Thursday, 26 June 2008

early bird?

Oh hell, WAYNE come home!!!!!- LOL. I am so not a morning person! My body is still in shock after having to wake up while it was still DARK!! hahahaha- I had to get Nathan and his friend Kyle to school this morning ( which is usually Waynes job)- but now with him away of course I have to torture this poor brain into thinking it's ok to get up in the cold and pitch black-while it's saying- dammit- *it's DARK ,go back to SLEEP*- I've always been the night owl and have no problems staying up till the early hours- but to have to go to sleep and wake up in the early hours- that's ANOTHER STORY! hahahaha! Thank goodness Wayne's back tonight- this morning routine is definitely for the EARLY BIRDS- lol

I had a quiet day yesterday and just spent it *recouping*. Feeling a ton better and this time I'm going to give it a chance to go AWAY-, no Madonna this weekend for SURE!

OOOOh- Bunny made these AWESOME box templates (CU ok - so great for making DONE templates for sale too) and sent them out amongst the designers at DSO to play with -



This is what I made with it- I used a heavy beige textured card to give it the *worn feel* and used a nail file(Emory board) on the edges too-


used Altered Melody by  Irene V. Alexeeva (blog freebie)- and added eyelets, bow,rose and the violin. I want to put Waynes favourite choc in it for him- perfect for on the pillow- hee hee.

The other girls are showing theirs off on their blogs too- and some made them to hang - CUTE CUTE CUTE- Check out the templates HERE>

And I did this LO for Jenni (chaos Lounge) too ( can you see I have been fun creating the last few days-LOL)


this is Nathans *just friend* and her best friend taken by Nathan at school! Jenni's kit has a name now and it's called Secret Window- and it's 40% off at the moment too ;-) Alpha is from the SPD collab freebie.

OOOOOH- and I was sent these two LO's as well which I would LOVE to show you


Patty sent me this GORGEOUS Lo using Bunny's and my I Believe kit- How cute is that dancing fairy!


Sara sent me this on using I Believe 4 Boys- have you looked at these photo's- AWWWW man that is just tooooo CUTE- They were playing Cinderella!

Thanks soo soo much guys for sharing them with me- they are STUNNING!

Don't forget to check the bargain bin at DSO- it's filled with past freebies, goodies and posting gifts all for 99c only.

Now I know you all know that I am proudly South African ( like OK - I can hear all the DUH's from here- LOL)- and my dear friend Mrs Miles went and took my breath away- well actually all my words too ( and YOU KNOW that takes some doing!)- She went and made a kit for ME!!! FOR ME personally - I tell you, I was in shock and so thrilled you can't believe! And to make it even MORE special its SOUTH AFRICAN!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO! She used her new Paper Bag ARt to make it. Just look at this-


GOSH!!- I can't wait to do some RUGBY Lo's with it and that flag is going on my blog too! Thanks soo sooo soo much Barb, you sure know how to make a girl feel special! Love ya!

And don't forget to pop in to  our other fellow South African Renee- she has a cute freebie up too ;-) Well it's time for meds and some more coffee to keep me in the swing of things today-LOL. Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day - hugs and loves Kim


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Kim!!!!!!!!!
Glad to see that your taking time to RECOUP!!!!!!!!!!!
Love the BOX & LO's!!!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE GIANT HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patamomma said...

Awww, the pressure of waking early. I do it every morning, and still hate it. Love that box! Wayne will love the chocolates, if you can leave them be of Thanks for showing off the layout of my Zoey. She is a corker indeed. Patty

Melberry said...

Makes me tired just reading your blog post today! I can feel your pain. I did NOT want to come to work today!! Glad you're feeling somewhat better, Miss Kim. The world's a brighter place when you're around. Your box is wicked awesome, lady!!!! And your layout using Jen's kit is magnificent and so cheerful. Be good to you, sweetie. Melanie

Kristine said...

Morning Kim! Or did ya go back to bed? HAHAHAHAHA

Have a great day toots!!!


By Dezign said...

Oh the things we'll suffer for our loved ones. But soon he'll drive himself around and then you'll want these days back. Sad days for a mom.

I love those boxes!!!! You girls are way too clever.

Missed you yesterday.

Luisa said...

Glad you are feeling better!!
I simply LOVE that box!!
Hugs from texas!!

Kari °O° said...

SO glad to hear you're feeling better! I know whatcha mean with Wayne being gone. I hate it when Nick's gone..I don't realize how much he helps me with the younguns!! Feel better soon hun!!! MWAHS & Lysol

Amy W. said...

Hi Kim!
I've missed you! I'll agree that the box is fabulous and you did great work with it, I also think Barb is just too much! She's such a doll. I'm sorry you have to get up early, I'd tell Nathan he was on his own if he were mine, so he needs to thank you bunches and bunches for getting up so very early. I hope that other than sleep deprivation you are doing well.

Mrs. Miles said...

BUMP - Ow! Bonk, Keeerash! Um hmmm Gurlfriend, thats you and me getting up before our princessly lives are used to. I'm having to be the 'getter upper' here too (you KNOW y) and I dont's like it. I feel like a MOLE or some blind creecher. i NEED COFFEE first thing or its a NO GO. Well, we manage when we have to, right? we are WOOOOMMMMANNNN duouble you oh em ay eeennnn!

I am SO SO SO thrilled and honored to see how you put the pin/flag on your blog - I hope you won't be upset if I do the same thing to mine, but Canadian of course haha! How clever!

The box is incredible. Stunning. What a terrific idea. Here's a thought, depending on how big that box is, what if someone lined it with a tall plastic bag (like a brand new lunch bag or a zip lock, filled it w/ soil, put seeds in it, and gave it as a gift. The box could be used as a planter!

I'll be back in the swing of things in the next little while.


Amy said...

Oh my gosh, not only are you a kick-butt desgner, but your LO's are to die for!!!!