Monday, 19 May 2008

beaten!- LOL

WAHAHA- Ok, I was just starting to post when a message came through from Friday's post- and I am still laughing here- so decided to BOW DOWN to defeat- ROTF! Bunny has been trying to get a post in BEFORE me since I can't remember when and because of our time differences she usually comes in second! Well TODAY she won the race! HAHAHAHAH- Yup girl- did you get up at the CRACK OF DAWN OR WHAT???- hahahahahaha. Wet your bed??, get hearturn again??- WAHAHAHAHA, ok ok, I'll do it nicely- hee hee. WOOOHOOOOOO- you did it! LOL

Well I had a sort of HECTIC weekend! I'm feeling a little hungover today- from SATURDAY!! Geee's, does it always take so long to hit home when you get older??- We went to a farewell party for good friends of ours who are moving to JHB (Johannesburg) this weekend- and well we weren't allowed to leave until the last people left - which was around 4.30am!!! Phew- yesterday was sort of a blur and was spent dozing on the couch LOL. But I didn't feel bad yesterday(think I was still a little intoxicated!) - this morning was another story! ARRRRGH- my head is sore! My body feels 105! And to top it off I had to run to the school now now to fetch Nathan too. He is as sick as a dog with the flu! I told him to stay home this morning but he was determined to go- mmmmmm, I see a stubborn Mom trend in him-LOL

And your weekend??- Hope you had a good one. My Ct have been busy too- Oh man, I can't tell you how much I LOVE the LO's that they have been doing with Bunnys and My new Kit ~ I BELEIVE! Have a look at these~

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From Croppy- using the Botanical papers ( LOVE how she has the flower as a collar almost!)


Amy in Fantasia

From Renee- she is having a GREAT TIME with this kit- AND Renee has started her own blog too!!! WOOOOHOOOOO- you go girl- she also has a wonderful FRAME freebie up on it that matches this kit!! So pop on over and say a hi and pick up the beautiful frame too.



And this from Paula - just look at that face!GORGEOUS blending work!



And as you know the Kit was made just for Jazzy and Lori- and here is a special page from Jazzy showing Lori at age 6. It's beautiful Jazz- thank you.


lo for dad (480 x 600)

And this one Silvia did for her Dads Birthday- it's a wonderful Memory page of her Mom and family- it's GRORGEOUS girl and I am sure you dad will treasure it!

The kit is still on SALE @ 25% off- ( its HUGE guys and as you can see can have sooo many different looks)- but only till Thursday! So grab it now for only before it's full price!

And Silvia ALSO made us a wonderful sparkly ALPHA to match the kit! WOOOHOOOO- you rock girl!


Grab it here- and remember to leave her some love. OOOOH and I know that Bunny has the MOST amazing freebie up today- so pop on over and say a hit there too ( hee hee, it's Christmas on a Monday!- WOOOHOOOOO). Well got to run and get Nathan some meds, so will chat tomorrow- sending hugs and loves Kim


Unknown said...

who posted first today?
who was it?



only took over a year, but dammit.. I DID IT!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!
You 2 crack me up, down & all around!!!! LOL
TY both so very much for this AWESOME alpha!!!!!!!
Well its bread & butter the rest of the month because I broke down & bought your's & Bunny's MAGNIFICENT STUPENDOUS KIT!!!!!!!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you & your DS feel better!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol you and Bunny always have some competition going on huh? two are so silly...I hope you dont have a hangover plus the flu..thats going to be a hard one...sending big hugs to Nathan hope he feels better tomorrow...and I hope you feel better better walk to the pharmacy with all that alcohol still in your system you better not get pulled ova by the POLICE...ha ha ha...DONT DRINK AND DRIVE KIMMY!!!!
Sending big squeezes your way

Unknown said...

Just getting over the flu here, I feel for Nathan, and hope that you aren't getting it. Love the competition that you and Bunny have going on - LOL These are all lovely LO's on here today, your CT team are really great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the blink-alpha

mizamigo said...

Kim, thank you for the sparkly alpha to go along with the kit. It's lovely. And, your CT makes the most amazing layouts. Thanks for posting them also.

Anonymous said...

Well Kimmy my sweet..a good friend told me one time that when I hit 40everything would start changing and she was right...beware LOL
Bunny I have to say one thing for sure about are one persistent lady LOL..
For all of you who have made LO's from I Believe..they are truly awesome..just beautiful..for those of you who dont have it yet..if you only buy one kit this month..get this one...its will love it..I sure do..and I am so thankful for my wonderful loving friends..

Jackie said...

Ya'll are nuts, you know that? But ya'll are the fun kind of nuts!!!! I hope Nathan feels better soon. lol I've seen a friend that was still drunk 2 days later. whew that was fun picking on her! lol love you!! MWAHS feel better soon!!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL alpha!! i sure hope Nathan feels better soon!!
Have a LOVELY day!! :D

Jenni said...

The alpha is gorgeous, thank you!!!!

Being Mrs Miles said...

WOW to you too Kim, your new kit is STUNNING. My eyeballs are dancing as I peruse. Keep you eye out to see sumfing laid out wif it and posted on my bloggie the moment i can take a breath around this place. Have MIL and FIL coming for a 10 day visit soon, so i better pick up all our 'undies' off the floor ROTFL... (thats underwear here in Canada, what do you call em?)

Anyways, DO NOT go shopping anywhere today, somefings coming ur way!

Loves and Hugs,

PS - I gots to chat wif our Amy last night for a few moments - so she's lucid haha!

I will check out your friends blogs!

squeezing you till all your weekend naughtieness catches up to you! giggle!

By Dezign said...

Grrrr I'm so late today. Thanks for plugging my blog, thanks for the freebie, Nathan get well, lovely LO's everybody, JAZZY we loves you LOTS, Bunny works with sauce and and and, fewh, my breath is gone

Andrea said...

Hope your head stops hurting & Nathan feels better too!

LOVE those fabulous layouts!!

Thanks for the sparkly alpha! You ROCK!!!

Woohoo for Bunny posting FIRST! LOL

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Kim girl, you are a HOOT as always!!! Funny how the body takes a wee bit longer to recoup as it ages, eh??? ROFL!!!

YAY Bunny!!! A WHOLE year, but doggoneit, you DID it!!! Isn't it WONDERFUL to have a GOOD friend that keeps you INSPIRED to persevere!!! LOL! Y'all have made my morning!!! Thanks for the chuckles!

I BELIEVE you and Bunny have collabed together on THE scrapkit of the season!!! How SPECIAL for your dear friend Jazzy.

Hope you are feeling SPUNKY again in NO TIME as well as dear Nathan recovering from the nasty bug that bit him! Here's hopin' it's not a but that bites twice!

Have a SPLENDID week darlin'!

Linda :)

Bonnie said...

LO with I believe!
love Bon

Bonnie said...

Didn't seem like it worked! i hope that link works!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful layouts made with a beautiful kit.....I picked the kit up but haven't had a chance yet to play with it. Hope Nathan feels better soon and you too.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Boo said...

LOL, so Bunny made it to the post finally hehehe, Well done Bunny.

Hey Kim, you got tagged hahahah. Check out my blog
Boo x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful alpha! Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this great Alpha!!!