Friday, 6 June 2008

Playing hookie

hee hee- Wayne decided that he would take today off! WOOOHOOOO, now that on it's own is a real miracle- and I wasn't going to miss any of it-LOL. So I played hookie this morning and we went for breakfast and the casino for a while. It's been so nice just spending a RELAXING day with him- you know the one's where there are no * we have to do this, or we have to be there*- ? It was just OUR time! I've had a ball- and the cherry on the cake is I won some money too- it was a mystery jackpot! I had only 1c left on my card ( we have smartcards here) ONE CENT PEOPLE!!! - and I had actually pushed the COLLECT button to get my card out and bam it started flashing and singing- OMG, I thought the card was stuck and I had to wait for someone to come put the codes in to release it- but it started flashing MYSTERY JACKPOT WINNER over the display!! WOOOOHOOOOO- I'm going shopping tomorrow- HAHAHAHAHAHA! The poor man next to me packed out laughing because I had just said - THAT's it for me - have fun- and I had to sit back down to wait for the cheque-he left the area before I did- LOL.

So thought I would just pop on to say Hi, and also to let you know that there are some big upgrades going on at DSO at the moment,so if you see the site down for a while- don't worry it will be back up in a jiffy.

And just a bit of Eye Candy from my CT team- Got to love my girls- MAN they are amazing- ( oh that includes you Andrea- WAHAHAHAHA) 

I have to tell you this story and Andrea is probably going to kill me- but it had me in BELLY LAUGHS yesterday-

she put a * IN SEARCH OF* thread over at DST last night looking for- *drumroll here please*- A MERMAIDS TAIL!!

OMG- HELLOOOOO- who's blonde here girlfriend, WAHAHAHA, as you all know I had one as a freebie not so long ago- and she gets a reply in the thread- that KimB had one and here is the link- now the FUNNY part is Andrea is on my CT!! So I get sent the link by ANDREA to go and read it- and to tell me she is such a dumbass( her words-LOL). Girl I have to say I haven't had a good laugh like that all week! I LOVED IT!

wish you were here 2600

Just look how CUTE this came out! She's a GORGEOUS MERMAID!! Andrea used a new grab bag by Heather Manning- and of course my tail(available in the Bargain bin at DSO)- LOL.


Jazzy also sent this amazing LO- perfect for Fathers day soon- and she used all my CU goodies available now in store.


Just look at this stunning LO by Doodle- I LOVE the cluster work!! And the Bground paper she made using my NEW CONNECTA_SQUARES overlays!! LOVE this page girl you did such a great job on it!


These are all available now @25% off- so don't miss them ;-)

And check in on Renee's blog too this weekend- the girl is designing up a frenzy- she has some awesome freebie downloads going! Ginger has a new freebie listing site up so if you want to browse this weekend- pop on over. ( hee hee, you can see I don't have anything for you today- cause I'm giving you places to go check out-LOL.) sorry - but hubby came first today ;-)

I hope you all have a stunning wonderful weekend further ( and Heather- it's WARM TODAY- WOOOOOHOOOOO_ no cold ASS!!!)- wahahahahaha. Sending hugs and Loves Kim


xashee's corner said...

LOVE your blog stories and layouts too!!! Thanks so very much for your visit to me blog, it ALWAYS means soo very much!! i am soo glad to hear you won money and having a GREAT time with your sweet hubby! Big HUGS! Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

By Dezign said...

Oooooh sounds like real romantic stuff!!! Congrats on the win and thanks for the pimp on my blog.

Jazzie said...

Girlfriend you are so lucky...hope you won a lot of money..have fun this weekend and spend it all..LOL
I love to gamble I'm just glad we dont have casinos here or I would have to join Gamblers Anonymous..hehehe

Andrea said...

So not mad you shared my story. When I'm an idiot I own up to it! Thanks for printing my little mermaid.
Have an awesome weekend, and when you get back the drinks are on you, right??LOL

Kristine said...

Have a great weekend darlin'!!!! Mwah!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

So that's where you were yesterday morning on my stop by!!!! LOL
I'm so glad that you & hubby got some just the 2 of you time & you won some money too!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't spend in all in 1 place!!!!!!
Have a AWESOME WEEKEND SWEETY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DigiLover said...

that is just the funniest story Kim! I can't believe you were down to your last cent! I would have loved to have seen you when all the bells and whistles went off!! You must have wondered what on earth you had done to the machine!

Love all the LO's and the mermaids tail story *sorry Andrea but it was a classic* - just gotta love that tail it's just so dang cute!!

when you get a minnie pop on over to my blog as I have a little surprise for you


DigiLover said...
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DigiLover said...

whoops!! sorry about all the posts

but the link didn't all come out - let's hope it's right this time round.

If it still doesn't work it's my post for 9 June!


Ginger said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Ginger