Wednesday, 23 April 2008

MWAH ( kiss for those that don't know the shorthand)

That's to ALL of you! WOW!!! You guys ROCK!! Thanks so much for making my day so much fun yesterday! Hee hee - Ok we had a few hic ups in the beginning(well poor Bunny got them) as the cart and pay pal decided to eat all the orders coming in- WAHAHAHAHA ( SORRY BUNNY WUNNY!) and then everything got sorted out and my mail then went on the blink again! It was working perfect, and then it decided to send me mails 4 hours later than SENT! LOL. Some I am missing completely! OH BOY_ it DID choose it's day didn't it! WAHAHAHAHA. Fun and games all round- but it was an eventful, crazy, FUN day- THANK YOU!!!! And now I need another holiday- LOL.

I had hospital duty this morning too and after getting sick a couple of times last night ( nothing serious people- just toooo much rich food- I can't seem to hold it down, but OH it was nice at the time-LOL), the rest of my team didn't show up- so it was only me and the poor girl who makes the coffee and soup- so we ran around like mad things locking the kitchen up every time we left it to go and serve- so feeling a little like I've run a marathon too- Good for the computer butt though- maybe it should happen more often-LOL

Ok BEFORE I get to the bags etc and some wonderful hints-LOL, I want to show you a LO I did with Bunny's BRAND NEW TEMPLATE SET! These are so AWESOME as they really really focus on the PHOTO -


I took this photo of Wayne showing Nathan how to tie a special knot in his fishing line- I just loved the photo and how they are facing each other in it too- It was sooo easy to do with the template- Word art say's- Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a DAD. It's by Elegant Word Art( which I changed slightly). And my CT did some ASTOUNDING LO's with the set too- Check them out here on Bunny's Blog.


Have you got it yet??- You can sort of see what's inside and by the freebie yesterday you should have a BIG clue as what's going on in it-LOL,

But here is a LO sent to me by Colleen using the goodies inside it-


HOW STUNNING IN THIS!! Oh it just makes me want to go adopt them too!! thanks Col it's stunning!

And then Jenni sent me this stunner last night too-


WOW- girl you going to have to watch your daughter like a HAWK- she's beautiful! LOL, LOVE the border you created!! GORGEOUS!!!


And don't forget this one is a MEGA bag this week! Just for the Anniversary celebrations- so don't miss out! Both bags are 80% off!! That's one hell of a saving- LOL And Boo, thanks so much for my review!! WOOOHOOOO-

Don't forget if you BUY BOTH BAGS to send me your invoice number to get that AMAZING HUGE BRAG BOOK from my CT team- it really is STUNNING!!!! I don't want you to loose out on it- so hit my full profile at the top of the right hand side of my blog- it's under my pic, and you will find my e-mail addy ;-)

Want a little sampler of the work that is in the BB- Beth has kindly upped a 12x12 QP freebie on her blog-


So go grab the matching QP and leave Beth some love too ;-). Phew- I think it's time for some coffee !!! LOL. Until tomorrow- much love and hugs to all of you for your wonderful wishes and messages yesterday! MWAH's and more MWAH's -Kim


txbubbles said...

Mornin' Kim!
Girl, have you EVER had a normal day? ROTFL!!! Love this LO of Nathan and Wayne! Just beautiful!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Hi Kim!!!!!
Just trying to relax a little before I go grab a shower after working on cleaning all the leaves out of my pond flower bed!!!!!!
Itching & all!!!!!! LOL
I should not of done it but I couldn't resist I did buy a couple of things especially the Undadasea kit oh well bread & water for a little while!!!!!! LOL

FishinmomDesigns said...

Happy Anniversary hon!
Hope you're feeling better!
I'm off to "grab a bag" can't pass something like this up from my all-time favorite designer. You rock girl - love ya!

Sandy said...

Hi Kim,
I can't get your email address from your profile. Our computer service screwed up my email stuff, and I can't get it to work. Anyways, I was still hoping to get the brag book, it's so dang cute. Here's my invoice number: 11269.
Thanks so much!


TragedyScrapinAnne said...

You've been blogged baby, check it out here:::

Happy Scrapin' Day
Hugs Kat

dodo said...

got the personal bag and just lov'n it and hope you have your normal little addons for freebies

Darlene Haughin said...

Hi Kim! That is a fantastic photo and layout of Wayne and Nathan! That's why it's important to have our cameras "at the ready," isn't it? LOVE you new kit and thanks to Beth for the QP. I'm off to her bloggy to download!

babydoe said...

I knew I picked the wrong day to be gone! It sounds like your day was a great one. I always enjoy reading your blog. You are always so ready to take on anything! I never fail to laugh out loud when I am here. I am constantly amazed by the wonders of the internet's ability to take me to visit "friends" so far from Texas with just the push of a few keys.

SusanW said...

Ohhh Mannnnnnn.......!!! I was on the road yesterday, travelling from son's house to daughter's and totally missed your fantastic sale! Gonna make sure I don't miss out on those bags! Love the photo and LO of the guys!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a day!!!! I didn't make it by yesterday so totally missed the sale - sad for me but probably much better for my budget lol. I did pick up the adorable giftie from yesterday - thank you!!!! and a belated happy 1 year - very cool way to celebrate - sorry it turned into such a circus for you :D

Boo said...

Yabba Dabba Doo. Not only do you get a great review from me but also... You've been awarded the Arteypico Award. To get it and see more info about this, please visit my blg!
hehe, cause you're worth it...

Hugs, Boo x

Robyn said...

LOL, I've never MWAH'ed anyone before but a BIG MWAH to you! In the event you don't see the comments on the order invoice, a HUGE thank you for your anniversary sale. I took complete advantage of it. I already had wads of of your stuff but yesterday got 4 more kits (Unda The Sea included) and wads more CU goodies. It took awhile to download even with DSL, :) and I haven't unzipped it all but what fun I had!

Also, I saw your excellent LO plus all the others made from Bunny's templates at her blog and had to buy them as well. Those templates make it easy to make a photo special.

Thanks again, Kim. :)