hugz from oz..

DigiLover said...

WELCOME BACK!!! so missed my daily fix of your funny antics - can't believe what has happened upon your return - any wonder you'd want to go back on hols again.

love your LOS and the gorgeous photos. Can't wait to see some more of your photos of your holiday.