Friday, 20 June 2008


BWAHAHAHA- Ok I have a little story for you this morning- Picture the scene- Nathan and MOM ( yeah that's me)- riding all over the town yesterday getting all his goodies so he can leave with peace of mind this morning knowing he has all he needs- right?- WELL, we usually take the BACK route home because of all the new road works etc near our house ( they have just built a HUGE shopping centre at the top of our road)- BUT yesterday there was this traffic jam going that way- a TRUCK was stuck in the road- so we turn into the MAIN road to hit all the robots etc(BLUH) , but as you turn into our road leading up to our house and the road is QUIET as it then goes into the residential area- so you sort of just put your foot down until you get to the gate-KWIM. I don't mean *RACE*- I just mean going a little faster than normal- OH OH, you getting this one already are'nt you- BWAHAHAHAHA.

There is a lady in a station wagon in front of me, and of course I'm just behind her YAKKING away to Nathan when I see this gentleman jump out from behind a TREE -RIGHT OPPOSITE OUR DRIVEWAY- dressed in a blue uniform(UHUM- hee hee)- He waves the Lady in front of me off the road to the LEFT- Now I already have my indicator on to turn RIGHT ( into my driveway!!)- when ANOTHER one jumps out- this time a lady and waves me up on the LEFT- BWAHAHAHA,

Now Nathan at this stage is LAUGHING out LOUD, saying MOM- you got BUSTED, hahahaha, MOM you got busted! OMG- By the time I had my window down I was laughing too- I don't think this poor traffic officer had EVER had a greeting like that when she said- Sorry but you were speeding- I'm laughing still and trying to act serious but it's NOT WORKING -because Nathan now has the fits and it's contagious, I just say *I know* - she starts laughing too- and of course asks to see my drivers license- (which is EXPIRED- BWAHAHAHA)- ok only by a month and I just need to pick up the new one- so she's not worried about it- She goes off to the back to right up all the details of the car etc- when Nathan jumps out the car and say's SEE you LATER MOM- and runs across the road ON HIS PHONE ALREADY- omg- I KNOW he is phoning WAYNE- and that makes me want to laugh even more-

By the time the officer got back to my window she asked where my BOY went- I of course say HOME- WELL, that got her started- she asks- YOU LIVE HERE??- UM YEAH- RIGHT there over the road- Want to see two woman cry with laughter that had the MALE OFFICER come over and ask what was going on???- That was us- she explained that my DEAR NEIGHBOUR was the one that had been phoning the traffic department and complaining of speedsters down our road- and here she had been charging MOTHERS all day and now *their* NEIGHBOUR_ BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hell I don't KNOW what is up with the old folks next door- but YES as you have heard on some of my story's - the speedsters are at NIGHT and usually on the weekend- going 70 in a 60km zone ( yeah that was me-LOL) is not what wakes us up KWIM?- They have also complained about EVERYTHING- the trees, rubble when we were building, OH and we had officers visit us at 11pm on a FRIDAY night because they complained all the voices outside where toooo loud- HUH??- Not the music- all the laughter is what got them!- The officer actually had a giggle and said he had to come out as it was an official complaint BUT- they couldn't do anything about it anyway- LOL He then had a coke and joined in- tee hee. Can some people REALLY be that sour or bored that the only thing they do is COMPLAIN all the time- Arrrgh.

My fine was R80 ( which is $10)- the lady in front of me was going 80- she got R150 fine, Anyway - Wayne phoned to *congratulate* me on my PRIZE ( it's actually my FIRST official fine) - and said he's still amazed I don't have 100 by now- hahahahaha.

Did you make it this far??- LOL



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Well I think I've made this marathon post long enough today- hee hee, Hope you all have a STUNNING weekend and hugs and loves to you all!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Boy you sure gave me a good laugh to start off my day!!!!!!
TY so very much for the AWESOME wire flower from yesterday!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can see Nathan dialing Wayne right now!!!! ROFL!!!! Imagine getting popped right in front of your house?...Some nieghbors are just soooo sour......too funny though chicky!! I'll be giggling all damn day now.... ROFL!!!!

xashee's corner said...

GREAT story!! Some people just aren't happy until there is drama in their lives! just glad the fine wasn't for much more money!!!
i LOVE the grab bags!!!!!!!!!!! already made a kit with your goodies lol, i will post a preview on me blog today!! Thank you so very much for all you share!! Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!! :D

Jackie said...

Ya know what...I can see you doing that. And just your personality...I bet you had both those officers laughing & shaking their heads. You are a riot & too much fun! MWAHS Hope you have a fantab weekend & no more speeding tickets!

Jenni said...

hahaha,BUSTED!!!Thanks for the laugh!! Mark had an op on his foot today so I have been at the hospital ALL day, how boring!!! Have a great weekend and enjoy the rugby tomorrow!

Sandra said...

LOL What a day to start by laughing so hard my belly hurts.

Being Mrs Miles said...

In the famous words of our AMYW "Neener, NEENER!" *in a taunting voice*... one always needs a good friend to rub salt into the wound, good humouredly, of COURSE! Buahhhhahahha - what no CELL CAM? C'mon, got to be training our Nathan to be quick w/ the cam as it could be potential $$$ (fish bait funds) in blackmail cash. SNORT!

I bet you satisfied the grey haired neighbors for YEARS - be careful, might be addictive, that cycle... complain to police via phone, set up chairs in windows, watch production in front of house) better than a comedy sitcom on the telly dontcha think?

Well, you would not be able to function at our place... 17 acres of nature preserve, no pets allowed, and q.u.i.e.t. shhhhhh... ROTFL, looks like you can SLEEP here when you visit, but we will have to go to town to talk hahahaa!

Your bloggies (yes, I am a KimB Bloggie) have done terrific w/ your products - must be because they are SO AMAZING and easy to use.

I'll be back to torture myself w/ laughter over your antics. Better put on a girdle so my tummy does not hurt!

makuahine said...

heeheee, well I am glad your ticket wasn't anymore than that!

Once I got pulled over just as I pulled into my driveway too. Right before Christmas and his complaint was that there were no lights over my license plate which was my husband's truck. That must have been in 2001 and it wasn't until 2007 when they pulled my husband over for it again and he finally fixed it, after all that time and who knows what before 2001, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Oh crack me up..only you would get hysterical about a speeding ticket..and can't believe its your first one..let me tell you about just ONE of my MANY tickets..on our trip to Panama City, the one in my layout..the girls were in the back seat and they had fought all the way home..get off my side of the seat..mommy make Lori stop...Mama Angie is taking up my room...and so know the story..I was on the interstate within 20 miles of home when I happened to look in the rear view mirror..yep State Trooper behind me lights flashing all over the place..I pull over. he says Ma'm dont you ever look in your mirror, I've been following you for 5 miles or so...anyway in the backseat Angie burst out crying.."Please dont take my mommy to jail Please Mr. Policeman"..on and on..then she wets all over herself and goes hysterical..Im trying to calm her down and thinking how could anyone scare a child that way by giving her mom a ticket..but he did..and it was a whopping $85 one at that..and you know sister had been sleeping for hrs and she slept thru the ticket too...Lori then starts to tease Angie about her wet pants and I had to pull over and threaten to get out and beat her and leave her body for the state trooper to find befor she shuts up...I have never been so happy to see my house in my whole life...Everyone have a great sure you go get your CU Bags while they are on will be sorry if you miss out on this one..Hugs

Beth said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning!!!! ha ha ha!!! So ya have a 'lead foot' eh? Can't believe they would even bother giving out a ticket for $10. That just seems crazy. Maybe tickets just end up costing more over here? I've never had one (even though I HAVE been pulled over for speeding!) but my DH has had SEVERAL! My kids like to tease him about how many he's had.... and count through them. "Let's see Dad.... you had two for speeding, one for not wearing your seatbelt, one for parking in the wrong spot...." etc etc etc.... HA HA HA!!! I figure if I ever DO get a ticket, there's NOTHING he can say about it right? LOL!

Unknown said...

Oooooooooo! those grab bag goodies are tempting. :)

What a hilarious post!!!! Sounds like your complaining neighbors could use a good laxative, LOL! Why not do the neighborly thing and buy them some, LOL!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wonderful story!! Even though it takes me forever to read and understand your posts, i love to read your blog. Your way to write is so full of life and fun. I can't understand everything but most of it.
Those stupid neighbours are spread all over the world, you can't live in peace if they don't allow it.
I think you have such a happy family that they sure are very jealous about it. Just give them a big grin.

Thank you for your funny stpries and beautifuul freebies,

greetings from germany

Anonymous said...

Your'e the only person I "know" that would laugh at a speeding fine. Thanks for making me laugh.

Unknown said...

go speed racer goooooooo


aquascrap said...

Hahahaha.....too funny Damn neighbours.....should lighten up and bit.
Reminds me of first time I got stopped to do a breath test for drink driving.....I don't drink BTW.....were coming home from the casino about 3.00am with a girlfriend, got stopped and had to blow into this tube....she got the giggles which set me off....3 tries later we are still laughing, had a senior cop come over and was told if I didn't blow into the tube I would have to be detained....I am sure they thought we were drunk....well I finally did it.....was told I was negative and drove off leaving them scratching their heads. I bet they went and had all their machines tested for accuracy hahahahaha.

elizlom said...

that's pretty funny stuff! Man, there must be neighbors like that all over the world. Our neighbor dials the city instead of the cops, my favorite is when our tire was 1" over on the grass of the curb out front, I didn't know it was a violation, the car stalled there and I had called the tow company! I think they told him he was silly, because we haven't gotten any city letters since then.

verabear said...

That's a story that will be played over and over in your household, eh? :) I left some love for you over at my blog and I hope you can go check it out. Im heading over to Jenni's blog now :) Hugs Kim!!!

DigiLover said...

Kim I should know by now to go and empty my bladder before reading your blog!! lol.

My hell you've taken the cake this time!! That is just way too funny - I bet Wayne and Nathan get their moneys worth out of rubbing it into you for ages to come - and I bet all your friends know about it already thanks to those pair of rascals.

Couldn't resist I went and snaffled up your yummy grab bags - THANK YOU THEY ARE WONDERFUL!!!

Thank you also for the gorgeous wire flower it's just so pretty!

Can't wait for the next instalment on your bloggie! just gotta remember *loo first*


Amy said...

Hey girlie! I was wondering if you wanted to brainstorm with me to keep Andrea online. I am going to message all of her other CT's too. She is awesome and I know we would all hate to lose her. My email is Please email me so we can all get together and think of something! Thanks!

Gayle said...

Oh Kim, you are a priceless jewel! What a laugh you gave us. If those stuffy old neighbors can't appreciate what a well of joy they have next door, then it's their loss! Thanks for the cute story. :)

babydoe said...

Sorry you got a ticket, but the story was pretty funny! At least the fine was cheap. I have never known anyone here who got a speeding ticket that was less than $100. I once got one for going 2 MPH over the limit (zero tolerance in this city) and it cost me $120 but I was able to take a defensive driving course so the ticket didn't go on my driving record.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh Kim love!!! YES, I made it THAT far!!! How can anyone start reading about your antics and not follow to the end!!!

Thank you for leaving me lovin' on my blog and belated birthday wishes - you are TOO sweet ya know!

I am HAPPY to announce and shall SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD - I bought Kim's BUNDLE and was a GOOD influence on a DEAR designer friend of mine to do the same!!!

Kim, I just LOVE your goodies and I can just about bet you'll find you name in every TOU I post along with my kits and/or blog freebies!!!

You've got me HOOKED big time on your WEATHERED OVERLAYS and NOW the CRINKLED ones too!!! Oh, and I just can't wait to BUST into the NEW bundle of DESIGNER DELIGHTS!!!

You ROCK such BIG TIME girl and I just wanna say THAAAAANK YOOOOOU!!! I know you work you little BOOTSKY off making the SCRAPPING LIFE a pleasure for ALL of us in SCRAPLAND!!!

Have a FANTASTIC week ahead sweetie AND ... be a little gentler on that 'ol gas pedal girl!!! ROFL!!! I'm waiting to hear what dear Wayne had to say about your COMEDY HOUR with the SAFETY OFFICER!!!

Linda :)

Maria said...

Thanks for your kind comment about Max on my blog - much appreciated.


Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

hehehehehe...hahahahaha. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OK I know I can always count on you for a good laugh (a knowing "oh wow that sounds somewhat familiar" laugh....:D) I have missed coming to your blog (just been busy with life..blech..blah) so happy I came today hahaha :D HUGS speedy gonzales ;)