Monday, 5 May 2008

Habla Espanol?

Si-un POCO!! hahahahaha- confusing you yet?- Well Luisa at DSO has got a WONDERFUL NEW SPANISH SPEAKING section in the DSO forums! How COOL is that- so if your home language is Spanish and you want to get to know us a little- come celebrate Cinco De Mayo (5 May) with us and come and say Hola!


The last time I spoke Spanish ( well Castallano) was over 11 years ago and MAN it's RUSTY- LOL, but I can still understand it by reading- sheeee's trying to speak it again is  VERY FUNNY! LOL, I get all my tenses mixed up- but Hey, at least I'll give it a try- hahaha.

How was your NSD weekend??- did you blow your budget??- hee hee, man there were SO MANY sales out there that I sort of got confused-LOL, did a TON of window shopping and bought a few things that I have had my eye on for a while- plus I bought a Grab bag so I could try out a designers quality ( that's the one thing about bags- you can at least get to know a persons work ethics and quality without spending a fortune!)- and I was glad I did- I'll be purchasing from her again- How did your purchases go?

OOOH and I sat and played this weekend- I still sort of feel in holiday mode- LOL


This photo was taken while we were on our holiday and I loved the casual feel to it-

Nathan fished happily with the locals and spent a long time chatting to them about the river and the local fishing spots. And even though they only had hand-lines and Nathan had a fancy rod and reel, it didn't matter, all that mattered was the fish that they were all going to catch. And Nathan gave them all his fish that day- there were huge smiles all round-
Green Bground paper by Bren Boone, template (revised) by Melinda Staley and rope by Eliza Farias. Rest is from my An Ordinary Day kit.

And Sunday morning I woke up to THIS in my inbox!! - Oh my word- I'm going to have to start charging Bunny for Kleenex!!! and BEFORE my first coffee- IMAGINE~!LOL ,


It's Bunny's first 2 pager! And oh gee's that's my *mug* in it!-LOL. You can see the separated pages and  *inscription* in her gallery HERE. THANKS MY FRIEND- Love ya too!

AND AND AND- you ready for it!


Are you thinking of becoming a designer ?- Or are you a seasoned designer who is wanting to expand or try a new store? WE are expanding our designer base and are looking for YOU!! WOOHOOOOO, If you love a friendly, family orientated site then DSO is for you ;-). And guys I will tell you that I think this is the ONLY CALL we have had (besides when Bunny OPENED DSO!) 8 of the 11 designers that are here at DSO have just celebrated THEIR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY's!! How AWESOME IS THAT!! Yup, we stick like glue- LOL. So send a mail to designer-info(at) if you would like to join our family or us NUTS as I always call us!LOL

OOOOOOOH- have you been checking the BLOG out at DSO- we have the DAILY DOWNLOADS up for the NEW MEGA KIT!! And you DON'T want to miss this one- the designers had a BALL with the colours scheme this month - so check it out- and with each daily download you will be able to get to know the DESIGNER too- yeah, we were interviewed! LOL, so OUR story's are on the same day as Our downloads- check it out HERE.

PHEW I think I got all the WHATS HAPPENINGS in today- ROTF!! I hope you all have a great Monday and I'm slowly getting back into routine! BLUCK!- hahahahaha, Until tomorrow- big hugs and loves Kim


Bunny Cates, said...

morning Kimmie!
UGH you beat my blog post every morning! One of these days I WILL get posted BEFORE you!

and I habloa the IMPORTANT words...
and my favorite, because it tickles when you say it fast...

pico de gallo...

guess I'll be going out for lunch now, THANKS.

Kristine said...


Just stopped by to wish you a great day!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!
Hope your having a GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luisa said...

HAHAHA!! Miss bunny!! I know you where you are going for lunch!! KIM, Great layout of your son and Bunny did a Fabulous job on her two page layout!! LOL

xashee's corner said...

i LOVE the layouts! Have a GREAT day :D

Darlene Haughin said...

Bunny - you have to post the night before to beat Kim. Two words: time difference!

Yay for us on the Designer Call - good luck to all who apply!

Renée said...

Yes, I'd like to wish everyone that applies as designers the best of luck.

I'm not even going to try and understand Spanish. I'll just sit here and look stupidly confused, which is my normal look LOL.

Left everyone some love on those stunning LO's. I'm off to physio.

Anonymous said...

Have a Fantastic Cinco de Mayo, Kim! Your Spanish is not bad - but I love your blog post today - you need to teach me how to a better blogger!!!

DigiLover said...

I'm a bit like Bunny I only know the IMPORTANT words too....
Antonio Banderas - yummo!!!!

Love the LOs in your post and Bunny did a beautiful job with her 2 pager of you!!! never seen a bad photo of you yet Kim - must be all that bubbly personality of yours that always shines through