Friday, 25 April 2008

yay yay it's FRIDAY! and a long weekend

WOOOOHOOOO- well now you must know how busy I have been this week as I DIDN'T even KNOW that Monday was a public holiday here until last night! WAHAHAHAHAHA- Sad I tell you- but it's TRUE- both Wayne and I have both had a hectic week and he came home last night to say that he'll be another day behind because Monday is a holiday- UHUM?? IT IS???? LOL. So tonight we hitting the TOWN!! Watch out P.E here we come! My friend Ant ( Antoinette) is having her 'flat farewell' tonight- well I think it's any excuse at this stage to get ALL the FRIENDS together- hee hee. She's moving on Monday into her new one so want's to go out with a BANG! And who am I NOT to help her right??- WAHAHAHAHA. One of our favourite DJ's is also in town so we'll be popping in to see him too. WOOOHOOOO! Going to throw this old booty on the dance floor! Thanks goodness I had all that exercise on holiday to keep me at least a little fit- hee hee!


So just a little forewarning for those that are sending me their invoice numbers- the BRAG BOOK links might be a 'tad' late tomorrow- LOL

For those that don't know- I have 2 ANNIVERSARY BAGS in my store at DSO


This Personal Use one CRAMMED with goodies for just $2.50 and this one


BIGGER than usual a Commercial Use bag for only $8! And if you send me your invoice number ( e-mail in my profile)- you will be sent this for FREE!


25 pages made by my AWESOME CT TEAM!! WOOOOHOOOOOO it's really stunning!


So please don't forget- this will only be AVAILABLE till TUESDAY next week ( and well you know it's a long weekend here so I have to put the reminder up NOW_LOL)

Pk Doll ( Paula) did this really gorgeous LO using the stuffies in the PU bag- and one of Bunny's New Template set.


Love how his clothes and the poles match the papers!! Great job girl!


Renee did this awesome fun Lo using goodies out my CU bag and also one of Bunny's Templates! I LOVE this as it's sooooo typical of what happens here at home! LOL And trust me I think the adults have more fun on those things than the kids do- WAHAHAHAHA-

And Elaine sent me the QP she used in the LO from yesterday!! Thanks sooo sooo much Lainey! It's STUNNING!!


Just add your pic and some journaling to the tag if you would like and away you go! WOOOHOOO- this one is a 12x12 too! And that's it for today I think- I need to catch a snooze before I meet up with all the friends I think- LOL. Sending you hugs and loves and hoping you have a fun and safe weekend. Kim


Bunny Cates, said...

have fun tonight Kimmie!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

HI PARTY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I come along?
I need a good stiff drink!!!!!!!
I only spent 1 hour out working on my flower beds this morning & couldn't stand it any more my knee is trobbing something fierce with pain I was hoping to get the bed I was working on done today but thats down the toilet!!!!!!!!
TY both so very much for todays AWESOME QP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peggie said...

Thanks Ladies. This is beautiful. We're hoping to be able to get away to the beach in about a week. This QP
will be perfect.

txbubbles said...

Tootling thru!!! Great QP! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Lani said...

oooh its a long weekend here this weekend as well! Except the public holiday was friday - Anzac Day. Its one of my favourite holidays - we all go to the pub and play 2up- its the only day of the year that its legal. oh and we drink alot, so my head aint all that impressed this morning! lol

Hope you have an awesome long weekend Kimmie! said...

Kim if you read this, I can't get my email to go thru to you. I've tried twice and it comes back and says it can't go thru.

Erika said...

Sorry to post this in your comments Kim but your email is bouncing:
Hi Kim,
I am a regular visitor to your wonderful blog, although you do not know me. Today I finally have my actions working on PSE6 thanks to the lovely Vicki from Bubbles Babbles sharing with me your guidance from a forum. THANK YOU !!! (sorry shouldn't shout after your Friday night out - LOL). I have been going crazy trying to find out the ever so slight - but very important - difference if you have vista as your operating system. I cannot thank you enough.

If you have time to check out what I achieved, come and have a look at :

Thank you again from a very appreciative newbie to PSE6, and thank you for a bloody good laugh each day on your blog !

Best wishes,


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Melissa said...

This is a great QP. I love the bold colors.

Pssequimages said...

Wow! Elaine this is gorgeous--thank you--and Thank you Kim.

Mara said...

thank you very much, it is a beautiful quickpage

No Reimer Reason said...

This QP is lovely. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Mrs. Miles said...

hope you had fun Kim... I've been AWOL as our dd came for a surprise weekend visit. So now I'm playing catchup... so must duck out but will check in on you soons as I can catch my breath!


Kim's Scrappin' said...

Just passin' thru on the DSO blog train.... I'm a little late to tell you to have a good time, but I'm sure that you did :) I love the LO's great work ladies! Thanks to you and Elaine for the lovely QP as well.