Monday, 23 June 2008


Not going to be a long post today- unless I want to keep a potty next to me-LOL. Seems I have picked up a tummy bug- (or it's punishment from the weekend- hahaha.) and have been doing the toilet *hop* since 4am!Feeling tired, cold and drained with a stomach that is making more noise than my washing machine. UUUURGH!


Just to let you know the

GRAB BAG BUNDLE is still up today at $10 BUT ONLY TILL MIDNIGHT- so grab it quick- it's going UP tomorrow.

A quick few more hints from my CT-

sistersnew (600 x 600)

This from Silvia- these girls look more and more like their mom everyday!


kris-kbcubag copy

This gorgeous one is from PK Doll-

If You Could See

And Melanie sent me this using the bag and my beady freebie- WOW- love the blending - stunning!


Now Renee my wonderful fellow South African has put up this AMAZING FREEBIE on her blog for you-

For the Birds Prev

And she has a special incentive out with it- TRUST me you want to have a go at this one-LOL

Please pop on over and if you download please leave her some love. Ok I'll be back tomorrow with some spring in my step- I'm off to find a blanket and some tea. Sending hugs and loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Could always glue the potty to ya!!!! LOL

By Dezign said...

Get well soon!!! Remember to take lots of fluids.

Dinphy said...

I do hope you feel better soon. When your post is this short, there must be something wrong!
Take good care!

xashee's corner said...

oh i do hope you feel better soon! thanks soo much for sharing the freebie info! it looks sooo pretty! i have a freebie on me blog too... made from your AWESOME grabbags! hehe Hope you come take a look! :D Have a RESTFUL day!

Unknown said...

geeze girl. eventually we WILL have a day where NEITHER of us are suck on the can!

{thanking god for the laptop}


hugs and pepto girly!

Jackie said...

awwww hunny, feel better soon! *spraying Lysol like crazy* Love ya tons, but keep them cooties over there!!

Jenni said...

So sorry you are not feeling great! Get well soon:)

Oase said...

Hope you feel better soon Kim. NOw I have to go grab the grab bags. LOL Love the layouts too, very creative team you.

Bonnie said...

arwww.....feel better soon! Stay near the toilet for goodness sake not near your PC! ha ha!!