Thursday, 1 May 2008

Early post today and special FREEBIE

Hee hee, I'm sure most of you are still tucked up in your beds, but today is a holiday and I have Wayne and Nathan NAGGING me to go shopping LOL. And I know that is not going to be a SHORT venture! So I thought I would get in with the birds and the worms- still have sleep in my eyes- WAHAHAHAHA.

Can you believe it's MAY the 1st!! Geee's I was in a mild panic yesterday when I realised it was the end of the month- LOL. But we made it and I have a TON of EXCITING things to show and tell you today!

First off my Colour Challenge is UP- here is the posting gifty you can receive for playing with me and the girls at DSO-


These colours sort of make me hungry- WAHAHAHAHA, they look yummy and after changing them 3x's- I was happy with these. So pop on in and join in the fun and collect the most AMAZING amount of free stuffies that the girls create all month! Just a warning though, you might need a new Hard Drive- LOL.

Now I know there are a lot of you out there that use CU items right?- Well my wonderful Canadian friend Mrs Miles ( Olivia) has the most AMAZING freebie on her blog- it's a little designers package and it's Ok for commercial use! How generous is that! Be sure to pop into her store to see the amazing designer resources she has available ( there are some STUNNING new grunge brushes and overlays!!) Remember to leave her some love if you download;-)

And my dear friend and designer colleague Jenni,( Chaos Lounge )has a STUNNING new FUN kit out too.( it's a collab with Sassy at Digital Candy and it's huge!)

It's called The Little Red School House, And here is a LO I did with it-


This is one of Nathan's school friends and the pic was taken on their sports day- he seemed to be rooting for ALL the teams and staying nuetral- LOL. I also used a bead Alpha by Melanie Ann Designs at DSO ( also for commercial use)

Told you there was a lot happening- ROTF!

And don't forget that SATURDAY is National Scrapbookers Day! I know that DSO will be having a GOOD SALE for the weekend, so check out the store and make sure you mark your favourites so you can get anything you were *drooling over* at a great price.

And here is the EXCITING NEWS for the day!!

We have a wonderful member at DSO called Shannon, she has been one of our biggest supporters as well as pimping ALL the designers stuff on her blog just because she loves us! Well WE LOVE HER TOO!

She was telling Bunny yesterday that her daughter Nadya will be turning ONE and that the dress she will be wearing for her party is the SAME ONE SHANNON wore when she turned ONE! WOW, how amazing is that-

and well as much as Bunny likes us to think otherwise, she's a HUGE MARSHMALLOW ( hee hee, I'm ducking here), and decided to make a little kit up( with a few pieces from me too) just for the OCCASION!! We used her dress as our inspiration and well here is FOR NADYA



Want to know the best news! IT'S YOURS for the taking today!!YUP it's your FREEBIE TODAY!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO~

We are sharing it with you for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! So make sure you grab it NOW because the links will be gone in a few days! Want to know what all is in it~

For Nadya Contains:

9 papers
5 buttons
2 Resin Stickers
3 Flowers
2 Frames
8 Ribbons *including lace and ricrac*
1 Zipper
1 Tag
1 Butterfly

32 Pieces in all!


and the PAPERS HERE~

And today I am asking for something in return- I don't usually, but this is such a special little kit that I would LOVE you just to pop onto SHANNON's BLOG and go wish Nadya a happy Birthday;-) and to pop onto my dear friend BUNNY's BLOG to thank her for organising and creating this AMAZING FREEBIE today. Because if it wasn't for these two special ladies we wouldn't have this amazing kit to play with ;-)

Well the men are shouting now and I still have to shower- WAHAHAHA. I won't be on tomorrow so I'm sending you HUGE WEEKEND HUGS and LOVES ~ Kim XXXXOOOOOXXXX


Shell said...

Thanks Kim! Sent my bday wishes & woohoo Im first to comment on a blog post of yours lol

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Judy said...

OK done my visiting to Shannon and Bunny's blogs and now I wish to leave a huge thankyou to you for your part of this gorgeous Nadya kit. Have a fantabulous weekend......lucky things with another long weekend. ENJOY!!!!!

Kristine said...

Thanks so much ladies!!! This is really pretty!! Hav a great weekend Kim!!! Dont do anything I wouldn't do!!!! (that is pretty much nothing so have at her!!! LOL)

mkikine said...

Merci beaucoup pour ce superbe kit.Il est magnifique.


Bunny Cates, said...

I am NOT a softie!
cow! And even if I was, I am SURE that was supposed to be OUR secret!!!


Renée said...

Well that was one instruction I followed gladly. Nadya has her birthday wish from me, Bunny has her thanks from me and now it's your turn.

I couldn't wait to get into DSO to see the colours and I LOVE THEM!!!! Those are happy colours. Makes me think of picnics and watermelon fights. Then I find this stunning surprise here.

How cool is this kit. You and Bunny must have worked your @sses off on that and it's absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!

Thanks my friend.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much Kim for this GORGEOUS kit!!!!!!!!
Already wished NADYA a Happy BDay & thanked Bunny too!!!!!!!!!!

Always Plumpster said...

Thank you Kim and Bunny...and will head over to wish Nadya a happy birthday. Thank you so very much again, and by the the colours for the colour challenge.

Always Plumpster said...

Extra comment to Bunny, I am known as a rough tough (cream puff)...I can relate. Hugs to you Bunny.

Andrea said...

Just downloaded this amazing collab kit you worked on with Bunny! It's beautiful & so sweet that you gals would do that for Shannon's girl. Love it!! Thank you for sharing it :)

HAPPY Shopping w/ your men today!!

Susan said...

Thanks so much to you and Bunny for this awesome kit. It is yummy!!!

txbubbles said...

Mornin' Kim!
Why do ya'll get all these holidays? LOL!! Two in one week? I'm going to have to move!
Love this beautiful kit! Thanks so much! Have a super (long) weekend, you lucky girl!

Kari °O° said...

You guys are just too much! And Nadya's just a lil CA-UTIE!!!! And that kit is SO sweet!!!!

I'm working on something for the color challenge..but seeing as my mojo's still on vacation, I'm not really liking much of anything I've done. It's bad Kim. even my hubby commented on it. lol It take a LOT for him to notice something like that! lol

Mrs. Miles said...

Well Mrs. Kim... you have gone and done it again - I am DELIGHTED you enjoy my newest grunge brushes and overlays... you are going to LOVE my newest projects I'm working on, and of course you will get to be one of the first (sides my BOSS of course LOL!) to 'test run' them... these will be CU items in vector format, so GET EXCITED. I am always amazed to see how you transform stuff into beautiful kits. Thanks for promoting me, I'm really moved!

I'm hoping you have a great day, my friend!

Muah x 10 with red lipstick on!

xashee's corner said...

Thank you so very much for sharing such an AWESOME kit!! Have a WoNDERFUL & safe holiday! :D

LouCeeCreations said...

Hiya Kim. Thanx for your share to the Nadya kit xx isn't is so summery.
have a nice day out with the family

Shannon said...

Thanks Kim! You and Bunny are awesome and make me feel all warm and fuzzy! Nadya and I will treasure this always! All I can say is thanks!!!!! MWAH

Luisa said...

Thanks this kit is beautiful!!

Dinphy said...

This is lovely, lovely, lovely.
Thank you! I've gone to both blogs. ;) Can't refuse a request from you, can we? You're always giving!
What a special gift for her first birthday. So nice of you girls!

Muma said...

I will tell you what I told Bunny.
You are as beautiful as the kit Kim.
The generosity of you to is wonderful . Thank you so much for sharing this with us all.
Sue xx

Melinda said...

Thank you for the beautiful kit, Kim! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

KIM wanted to say thank you so very much for sharing this kit. How generous of you all. I visited the other ladies blogs and left some love there also! Hugs, Deb P

Denise said...

you and Bunny were so sweet to do this. What a caring group DSO is!

No Reimer Reason said...

This is beautiful. I absolutely love the colors. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow! what awesome goodies, Kim! Save me some over the weekend while I'm gone will ya? Will have those few drinks or 6 for you if ya do and will bring back plenty of pics for ya in the meantime! ROFLMBOPMP!!! Will sure miss ya girl friend!

Lori Crouch said...

Kim, you and Bunny are EXTREMELY thoughtful and kind to do this for a friend. Thanks so much. We reap all the benefits!

Beth said...

What a WONDERFUL idea!!!! LOVE the freebie and the sentiments behind it!!!! Left them all some luv... and now I'm leavin' some for you too!!!! {{{{{MWAH!!!!}}}}} You're just leading everyone else on the 'nice' scale aren't ya???

Jenni said...

Men going shopping?? Lucky you, the guys in my family HATE it!!Thanks so much to you and Bunny (left sum luv on her blog too) for the cute freebie, love the sunny colours!Have great weekend, it is rainy and freezing here, and the boys in my family are off to the local pub to watch rugby all day. leaving me to play here!(Thanks for the pimp, much appreciated:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kit! It's just lovely

Nani said...

What a great kit for a first birthday! And I am SO going to have a kit or layout for the color challenge this month! I love the colors and the posting bonus is great!

Thank you!!

DigiLover said...

You and Bunny are just the best. You are both a pair of softies (sorry Bunny - LOL!!!) and just so generous to your readers.

Thank you for the beautiful kit and I can see from Shannon's comments on her blog that she is just wrapped with what you have both done for her little bubs 1st birthday!!!

love the new colours for the challenge. I'm just finishing off a kit that a started a week or so ago and then onto your challenge. Once again the colours are just yummy!!!

now off to leave Bunny some luving.

Anonymous said...

So very pretty! Thank U for sharing this with us! =)

Peggie said...

This is lovely. Thank you.

daniele said...

Beautiful and warm kit!
Tks a lot!

marianne said...

you girls just R-O-C-K!!!!! thanks so much!!!

*off she runs to Bunny's and Shannon's* :)

Shirley (Green) Williams in IN said...

very pretty....thank you so very much!!