Friday, 13 June 2008

Feeding the fish?

I have just figured out that my son is fanatical about his fishing!- OMG- he just spent R200 on BAIT!! HELLLOOOO??- Uhum, what happened to pumping the prawns from the MUD?- LOL, That cost's nothing but sweat! - OK I know he needs different bait to go Sea fishing- I just didn't expect it to be that much- and hell that amount would buy us Fish from the Fish shop a FEW TIMES! WAHAHAHAHAHA. So I asked him - so how many fish do you bring home now Nathan?- I *tag and release* mom- (which means they mark and measure then set it free)- OOOOH, so in other words you just spent all that to FEED THEM??- He looks at me and bursts out laughing saying I will NEVER understand- hee hee, Little does he know that I actually do- I have my own *hobby* that keeps my card smoking-LOL, but I just couldn't resist teasing him about feeding the fish for the weekend. GOURMET nogal! ( oh that means *as Well*!)LOL

OOOOOH I have been busy with some LO's for some very special people-


My *music man* ( as well as my fishing man-LOL), I used Olivia Dorazio's (Mrs Miles) new kit Digital Dad. It was perfect for this shot of Nathan listening to *tunes* on his PC>

And I did a CT LO for Bonnie too-


What would I do with out Harmony ( Bunny's cutie pie daughter) -hee hee, and I used Bonnie's new kit- Happy Endings, a real story book kit! Alpha was a blog freebie by Sarah Bryan.



They used my brand new kit- I Believe 4 Boys- 25% off in my store now.


This one was done by Paula- I love how she used it with the ADULT men too ;-)



This storybook page was done by Jenni- and using a few elements from the I Believe kit.



Doodle did this VERY CLEVER LO - I LOVE the castle wall and window effect!! AWESOME!


hee hee- and I have NO IDEA HOW Beth say's NO to this face!

His name Ryan- apparently means *King*- ADORABLE!!

Aren't these AMAZING???- WOW WOW WOW!!

Check the kit out here for a more close up view.

And guess what- Beth has made her LO into a BB Page for you too- and added one from I Believe too!!


GRAB them here and don't forget to leave her some loving;-) Thanks BETH!

AND- after being NAGGED and hinted at by a few members on my team - UHUM - RENEE- WAHAHAHAHAHA, well I made you a element add-on freebie


It's your fire shooting Dragon GIRLS!! ROTF!!- WOOOOHOOO, I added a slight glow to the preview only as I kind of liked how it looked- but it is NOT on the original PNG file- so you can play with it as you would like too- OH Goodness I have to tell you- I'm such a DORK- you know that card I made yesterday ( the freebie template one)- ARRGGGH I forgot to put it away as I got involved here yesterday and Wayne saw it when he got home- WAHAHAHA, can you say BLONDE with a capital B- hee hee. Thanks GOODNESS for Bunny- she had one up on her blog yesterday too- so guess what Waynie's getting on Sunday- LOL! THANKS BUNNY WUNNY! And Monday is *youth day* here and another public holiday- so it's a LONG weekend- but I'm sure I'll be here on Monday as we only have a 40th Bday party for Saturday night- ( AKKK, and the rugby- WOHOOO) GO BOKKE! Sending hugs and loves Kim


twoboyz00 said...

This dragon is soooooo cool! Thanks very much!

Felicia McB said...

that dragon is AWESOME! wowzers! I'm going to have to go pick up the boy kit soon, first I have to find some pictures that will work with it :) Thanks for the dragon!

Livia said...

Did I mention that I LOVE this dragon??? LOL

Dinphy said...

LOVE the dragon, it's amazing! Thank you so much!

Bunny Cates, said...

mornin kimmie.

that layout of Nathan is great! he is sure growing up fast on you. I swear, seems the first pictures I saw of him (abt a year and a half ago) he looked like a boy, now he looks like a young man!

they grow up toooo damn fast on us girl.

You have a party Saturday. We're spending the weekend at Holiday World, will no one be online? Maybe I should stay home so my computer wont be lonely. teeeheeheeee.....

nice dragon too!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Kristine said...

Morning Kim!!!!

Nathan sure is growing up fast and he is the SPITTING image of Wayne!!!! Handsome devils your men!!!

Have a great weekend!!! Wheeeee!!!!


Luisa said...

Great pic of Nathan, and love what he does for the fish, hehehe, great layouts you have such a GREAT ct, and thans for the Dragon, this is sure a great addition to the kit, HUGS!!

Jenni said...

I somehow missed your yesterdays post, LOVE the cards you made! And I love the dragon today!!Gorgeous LO's too, that one you did for Bonnie is so beautiful! Have a great weekend, with the party and rugby and fathers day!!

Beth said...

Thanks for the awesome dragon Kimmy! And your layouts are SOOOOO good! Every time I see a layout of yours, I think: 'no way could she out-do that one... it's perfect!'.... and then you put something out that's EVEN MORE IMPRESIVE the next time! You are one talented lady!!!

Andrea said...

Ok not sure how much R200 is in US$$, but anything with triple digits can't be good! HAHAHA

My Dad LOVES to fish too. He spends all kinds of $$ on fishing supplies. They have done catch & release and catch to eat, or they also have days where nothin' bites!

GREAT layouts!! Love all those boy believe lo's too! AMAZING!!

Thanks for the rockin' dragon!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. :)

Heather said...

WOWZAS Gorgeous layouts here Kim!

I don't get fishing. I really don't. When my dad would take me when I was younger, he had to bait it and take the fish off the hook AND get it out of the weeds when I would get it stuck. Which happened more times than not. ROFL

At least he has fun!

LeAndrea - DoodleLT said...

great layouts Kim!!! Thank you for the dragon...I love him!!!

Kim's Scrappin' said...

That dragon is awesome!! Love the LO's, you always amaze me with your LO's they are all beautiful! Not sure what R200 is in US dollars but can't be good if 3 digits. LOL

Kari °O° said...

Ohhh Kimmy!! Shane (my oldest) is SUCH a freak for dragons!!! You should see his room. He's got dragon posters, figures, statues...he LOVES them!!!!

Sheila said...

Love it, LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks so much for the GREAT dragon! My husband loves (and collects) dragons ... so this will be for him! :-)

Gayle said...

Thanks for the AWESOME dragon! :)

Lee said...

Thank you so much for the AWESOME freebies!!! Really love the dragon!

ScrappinMom said...

Super cool dragon - thanks for sharing. LOVE the picture of the little girl in the tree - neat concept - what TALENT!!!

Stefanie said...

I have just downloaded the Father's days cards. Thanks so much. Linked here from gingerscaps and am delighted to discover a fellow South African in blogland.
PS I too think that the Telkom music is Sim-like.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Good Morning Kim!!!!!
Yes I know its Saturday but you hadn't posted yet yesterday morning on my daily visit!!!!
TY so very much for this AWESOME dragon to go with the FANTASTIC addon that I did break down & buy!!!!! LOL
Hope you have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Thanks for the goodies Kim! love the dragon! say, do you have any idea why your blog wouldn't be showing up in my bloglines reader any more? I've been missing keeping up with you, and since I'm not getting notified of new posts in bloglines I don't see them regularly :(

Mrs. Miles said...

ZIKES - did he pay cash, or charge the bait? You need to send him over to fish with Judy's husband (my brother) Barry, HE'D show him how to fly fish... no need for bait then. Did you SEE the MONSTER FISH on Judy's blog he caught? Why it was almost too big for him to hold up, cuz he ain't smiling too much.

How come your LO preview looks bigger than mine, Huh Huh? Thanks again for using my kit - you make it look GOOD!

And just what IS your hobby??? And HOW MUCH do you blow on it? I won't tell ;)

I love how you put Harmony 'out on a limb' - so very CLEVER!

Beth's little guy could BE a PRINCE he's so cute!!!

The dragon is wonderful - kinda sorta reminds me of the Ogopogo ... a local legend monster from this area... you will have to Google him up, as I've never been able to capture him on camera, even tho I 'pack' (like a gun) my camera EVERYWHERE waiting to 'shoot' something... yes, i AM dangerous!

Well, gots to run again. Looking forward to touching base w/ you again in the next few days.

Making yeast pancakes for my FIL tomorrow a.m. ... you have a terrific LONG weekend.

Daddoo said...

Hi Kim-

40 C is 104 F, so Amy was complaining about it being over 42 C that first night of VBS.

Thanks for the Father's Day wishes, Carol and I will be off at another swim meet officiating again tomorrow. So I probably won't get spoiled. After the meet today seven of us went to a restaurant named, " Angelo's Fine Italian Cuisine." The only problem was that it just changed hands and was now Angelo's Sushi. Surprise, surprise.

Lots of hugs. Daddoo

Suz said...

I...♥Love♥...your stuff!!!!
Thank you…Suzee Q's Stuff

Bunny Cates, said...

*tap tap tap*
bout outta coffee here...

you postin today?

Amy W. said...

I feel like I've been gone forever! The past 2 weeks have been super busy! So nice to relax today. How is one of my favorite chickies? Nice and cool still? LOL! I love the new I Believe for Boys! I'm a huge Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan so all things like this make me say Ooooohhhhh!
Hugs my friend!

Boo said...

Wohooo, I'm here, with vision, at last. Just popping in to say Hi, my Hayfever is on the way out, thank heaven and WOW, LOVE these gorgeous LO's and that dragon is soooooo kewl.
Boo xx

Dinphy said...

Hey, you're being missed! LOL
Always am looking forward to your post after the weekend!
Have to double-post then. ;) As I want to tell you have the 'I love your blog' award on my blog, and I'm passing it on to you!