Tuesday, 3 June 2008


You all know that I do my monthly Volunteer work at our provincial hospitals- it's such a small way of giving back to the community ( all it takes is a bit of my time), and it makes me realise and be thankful for what I have and receive on a daily basis. We take so much for granted each day ( oh it's only human- LOL) and forget that there are others out there that are hungry, starving or just dying lonely. Don't get me wrong- I'm the FIRST one to complain at the end of the month when money is short and quick to say * I'm BROKE*- EEEEEK, but I look in the food cupboard and it's still got food in it- or the fridge still has milk in it ( sour or not-LOL). And it just takes that ONE day to realise that NO- I'm NOT BROKE or short of anything- I can still put food on the table and eat, have a roof over my head, shoes on my feet and have a family to hug each day.- I'm LOADED people!!

And I suppose you are all wondering where all this is leading right?- HAHA,

 Crystal Longbrake approached me last month about donating some items for kits that were being sold ONLY FOR CHARITY- Goodness, now that I CAN DO- and jumped in to give my little bit-.

This months kit ( and there are two- a girls (JILL) and a boys (JACK)- is being sold for Wish for Dream Foundation.


I think this touched home for me as we have the foundation here too and while nursing my MA with Leukaemia , we got to see a lot of young children going through the same process's she was. IT'S HARD!! And the foundation used to bring a little HOPE and fun into these children's lives . Some never got to go out and had people they wanted to see visit them in the hospital( Mandela for instance- or TV personality's) - it just made their faces shine! So check them out here.

And I did another LO too- WOOOHOOOO! I am SO enjoying creating LO's again -


I used Olivia Dorazio's Tsunami Blue Kit - which has some AMAZING elements in it! A freebie template from Bunny ( which is now in the bargain bin) and Word Art by Melanie.

I just loved the picture- it was sort of moody and Waynes clothes matched the sea and sand.


And this one is of my little sister Kerry- I used Bonnies Stealing Beauty kit,

I tried to get a *picture in a picture* here with Kerry in a daydream- not sure if I achieved it exactly as I wanted it- but I liked the finished result.

OH my gosh people- just on a funnier note- Don't EVER dance the night away in someone else's boots, holding your stomach IN-  I CAN"T MOVE_ WAHAHAHAHAHA, I swear, if I cough I want to CRY- when I sneeze I think I am DEAD- and if I bend over and stand up again I look like I'm 105!!! ROTFLMAO- my friend Loryn wore STILLETTO BOOTS to Deons farewell and by 12am couldn't WALK as her feet were burning so much- so what does Kim do- yeah you guessed it- I take MY WEDGE heel boots off and SWOP with her(we wear the same size)- so she can at least dance- WAHAHAHAHAHA, my feet weren't sore- but OMG- I'm feeling the effects everywhere ELSE - lesson learnt- remind friends to wear comfi DANCING SHOES- LOL

Until tomorrow- hugs and Loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!
Sounds like you had one heck of a weekend & so glad that you were able to spend the time with him before his move & you even got something to remind you of him everytime you sit & eat!!!!!
TY so very much for yesterdays AWESOME addon!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Morning Kim!!!!

Swinging thru blowing kisses!!!!!!

Mwah!! Mwah!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Love that LO you did of wayne fishing on the beach! Looks great. Now I don't even wanna show you the LO I did using Bunny and Yours For Nadya kit. LOL. But if you are interested in seeing it, you can stop by my blog! :)

I'm sorry that your best friend left this weekend. I know that's got to be hard. I hope you you guys keep in touch for a long time and get to spend many more "vacations" together. :)You know where there's a will, there's a way! ;)
Take care,

DigiLover said...

Kim Kim Kim!!! your post today has sent me on a rollercoaster ride.

One minute I'm all teared up about your volunteer work at the hospital and thinking 'yes we should all be so grateful for what we have' and you are just so right! then next I'm almost needing to run off to the bathroom because you have me in stitches reading about your night out and your shoe story! You are such an amazing lady!

just love your LO of Wayne - the photo is perfect - love Bunny's template - I snagged that one when she had it up on her blog - haven't been game to do a LO yet but now you've inspired me!



Crystal said...

Great layouts and super plug. Maybe you should be writing the descriptions at Benevolent Boutique. Just kidding and I can't wait to see what you come up with for July!

Anonymous said...

Adorable LO! Love your out of bounds picture! Great job!!!